Karnataka Nursing Council Good Standing Certificate

Nurses who are in need of international verification to countries in UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Canada among others and are registered with the Karnataka Nursing Council must submit Karnataka Nursing Council good standing certificate. Good standing certificate is a document that details your registration and any restriction on your practicing license. It is a communicating tool between the Nursing Board you are seeking registration with and the one you already registered with.

Before you can get Karnataka Nursing Council good standing certificate, you need to be physically present in their office or send someone to process it for you. Processing Karnataka Nursing Council good standing certificate involves filling of application forms and making the required payment after which you will submit attaching the required documents. Below are the required documents:

Requirements for Karnataka Nursing Council Good Standing Certificate

1. A copy of Karnataka Nursing Council Registration Card
2. Evidence of payment of the application fees of Rs. 1000 to the Central Bank of India, Bangalore.
3. Complete application form

Process of Obtaining Karnataka Nursing Council Good Standing Certificate

1. Get to their office and collect a bank payment slip (not sure you can also obtain this in bank) and the application form from the reception
2. Make the required payment to the bank which is closer to council office
3. Complete the application form with the address of Nursing Board where to send the good standing certificate
4. Staple copy of your registration certificate and the chalan to the application form
5. Submit

Karnataka Nursing Council Address:
Karnataka State Nursing Council
71. nightingale Towers A Street,
6th Cross A.R Extension
Near Movieland Theater
Phone: +91-80-22383230
Website: www.ksnc.in

Are you currently processing or recently processed your Karnataka Nursing Council good standing certificate? Has anything changed from the above procedure? We do like to hear from you. You can equally use the comment box if you have any question.

4 thoughts on “Karnataka Nursing Council Good Standing Certificate”

  1. How many days will it take to get the goid syandi g certificate ?
    I am trying to get it from karnataka nursing council.I am in Malta island which is in europe at present.i sent my friend with application form and required docs.but he could not submit it.
    Any other procedure than this to submit it.i need the good standing certificate very urgently.

    How can i get it sooon.??

  2. How can i get good standing certificate from karnataka state nursing council instead of going to karnataka??? is there any other methode of getting this certificate??

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