List of Accredited CPD Providers Philippines for Nurses

Here is the full list of list of accredited cpd providers philippines for nurses:


Basic Critical Care Nursing Course – 34 units
Comprehensive Neurological Assessment – 6 units
Care of Patients of Mechanical Ventilation – 6 units
Hemodynamics Monitoring – 5 units
Nutrition Support of the Critically Ill Patient – 6 units
EKG: E-Z Steps of Interpretation – 22 units
Intensive Pearls from East to West – 16 units
Nursing Skills Fair I – 16 units


Postgraduate Course on BOSH for Nurses – 45 units
First-On-Scene-Responder Course – 40 units
1st Quarter Scientific Meeting – 40 units

The Medical City

Acute Myocardial Infarction Nurse Training Program – 40 units
Specialized Acute Myocardial Infarction Nurse Training Program – 64 units
Hemodialysis Training – 40 units
Oncology Nurse Program – 40 units

UP Manila National Telehealth Center

RxBox – 18 units
Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS) – 36 units

UP Manila College of Nursing

Promoting a Culture of Disaster Preparedness and Core Disaster Life Support – 7 units
Basic Course in Gerontology and Geriatric Nursing – 40 units

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center NSD

Latest Technology on Wound Care Management – 6 units
Updates on Best Practices: Control of Post-surgical, Central and Peripheral Line Infection – 7 units
Latest Diagnostic and Screening Technology, Therapy and Nursing Management of Patients with Breast and Cervical Cancer – 8 units

Asian Hospital and Medical Center

End of Life Nursing Education Consortium – 8 units
Chemotherapy Training and Guidelines for Oncology Nurses – 12 units
Central Venous Access Device Training and Skills Accreditation – 8 units

Philippine Nurses Association

Emergency Trauma Care: Saving Lives – 3 units
Caring for Stroke Survivor – 3 units
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD): Implications to Care – 2 units
Orientation Program on Positive Practice Environment for Nurses – 3 units
Caressing the Fight Against Breast Cancer – 3 units
Overview of Psychiatric Nursing: Dealing with Anxious Patients – 3 units
Acute Brain Attack – 3 units
Understanding EKG – 3 units
Challenges of Non-Communicable Disease: The Wellness Tree – 3 units
Pediatric Emergency Nursing: Tracheostomy Care – 3 units
Renal Replacement Therapies, Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis – 3 units
Nursing Informatics – 3 units
Pain as 5th Vital Sign, Pain Assessment and Pain Management – 4 units
Psychological First Aid – 4 units
Good Research Practices Workshop – 20 units
Basic Emergency and Trauma Care – 4 units

Zeullig Family Foundation

Barangay Health Leadership and Management Program – 26 units

Advanced Clinical Laboratory for Skills and Health Care Solution, Inc.

Resuscitation of the Newborn Program – 8 units

Chong Hua Hospital – Cebu

Vein-T Training Program – 16 units
End of Life Nursing Education – 16 units
Nurse Preceptorship Training Program – 16 units
Critical Course Program – 40 units

UERMMMCI Department of Nursing Service

Skin Wound and Pressure Ulcer Management – 22 units

Association of Diabetes Nurse Educators of the Philippines

Insulin Injection Technique and Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose – 8 units


Multidisciplinary Collaboration towards Quality Perioperative Nursing Care – 6 units
OR Nursing in Robotic Surgery – 3 units
Perioperative Nursing in Cardiovascular Surgery – 6 units

Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines, Inc

Maternal and Child Nursing Practice Standards in the Philippines – 2 units

Lung Center of the Philippines

Pulmonary Nursing Training Program (Advanced Course on Pulmonary Nursing) – 40 units

Association of Private Duty Nurse Practitioners

Forum on Legalities in the Workplace – 3 units
Evidence-Based Wound Care Practices – 3 units

Philippine Heart Center

Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner Program – 40 units
Critical Care Course – 40 units

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center

Modern Approach on International Radiology Among Cancer Patients – 6 units

Disability First Foundation, Inc.

Hearts on Fire: What’s Hot? Art of Burn Care and Rehabilitation – 16 units

Ang NARS, Inc.

General Assembly and Advocacy Forum – 2 units


Basic IV Therapy Training – 24 units

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