Kerala Nursing Council Good Standing Certificate

Nurses who intend to work outside the country must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council or Board in that country. As part of the registration requirements, good standing certificate otherwise known as letter of verification of nursing license will be required from the nursing board where you are currently practicing. What then is good standing certificate?
Good standing certificate or letter of verification of nursing license can be described as a verification document that shows your registration status or standing. It informs the nursing regulatory board of the country you are seeking registration of any restrictions, suspension or any purnishement placed on your license.
Good standing certificate to the regulatory agencies in United Arab Emirates must be uploaded during the dataflow registration process.

How to Get KNC Good Standing Certificate

Usually kerala nursing council good standing certificate can be obtained online and offline. The certificate is usually sent to the nursing board where you are processing your registration. When you are filling the application form for Kerala nursing council good standing certificate, it is important you include a functioning email. A copy would be sent to that email where you have the opportunity of downloading it and uploading it to your online application.

Below are the documents needed for Kerala Nursing Council Good Standing certificate
1. Request letter for good standing certificate addressed to the Kerala Nursing and Council Registrar with your email address on it
2. Copy of your Kerala Nursing Council registration card
3. Evidence of proof of age
4. A DD of Rs. 2000 from State of Bank of Travancore drawn in favour of KNC
The letter should be addressed to:
The Registrar,
Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council,
Red Cross Road,
Pin: 695035
You can contact Council for Good standing certificate related cases on 0471-2774105

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