How to Check Your Name on General Nursing Council of Zambia Register

From the onset, the General Nursing Council of Zambia (GNCZ) wishes to thank all nurses and midwives that have taken the verification and update of the nurses and midwives registers sent to all the 10 provinces of Zambia, seriously. This exercise is very important since it will culminate into the publication of the final registers in the national news papers in accordance with the provisions of the Nurses and Midwives Act No. 31 of 1997.

The nurses and midwives that have no valid 2018 professional practicing licences will be left out from the publication and consequently be treated as not eligible to practice nursing and midwifery profession in Zambia.

Therefore, due to the continuing numbers of nurses and midwives that are still coming forward to renew their 2018 professional practicing licences and in the spirit of according every nurse and midwife an opportunity to verify their particulars in the circulated draft GNCZ registers, the Council (GNCZ) wishes to announce an extension of the renewal of the 2018 practicing licences and verification of the draft registers by all nurses and midwives from 10th August 2018 to 31st August 2018. Consequently, publication of the corrected final registers is scheduled to take place in the Daily Mail and Times of Zambia Newspapers on 19th and 20th September 2018, respectively.

This being the second extension, the Council wishes to emphasise that there shall be no further extension after 31st August 2018, and all those nurses and midwives who will be left out and consequently not allowed to practice nursing and midwifery profession in Zambia will have themselves to blame and not the Council.

In the same vein, it has been observed that the majority of the nurses and midwives who are complaining that their names are omitted from the circulated GNCZ draft registers, have their names actually appearing on the same draft registers.

Therefore, the Council would like to advise all nurse and midwifery practitioners searching for their names from the circulated GNCZ Registers to follow the following simple steps in order to successfully find their names:

STEP 1: Be patient when checking through the Register. Do not be anxious, emotional or panic. Instead be calm and patient.

STEP 2: Be sure to remember your full names and district as printed on your 2018 nursing and/or midwifery practicing licence, since those are the same names and district appearing on the Register kept by GNCZ.

STEP 3: Take note that the draft registers in circulation to all provinces is in excel, Therefore, be sure that you know how to access information from excel. If not too sure, kindly ask for assistance from any knowledgeable person within your reach.

STEP 4: Open the Register folder and identify the correct Register under which your names could be appearing. PLEASE NOTE THAT there are four different types of registers, namely; Full Register, Specialists Register, Provisional Register and Temporal Register.

a) FULL REGISTER: This register is for nursing and midwifery practitioners with certificates, post basic certificates (i.e. RM, OTN, etc) and advanced diplomas as well as Bachelors Degrees in Nursing (I.e. RN with BSc Nsg and BSc with licensure Examination Certificate);

b) SPECIALISTS REGISTER: This register is for nursing and midwifery practitioners with Post-graduate Degree (i.e. Masters and Doctorate Degree) in Nursing and/or any other approved Health related field.

c) PROVISIONAL REGISTER: This Register is for foreign trained nurses and midwives (i.e. both Zambians and None-Zambians) and in possession of Nursing and/or midwifery registration certificates or licences of competency to practice nursing and/or midwifery; from the country of original training. Furthermore, the register has foreign trained nurses and midwives who come to work in Zambia on government to government Agreement or contract.

d) TEMPORAL REGISTER: This register is for nurse and midwifery practitioners who have undergone a GNCZ approved nursing and/or midwifery training programme and have partially fulfilled GNCZ Registration requirements. An example are Enrolled Nurses and Pre-Service BSc Nsg Degree holders who are yet to pass the GNCZ licensure Examinations.

STEP 5: Identify the District column on the register. Note that districts are arranged in alphabetical order. Identify the district under which your name appears as written on your 2018 practicing licence. In an event where the district where you work from is different from the district written on your 2018 practicing licence, PLEASE check for the District that is written on your 2018 practicing licence and the District from where you are currently working from.

STEP 6: Once the correct district is located, now find the column for names and look for your Surname which could be written in alphabetical order. If your name is not appearing in alphabetical, order, then counter check the order in which your names are written on your 2018 practicing licence and your name will be found.

STEP 7: Those who have got no 2018 practicing licences, must first get their 2018 practicing licences from GNCZ before they could think of finding their names on the GNCZ draft registers circulated to all provinces.

STEP 8: If your name is found on the register and all other particulars and spellings are Correct, CONGRATULATIONS. If your name is not found on the draft register or particulars are wrongly spelt, then immediately inform GNCZ through an email (NOT WhatsApp). The email should be sent to and copied to

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Issued by

Thom D. Yung’ana LLB, BBA(HRM), ROTN, RN.






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