How To Get ATT with Texas Board of Nursing

I am creating this thread to address various questions such as How do I retake my NCLEX in Texas, how do I get ATT for NCLEX in Texas for expired application or repeat NCLEX takers, How long does it take to get ATT for NCLEX, among others.

For international Nurses who have completed and submitted an application for NCLEX using the state of Texas, your application is only valid for one year thus you must pass your NCLEX and have yiur license within one year of submitting your application. However if your application expired or you failed NCLEX, you will need to reapply again. Below is the re-application process for anyone whose application expired or who failed NCLEX:

How To Re-apply with Texas Board of Nursing

1. Login into your Texas Board of Nursing Application using this link Texas Board of Nursing Login

2. Click on apply for license in the top left corner of your page

3. Among the list of license types click on NCLEX RETEST Application – International Graduates (Including Puerto Rico)

4. Click on LPN/RN then click on RN

5. Complete the application and make the payment of $75 application fee

6. If your verification with your primmary Nursing Board is more than a year it was sent you will need to send another verification from the Nursing Board in your Home country to Texas Board of Nursing. To do that download this form TBON RN Verification Form, complete the first part and send it to your Nursing Board to complete the rest and send your verification to Texas Nursing Board.

7. Proceed to register with Pearson and pay the $200 registration fee.

8. Wait for between 7 to 14 days to receive your New ATT if all outstanding documents have been received by Texas Nursing Board.

If you have any questions related to this create an account, login and ask below. I will respond to all your questions. You can contact Texas Board of Nursing on +15123057400

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