How To Redeem Nurses Image

We all are crying for public recognition of the Nigeria Nursing Profession why sadly we deliberately and in deliberately refuse to add *Nurse* *(Nr)* to our personal beautiful names, and don’t address our colleagues as such.

So if we ain’t happy and proud of our titles how do we aspect Nigerians/ FG to feel we are important?

When our title are only *Mr, Mrs , Miss, Sister, matron* and so on

1. The change has to start with the way we address our self in public regardless of our years of experience and specializations
Eg *Am Nurse Paul Salihu*, nice to meet you.

2. The way we address our colleagues in public regardless of the year of experience and specialization. Eg Nurse Mrs Phina or simply *Nurse Fatima*, we happy you are soon to get your promotions.

3. Nursing student should be dignified by calling them for eg. *Student (STN) Nurse Abrahim,* you will go far with your nursing career.

3. Don’t understand why calling your senior colleagues (Even if he / she is a lecturer) eg *Nurse Aminu or Nurse Joy*, we enjoyed your Anatomy lecture. But she/ he feels insulteds Instead of felling proud. This altitude needs urgent charge

4. Our prof in nursing should be addressed for example *Nurse Prof Hassan*, we proud to have you.

Just see how Physician address them selves not Mr, Miss or sister but (Doctor john ) for example. They make them self relevant by been proud of their job title Dr

Lawyers not Miss but *(Barrister Abubakar)* for eg

Even Teachers no longer accept been called Uncle and Aunty but (*Teacher Hamisu*.for Eg

We beautiful *Nurse* need to rebrand *nursing*.

Advantages of this urgent change. ……..

1. This will sensitise the Doctors and the public that we are unique and important to health care

2. Add dignity to our role

3 more professionalism

4 other we have no choice but to addressed us as we want

5. It shows our relevance in society.
6. Help to unite Nurses

Its not profession for Drs and patient to be calling you sister or so called matron and forget your real title and name. For example Nurse Bashir, is far better.
But we can’t blame them because we have over the years not introduced our selves professionally.

But Please am begging all My fellow *Nurses* to give this a try most urgently in our hospitals and offices and in the public at large😘😘😘😘

Grt Nigeria *Nurses* the skies is our beginning !!!!😁😁😁
Can’t do it alone

Am Nr isma’il Ibrahim
RN, RNT, DNE, Bsc.

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