GNCZ Introduces Advanced Diplomas For Post RN Courses

The general Nursing Council of Zambia (GNCZ) has announced historic changes to the qualifications that post diploma holders are getting whenever they do an additional qualification.

For some time now Registered Nurses have been graduating with certificates after persuing post diploma graduate studies in areas such as Midwifery (RM), Theatre Nursing (OTN), Opthalmic Nursing, Mental health Nursing (RMHN) except for qualifications which were introduced in the most recent years such as the Critical care Nursing (CRN) and Paediatric and Child Health Nursing (PCHN).

This has been necessitated after the concerned nurses kept poking the council that there was need to have these qualifications changed to better than a certificate. The listening GNCZ seem to have acted on this.

GNCZ has therefore called on all the RMs to go for re-registartion, from certificate in midwifery to advanced diploma in midwifery, OTNs from certificate to advanced diploma as well as the Opthalmic and mental health Nurses.
This has brought mixed feelings, others are excited that history is being made and their qualifications are much better while others, such as the Registered Nurse Midwives (RNMs), who undergo a 3 years 6 months program will still be registered as diploma and not advanced diploma. I guess this would be another issue that GNCZ must deliberate on with an open mind and see the way forward.

This in any case must not go without saying a very big congartulation to Aaron Banda, the CEO of GNCZ, and his team for the great trends we are seeing within a short period of his being at GNCZ. It is just recently when we saw the introduction of the 6 months abridging program for RNs who were EM to become RMs, we also saw the introduction of the abridging program for 1 year for ENs to become RNs. Others include the introduction of the Public Health Nursing and Bachelors of Science in Midwifery at the University of Zambia School of Nursing.

Together we can make nursing in Zambia Better.

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