How To Get Proof of Passing NCLEX For CGFNS

New USRNs in foreign countries usually get confused when asked to get Proof of passing NCLEX CGFNS either by their agencies, employer or CGFNS. In this article I am going to simplified the process of getting your Proof of passing NCLEX CGFNS based on what others are submitting.

When completing your Visascreen application, you might be asked to submit a Proof of passing NCLEX CGFNS. You can also be asked by your immigration lawyer or agencies. The following ways are documents other nurses have used to Proof of passing NCLEX CGFNS for CGFNS registration.

  1. NCLEX Quick Result: NCLEX quick result from Pearson Vue which is available at 48 working hours after you sat for your exam can be used as Proof of passing NCLEX CGFNS. Most agencies such as Ogrady Peyton International, Avant Healthcare Services, Westways among others accept this means as it provides a reliable evidence of defeating the mosnter.
  2. Verification request from your Nursing Board: You can also request for Proof of passing NCLEX CGFNS from your Nursing Board by completing the application and making a payment. This will be sent to CGFNS.
  3. Waiting for CGFNS to retrieve your licensure: CGFNS on their own end can retrieve your registration with the Nursing Board or public online register for nurses. It however takes time before they can do that hence might delay your application.
  4. Ordering verification through Nursys: Nursys is an online database of all the registered Nurses in most part of America. You can easily order a verification from Nursys to CGFNS.

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