Ghana: Health Ministry Says There is No Financial Clearance to Recruit Nurses

Health Minister Kweku Agyeman Manu has stated that the Ministry has not received financial clearance from the Finance Ministry to recruit nurses.

Speaking on the AM Show on Joy News Thursday, Mr Manu explained that the ministry has not posted nurses who have completed their training because of financial constraints.

He told Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng that the Finance Ministry has assured them of giving them the financial clearance to recruit nurses in due time.

“…they gave us close to September or October so we are still waiting. As soon as we get this financial clearance, we will start working on them,” he stated.

“The financial clearance is an assurance that when we put them [new recruits] in your facility we can pay them,” he added.

Mr Manu also noted that in March, the Health Ministry began gathering the data of nurses who have stayed home for a while and they will use that data to aid them in the posting process.

He explained that the numbers have become a lot because the previous government bequeathed the same to them.

“We came to meet an existing challenge so we need to take care of that,” he said, adding that the ministry successfully posted 17,000 nurses in 2017.

“And this year, we budgeted to post 15,000,” he stated.
Mr Manu further explained that due to the financial situation, the Ministry is restructing staff to work at new commissined health facilities instead of posting new ones.
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