Get Involved In NANNM Elections, Nursing Ambassadors Of Nigeria Calls Out To All Members

Sequel to the forthcoming unit election of NANNM nationwide, it has come to the notice of the Nursing Ambassadors of Nigeria that majority of the senior Nurses have started intimidating the 21st century Nurses with the aim of scaring them/us from contesting the key positions at their respective units (Unit Chairman & Secretary) that will grant us the eligibility of becoming automatic delegates at the next year State & National election of NANNM in order to effect the needed positive change of leadership of NANNM at both the State & National level.
On this note therefore, 
1) All the 21st century Nurses under the platform of Nursing Ambassadors of Nigeria are urged & advised to get involve in the forthcoming Unit election of NANNM at their respective units.
2) Ensure to get your NANNM membership card at the state NANNM headquarter, 10, calabar-Itu highway, Uyo with the sum of #1500
3) Endeavour to meet the NANNM constitutional requirements that gives you the eligibility to contest (be voted for) & to be a delegate (to vote) which are:
(a) NANNM membership card.
(b) Practicing License.
4) Resist any attempt by the Senior Nurses who posses evil ideology of scaring you out of the contest, & report same to any officials of the Nursing Ambassadors of Nigeria.
5) Be concerned & proactive at your respective unit about the issue of NANNM leadership & future of Nursing profession.
6) Know that without fixing the 21st century Nurses at the strategic position of leadership, our voice may not be heard & the positive change we are agitating for may not be realistic.
One voice, One mind, One heart,
One vision, One dream,
Cooperation, we can do it.
Our campaign slogan: “ON THE WHEELS TO POSTERITY”
Let’s make Nursing great again.

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