Lae School of Nursing Graduates urge to Uphold Professionalism

Nurses have been urged to serve with respect and dignity and to uphold the professional image of health workers.

This is to right the negativities people throw at nurses for mistreating patients. Department of Health human resources manager Joseph Lipu told the 37 nursing graduates from the Lae School of Nursing that there has been a lot of complaints about nurses mistreating patients and that they should uphold the nursing profession to change that image.

He said nursing is a noble profession that serves and saves lives of people from conception till death and should be holistic in nature.

“It must serve a holistic person physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually because the kind of treatment you give a patient can psychologically help them in recovering, even with not drugs available,” Mr Lipu said. He said the onus is on the nurses themselves to either add value or devalue the nursing profession with the way they perform their duties to serve the people.

“I urge you to do your best when you are out in the field to serve the people with dignity and respect, learn the good habits and keep them and be committed to your job,” he said.

“It is only you who will uphold your professional image as a nursing health worker, it is you who will add value or devalue yourself and the image of the nursing profession. “When you commit and discipline yourself to serve the people who need your nursing services, you will surly understand what it means to be a nursing officer.” The 37 nurses have also been given a nursing licence in which they will now add to the growing number of nursing officers that are providing health care services in PNG.

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