Meet Jobless Ghanaian Nurse Working as a Porter in the Market

*Fadila Ndebugre graduated from Nursing School in 2016 after passing her Nursing Council Exam but due to lack of job she now works as a porter helping people to carry loads in the market

A reporter recently caught whiff of a Ghanaian nurse who has resorted to head-ferrying of loads in order to make ends meet.

The young nurse named Fadila Ndebugre trained at the Dunkwa-On-Offin Nursing Training College in the Central Region in Kenya. But because of her temporary joblessness, she has become a porter (load carrier) for shoppers at the Madina market in Ghana for survival.

She intends to occupy herself with this,as she awaits her posting by the Ministry of Health of the country so she can practice as a nurse.

A native of Fumbisi in the Upper West Region, Fadila graduated from the nursing training college in August 2016, but she was forced to idle at home due to the delay by the Ministry of Health in posting her batch of nurses to health facilities across the country of Ghana.

She, thus, decided to be a load carrier in the interim as she awaits her posting.

In an interview, the lady stated that even though her resort to being a porter was a stop-gap, she does not want to be idle in any way.

“I’m never satisfied because, sometimes carrying the load in itself, you get tired; the work is very stressful but because there’s nothing to do, I don’t want to be idle, I have to get myself involved in something; that’s why I’m doing it”.

She went on to say that the profession is a dangerous one, as there are always cars moving around.

“Sometimes you can be hit by a car or any vehicle at all; one can be hit down, and there are others that move on bikes. Sometimes you carry something, when you fall down, you are asked to pay for it. If you happen to break something like a glass, the person may ask you to account for it.”

Even though she does not mind doing the job, she still cannot wait for the Ministry of Health to post her to a facility to put her nursing skills to use.

Source: Naij

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