ISQua Fellowship: International Society for Quality in Health Care 2018 Fellowship Scholarship

ISQua offers scholarships to individuals who are both born and working in countries of economic transition whose work and region can benefit from their participation on the ISQua Fellowship Programme. Priority will be given to healthcare professionals and healthcare academics who are in the early phase in their careers and whose organisations are considered least able to afford such an opportunity.

Candidates will be considered from Lower Income (LI) and Lower Middle Income (LMI) countries based on the WHO and World Bank ratings. The aim is to have representation from all WHO Regions, dependant on range of applications received and the set criteria.

• African Region
• European Region
• Eastern Mediterranean Region
• Region of the Americas
• South-East Asia Region
• Western Pacific Region

Criteria for applicants

To qualify for the ISQua Education Scholarship applicants must:
• Have been born in and currently work in LI or LMI country and supply documentation to support this;
• Not have received an ISQua Scholarship (Education or Conference) in the past; and
• Be able to demonstrate the potential benefit to their work and region from participation in the ISQua Fellowship Programme.
• Not be a current ISQua Fellow or ISQua Member.

Application Process

The call for applications opens on 2 July 2018 and closes on 10 August 2018.

The scholarship covers:
• Course fees for the ISQua Membership and Fellowship package

The scholarship does not cover:
• Annual maintenance fees after graduation
• Any other costs incurred to access the programme

Application Procedure:

Applicants are required to:
• Complete an on-line application form which will require details the applicant’s education and career to date as well as a written submission of no more than 500 words on the potential benefits of their participation in the Fellowship Programme.
• Applicants are asked to send the first page of their passport and a letter from their current employer on headed paper showing that they are currently employed in a qualifying country. This must be sent to after the application has been submitted.  If this is not received, the application will not be considered.  ISQua will not follow up with applicants to remind them of this requirement.
• Applications will be assessed by a committee.
• All applicants will be notified via an e-mail on the status of their application.
• Successful applicants will be given 10 working days to accept the offer and must enrol within 3 months.</

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