Ghana: Fear grips Nurses , Midwives in Chereponi Over Renewed Clashes

The Chereponi branch of the Association of the Registered Nurses and Midwives is appealing to authorities within the district to protect them by evacuating them from the area.




Recent clashes between the Konkombas and the Anufuls have led to four deaths, several injuries and destruction of property.


According to the General Secretary of the group, Mahamudu Ibrahim Nasah, they no longer feel safe in the area as their lives are in danger.


He thus called on their superiors to allow them leave the area and return when calm is restored.


“We are saying that the current situation there does not make us feel safe to work. We’ve seen that the people in the community have evacuated their relatives. They have taken their wives and children out of the place. We can’t stay in our homes because we are staying in rented homes that belong to both factions in the conflict.”


“And when this conflict started they have been burning each other’s houses and we don’t know when they will get to our houses. So we are saying that our managers and security should support us to leave the district and we will return when the place is calm for us to work without being in fear,” he added.


A 4:00pm to 7:00am curfew was imposed on the Chereponi township effective Thursday, January 03, 2019, after clashes in the area resulted in two deaths and left several others wounded.


Properties and foodstuffs have also been destroyed.


The residents are asking for justice and are calling for more security personnel.




The clashes were between Anufuls and Konkombas over a piece of land at Naduni in the Chereponi District.


Chereponi residents defy curfew; burn tyres in protest


Residents of Chereponi have however defied the curfew imposed on the area by the Ministry of Interior.


They burnt tyres at vantage points in protest of the curfew.


According to them, they fear attacks could happen during the curfew period hence their anger.



By: Godwin Akweiteh Allotey | | Ghana

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