KMTC Admission Portal Guide: Step by Step Online Application Guide

KMTC Admission Portal Guide: Step by Step Online Application Guide

Requirements for creating a new account
a) Use valid personal email address.
If you don’t have an email address you can easily create one before you continue with the application process.
1. Visit KMTC Website i.e.
2. Click on application portal on the top right side of the website.
3. If you do not have an account, click Register in the form provided and fill in your details as required then submit.
You’ll be redirected into a personal details form which you fill and submit.
4. If you have an account, click Login and input your email address and password.
5. You will be directed to Dashboard.
6. Pay 2,022 to pay bill number 964150 and enter NATIONAL ID NUMBER/BIRTH CERTIFICATE NO.(The one used when entering your bio data- you can find it by clicking Bio data→ my information) as account number
7. On the left sidebar of the Dashboard, Click Application then click Apply.
8. Fill in your KCSE subject scores correctly and click submit.
9. You’ll be redirected to uploads section. You’re required to upload 4 documents
i. KCSE Certificate or Results Slip(2015 candidates only)
ii. Leaving Cerificate
iii. National ID or Birth Certificate front page
iv. National Id or Birth Certificate Back Page
10. You’ll be redirected to My Uploads Page. Here You’ll review your uploads and make changes if need be.
11. Click Submit to Submit your uploads. Once you submit uploads you can no longer change them.
12. Click Next:proceed to make application
13. Select level (Certificate or Diploma) and click search.
14. Select course and preferred campus you will be redirected to choice 2
15. If you want to apply for choice 2, select course and preferred campus or click skip option to skip choice 2
16. you’ll be redirected to My Application Page, where you’ll review your applications. You’re presented with 2 option in action column of the table Submit or Reject. Click Submit button to submit application or reject to delete application and restart application. This page can also accessed form Application→Submit Application
17. On submission You’ll receive confirmation.

0736993813, 0736212060, 0723000429, 0723004569, 0723004516

For list of courses and application requirements for March 2018 intake check
KMTC 2017/2018 Intake for March 2018

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