Healthcare Professional Rivalry isn’t caused by Politicians. By OMOLOLA Adams

Healthcare sector is a pivotal and fulcrum of any national development and growth. It’s a complex system engulfed with subsystem. It’s unique identity from other sectors is its mutisectoral approach and not a one-man affair.

According to Wikipedia, a system is a regularly interacting or interdependent group of units forming an integrated whole. Every system is delineated by its spatial and temporal boundaries, surrounded and influenced by its environment, described by its structure and purpose and expressed in its functioning.

Every nations had its challenges and crises in health sector as national crisis over a period of time. Some countries developed viable and formidable health system from the outcome of the crisis, while others are still battling and wallowing the aftermath of the crisis. At a point in time (before civil war) Nigeria among other nations had very good health care sector. There were foreigners working in Nigeria. Brain drain was never known.

The major crisis in Nigeria healthcare system is professional rivalry, which negate the “system model”. Over past decades there had been serious attack and counter-attack among the professionals in the health sector, reflecting divergent views on professional autonomy among others. If Nigeria healthcare sector fully institutionalised system model, as practised in the developed world, the crises shall be abated.

Prof. Chris Bode, Chief Medical Director, LUTH, Lagos State, blamed politicians for professional rivalry in the health sector. This statement is far from truth, hence misinforming and misguiding the public. If members of the team collaborate with one another, no intruder can invade the house talk less of promoting crisis.

Politicians make use of the best situation, since the house stands against itself, Politicians use divides and rules hence gaining through corruption. Some of these so-called politicians belong to a group of Health care professionals. The crisis reflects the national health index where Nigeria is rated among the very poor nation with health index.

In as much as a subsystem wants to dominate other subsystem, crisis will continue to loom. Society should not be misinformed about the reality deepening on wages, educational system, professional boundaries, the headship, the administrative sections, professional autonomy etc. The system has been bastardised, manipulated and corrupted, hence complete overhaul is needed through a roundtable dialogue where all professionals shall be represented and chaired by a seasoned manager and administrator (Health). Every professionals should work together as a team for national development.

Public Healthcare Expert and Strategist.

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