How To Create CGFNS Account For New Zealand Nursing Board

This is a part of New Zealand Board of Nursing Registration series. The first step is registration with CGFNS for verification of foreign credentials. Below is a Step-by-Step guide to creating an account with CGFNS.

Step 1: First complete the application here Register ( . After signing up, you should receive an email from CGFNS, just click on the link inside the email in order to activate your account.

Step 2: Logi into your CGFNS account for New Zealand registration using this link Login (

Step 3: Click on Service Selector then select the Licensure for New Zealand Board of Nursing and then Select Registered Nurse and click on the submit button.

Step 4: Click on My Profile on the top right hand corner of your CGFNS homepage.

Step 5: Click on Personal Information on the right side and then complete your personal information and click on submit after completing the information. Once the submit button is clicked, the information will be registered. Without clicking the submit button, the information you entered won’t be saved.

Step 6: Repeat the same for Contact Information

Step 7: For Identity document first click on Add New Identity Document and then complete the information and click submit. Repeat the same for your second identity document and click submit to make the information registered.

Step 8: For Education, click Add New Education History and complete each form. Do this for your Primary School, Secondary School and Nursing Education while clicking on the submit button each time you complete the educational history. You won’t be asked to send your primary or secondary school results or transcripts, you only need transcripts from your tertiary or nursing education.

Step 9: Complete the Employment history by adding new employment and don’t forget to click the submit button in order for it to be updated.

Step 10: For licensure repeat the process by including all the jurisdictions where you are registered. Include the dates you write the qualifying exams and click on submit for each licensure. Repeat the same thing for language proficiency, Continuing Education among others and click on submit.

Finally if you haven’t picked your profession before pick Registered Nurse and proceed to make the application fees payment of $300.

Note: After making the payment, you would receive email from CGFNS confirming the payment and asking you to wait for 3 days to receive approval for the download of the forms.

At this point you can proceed to notarize your identity documents. You can do so by making a photocopy of the documents and go with both the original to either police station, post office or court to notarize the photocopy. You will be required to upload the notarized copy later.

If you have current documents with CGFNS USA before now, you can ask CGFNS New Zealand to retrieve the documents so you won’t need to send it to them again.

After like few minutes to three days, you will receive approval from CGFNS to proceed to download your forms and proceed to sending your transcript from your Nursing school, verification from Nursing Boards and employment verification.

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