Kweku to Nurses : “Stop Wearing your uniform Home After Work”

President of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) Kweku Asante Krobea has stated that though not a written policy, it is always advisable for nurses to wear their uniforms only when they are carrying out their duties.

According to him, the uniforms may likely contain agents from the wards that may be passed on to persons who come into contact with the nurses.

“In our parlance, we call it the nosocomial infection, the likelihood that they pick these infections from the ward and can take it to the public.”

Mr Asante Krobea said even those who sit in a trotro or taxi have the highest rate to transfer infections to members of the public.

“That is why it will make a lot of sense to say that you may have to put it off you, when you finish working in the ward.”

Some nurses wear ordinary clothes to work while others stick to their official uniforms.

Speaking on TV3, some nurses said they wear ordinary clothes because they think there are infections in the world and would not want to carry it to the hospital.

Others said when they are late they wouldn’t want to go home and change before going to work so they prefer wearing the uniform all the time.

But speaking on TV3’s Midday Live, Mr Asante Krobea added that when nurses wear their uniform, they are to take away the infections from it.

“And so while the nurse goes into her apron, and even her cap as well, she is supposed to take away a considerable amount of infection-causing agents.”

By Lily Kakra Owusu||Ghana

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