How I Passed NCLEX After 22 Years of Graduating from Nursing School

Hello! I would like to share my experience reviewing for the NCLEX RN and hope that this might inspire some of you.

I graduated 22 years ago in the Philippines. I never practiced my nursing career, instead, I became a teacher. I migrated here in the US 8 years ago, and wondered if I could still be a nurse. I got my eligibility two years ago, and two months before it expired, I started reviewing. ( I am a procrastinator 😂 ) I work a full time job, a mom to two girls.

I used Remar, Uworld a month before I took the exam ( used only 1050 questions), Mark Klimek (was only able to finish 2 modules). My routine was like this: work til 4:30 pm, I get home at 5ish, cook dinner, take care of my youngest daughter’s homework, clean up then put her to bed at 8:30, then I can study til about 11pm. I struggled to review at night because I am already so tired and sleepy at that time.

Two months of that crazy and stressful routine!!

I took my test last Friday, stopped at 124 questions, had 38 SATAs, a lot of prioritization, 1 computation, 1 ECG strip, 15 pharm/drug questions, 5 drag and drops. The last 6-7 questions were so basic, that I felt like a failure. The following days after my exam were so depressing because I really thought I failed.

Until today, I checked the California Board of Nursing website, and I passed!! I believe in the power of prayers!! Keep the faith! 😊

P.S. I was only on the 42nd percentile in Uworld, getting only low 50s in every test i took. Do not be intimidated by the figures/percentiles.. just focus on understanding the rationales. Good luck!!

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