Ghana Ministry of Health Wants Mampong Nursing Training College Students to Refund Allowance

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has asked over 200 past students of Mampong Midwifery and Nursing Training College to refund monies wrongfully paid to them as allowance covering two months in 2017.

Each student received an amount of GHS800 covering November and December 2017.

According to the MoH, these payments were made despite strict instructions to school authorities to exclude names of all immediate past students.

They have up until 28 February 2018 to refund the monies.

Speaking to Class News, Mr Robert Cudjoe, Public Relations Officer at the MoH explained that: “We had a particular year group of nursing training graduates who at the time were not in school and had completed and gone.

“When we were paying, we sent letters to all principals throughout Ghana asking them to take away those names. They had already received September October [allowance] because at that time, it covered them, but by the time we were paying November-December, they were not in school.

“All schools complied before they sent the certified validated list to us for payment. Later, it was found out that – I don’t know whether the letter we sent to them they did not read it well or it was an oversight – over 200 names were included in the validated list sent to us.

“So upon this revelation, a directive was given to write to the students to refund these two months allowance. When their colleagues in other schools got a hint that they had been paid, they also started agitating, so we made it clear to them that they were not included and that it was a mistake that’s why we are asking them to refund the monies.”

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