How Much Does A Physician Assistant Make

Physician Assistants have a work schedule that is quite similar to that of general practitioners but according to law, they must practice under physicians or surgeons. Physician Assistant job is a rewarding/lucrative career hence people tend to find out how much does a physician assistant make before venturing into the profession. How much a physician assistant make is dependent on several factors chiefly among which are practice environment and schedule of duty.

Overview of How Much A Physicain Assistant Make

According to the U.S Bureau of Labour and Statistics, physician assistant median pay per year was $98,180 in May 2015, this translates to $47.20 per hour. Median wage is the wage that half of people in an occupation earn less and the other half earned much. It should be noted that the lowest 10 percent earners in this profession earned less than $62,760 while the top 10 percent earners among physician assistants earned more than $139,540 last year.
Like I said earlier, practice environment greatly influenced how much a physician assistant earn. For instance, the U.S Bureau of Labour and Statistics estimated the 2015 annual median wage for physician assistants in outpatient care centers to be $106,010, those that worked in hospitals – state, local and private pocketed the median wage of $101,500, office physicians $96,4300, educational services $95,000 and government $91,260.

Job outlook for physician assistant is bright as employment of physician assistants is expected to grow by 30 percent within the 10year period of between 2014-2024. Physician assistants also work the 3 shifts and their roles is expected to expand in the future as more states will allow them to take on some roles of the primary care providers.

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