Medical Technologist Deployment Program 2018

Medical Technologist Deployment Program 2018

The health department announced that it is ready to accept applications under DOH Deployment Program 2018. 22,000 Nurses would be deployed under the Nurse Deployment program while 3,000 would be hired in the other health workers categories which are

Physician Augmentation Deployment Project (PADP)
Universal Healthcare Implementers Deployment Project (UHCIDP)
Nurse Deployment Project (NDP)
Rural Health Midwives Placement Program (RHMPP)
Dentist Deployment Project (DDP)
Medical Technologist Deployment Project (MTDP)
Pharmacist Deployment Project (PDP)
Public Health Associates Deployment Project (PHADP)
Family Health Associate Deployment Project (FHADP)

Application Requirements
1. Application Letter addressed to the Regional Director, DOH Regional Office___.
2. Authenticated copy of Diploma/Transcript of Records (for new entrants/applicants).
3. Copy of Certificate of Training/Seminars attended.
4. Copy of Eligibility (Sub-professional/Professional/Board Rating)

DOH also has uploaded a new Application Form on it website which needs to be filled up, with 1×1 photo attached.

Application Deadline : October – December 2017
Deployment : January – December 2018

Application form. Click on this link to download the application form

Click to access DOHDeploymentProgram2018_3.pdf

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