Meet Nancy Umeh, Registered Nurse and Founder of founder of Radiance Cookware

How do you juggle being a successful public health consultant, a certified registered nurse, a professional international chef, a wife and amazing mother and manage to hold your own in the catalogue of distinguished Nigerians ranking high in the country index for successful entrepreneurs?

That is the unique and quintessential narrative of Nancy Umeh, a wife, mother of two children, registered nurse, public health consultant and professional chef.

Are you surprised that one woman can muster the intellectual capacity and courage to fittingly combine all these accomplishments in a male dominated world and yet hold her own in the face of daunting pressures and inhibiting limitations?

Don’t be at all because Nancy has certainly earned her place in the sands of history for being a rare breed of refreshing hope to this generation of women who are breaking the glass ceilings to etch their names in the annals of the world.

Besides her glittering and glowing retinue of head-turning achievements, Nancy is the proud founder of Radiance Cookware, a non-toxic cast iron cookware company in Nigeria. She is also the co-founder of Ciumcurrent Nigeria, one of Nigeria’s leading warehousing, supermarket, and shop fitting company.

When Nancy is not sending out safe cooking wares to Nigerian homes and setting up warehouses she films and shares healthy family recipes on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

She has helped hundreds of families reverse picky eating, prevent and cure illnesses by sharing tips on healthy and safe cooking. Her focus is mainly on exploring the public health benefits of our locally grown fruits, vegetables and produce. She also teaches on reducing harmful toxic substances in our environment and raising well rounded wholesome children.

Nancy did not get to the top by mere wishful thinking as she is well heeled academically having  graduated with a Master’s of Science Degree in Public Health from the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom in 2013. She was also awarded a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, first class honours from the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom in 2012.

Umeh graduated top of her class at the School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital where she acquired her associate degree in Nursing in 2009

Umeh attended secondary school at Command Day Secondary School, Ojo and Ikeja Military Cantonment, Lagos: She also acquired her nursery and primary education at Command Children’s school, Ojo Military Cantonment, Lagos.

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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