The Importance of Teamwork in Healthcare

The Importance of Teamwork in Healthcare

Have you ever worked with some nurses who cant and don’t lift a finger to help others?
This kind of nurses often are lazy and boring to work with.

Nursing is individual responsibility yes but collective efforts or TEAM work makes it much easier.
When you work with good and effective TEAM members you will feel like nursing is the best job on earth irrespective of the ver high level of stress in nursing.

TEAM means:

When assignments are shared in your group I want you to decide to be the one who upliftes team spirit.
Always ask others:
1. Are you ok?
2. Is there anything I can do for you?
Your willingness to help others rubs-off smoothly on everyone including you who is helping.
The help you give another today will come back to you someday in double fold.
You never know when it will be your turn to have a bad day.
Team work :
1. Helps reduce each team member’s stress and burden.
2. Builds friendship.
3. Improves communication among nurses.
4. Improves general patient care.
5. Helps develop each team member’s skills.
6. Improves knowledge as questions are asked and answers are shared.
7. Helps recognise and develop leadership qualities in each member.
8. Keeps each team members healthier.

When next you go to work, begin to develop team spirit in your unit.
As you offer to help others, eventually they will learn from you and offer to help you or someone else.

Recognise what you are very good at. Maybe it is setting an infusion line or calming an anxious patient. Whenever a situation arises for you to use the good skill you have be willing to offer assistance to do it or humbly teach the one who needs it how it is done.

From each nurse according to his/her skills and to each nurse according to his/her needs.

Make your unit a place of friendship and a place of fun.

Offer to help. ALWAYS.

Sussan Igwe

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