How To Complete Health and Care Tier 2 Visa For Nurses And Their Dependents

Today I will be walking you through how to complete the Health and Care Tier 2 Visa application for Nurses and their dependents, other professional can use the same application to complete their application.

  1. Go to
  2. Select on Tier 2 General Visa and click on next
  3. pick the country you wish to have your biometrics and click next
  4. Select I have checked available biometric enrolment locations and can travel to a location in my selected country.
  5. Scroll to the end and click on APPLY NOW
  6. Enter your email and new password which you will use to access your application
  7. An email will be automatically sent into your inbox, it is important you check your inbox before you continue so as to be sure you can receive messages on that email
  8. On the screen you will be asked to recheck and be sure the email is correct. If your email is correct you can then proceed
  9. To the question ‘who does this email belong to’ pick YOU and continue
  10. Do you have another email, NO

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