How to Apply for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Canada 2018

Hurray the atlantic immigration pilot program canada 2018 which is the fastest way to migrate to Canada is now open. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is for skilled workers and international student graduates who want to permanently live in any of the four provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and it is the fastest route to land in Canada with your family. 2,000 Permanent residence card will be issued in 2017 for this pilot phase

Although the program has just been launched few hours ago, based on what i know, here is How to Apply for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Canada 2018:

1. Find out first if you are eligible to apply under this scheme, click Here to check the criteria and check if your job qualification and duties falls under required job categories check Here
2. If you are qualified, contact the province and ask for the list of designated employer in an atlantic province
3. After getting a job offer and signing the contract, get a need assessment and settlement plan check Here
4. Your employer will then apply for an endorsement certificate with the province
5. With the endorsement certificate, you are now ok to apply for Permanent Residence.

Note that designated employer in an atlantic province will be later made public by each province from what i heard. Also some provinces might decide to forward the CV collected last month in Manila and Poland to the employers to pick applicants from.

Let’s keep our fingers cross and watch keenly what the provinces would do as the ball is now in their court. If you are applying for the program share your timelime and preparations here. For more information check

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