Geriatric Emergency Department: A Solution To Promoting Longevity In The Elderly By Adanoritsewo Lilian Jiringho

ABSTRACT This study examined the need and importance of geriatric emergency department in the Nigerian health sector and proffers it as a solution to promoting longevity in the elderly through the provision of separate emergency department    BACKGROUND OF STUDY The Universal Declaration of Human Right (UDHR) in collaboration with the World Health Organization established the “right of older persons” all over the world. This numerous benefits if implemented will beyond doubt make older persons live a healthy life as well as promote longevity. –Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability and Quality   One of the primary responsibilities of any government is to promote, provide and ensure access to basic social services for the benefit of everyone, especially the venerables,  bearing in mind specific needs of older persons   JUSTIFICATION The Mandrid plan of aging 2002 requested for better health care for the older persons as aging population is increasing globally. Over 70 years of the Declaration of Human Rights, the older persons still have poor and limited access to quality health care facilities and services. it is the right of everyone to receive quality health care, especially the aged due to their tender and sensitive stage in life.  The provision of Geriatric Emergency Department (GED) in Nigeria health care system and the specialization in gerontology will promote longevity.   PURSPOSE OF RESEARCH   The purpose of this research is to examine the need and importance of geriatric emergency department in the Nigerian health sector.   To proffer a solution to promoting longevity in the elderly through the provision of separate emergency department to carter for emergency situations involving the elderly.   OBJECTIVES To investigate if there are available tertiary institution with separate emergency department or with a carved out unit for geriatric emergency care. To promote gerontological competency of multi-disciplinary team. To proffer solution to many older persons who would have survive emergency but met untimely death because of non-availability of bed space in emergency department. To advocate innovation in emergency department for older persons in Nigeria due to the limited emergency department and specialisation of geriatric emergency nurses in Nigeria resulting to rejection of older persons in ED leading to subtle practice of ageism in the country’s    Limitation of Study Some of the limitations encountered in the course of this study include: Time inadequacy: Due to the very limited time allocated to this research work, the researcher could not conduct an extensive and  detailed study. Difficulty in getting project manuscript typed before expected deadline. Difficulty in assessing internet as a result of poor network coverage.

LITERATURE REVIEW Emergency Department Hwang et al, discussed the challenges that may occurs in emergency department following a demographic shift of older person’s visit to health facility and emergency department play a key role in half hospital admissions. The emergency department is an important part of America’s safety net because the health teams are required to evaluate every client even if they have no fund to pay their treatment bill.   The Origin and Concept of Geriatric Emergency Department for older (aged) persons in the emergency department due to a personal experience she had in the emergency unit that got her upset and forced her to discharge herself from the hospital against medical advice. Following his mother’s advise, Dr. Rosenberg built a Geriatric Centre at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in 2009.   Features of Geriatric Emergency Department According to Jose Crozco, an emergency medicine physician diferentiated by four features. Nurse and doctors trained to work with older adults. Age friendly design elements such as thick mattresses, dimmer lights and non-skid floors. Risk Assessments for older adults to identify factors that can exacerbate health problems. Ability to connect patients with community resources they need to stay healthy.   Geriatric Emergency Department as a Way of Promoting Longevity in Nigeria’s Elderly We recognize their contribution to nation building hence the song “the labour of our past heroes shall not be in vein”.  The old persons who build the nation are faced with multiple old aged diseases and are placed on “can wait’ in emergency department and patient is taken back home because of Lack of bed space and may not have money to pay for special emergency department.    METHODOLOGY This study made use of the secondary method of data collection to obtain data from books, magazines and online sources.   CONCLUSION AND RECOMMEDATIONS A researcher quoted Dr. Mulhausen “Longer life is a priority for individuals and society because it provides opportunities for personal fulfillment and contributions to our communities as well as society Government and members of the private health sector should establish a geriatric emergency department in both secondary and tertiary health sectors across the 36 states of the Nigerian federation. Recommendations Special and specific training on geriatric emergency should be organized for doctors, nurses and other members of the health sectors. The Nigerian health sector and policy makers should emulate international best practices on geriatric emergency.   By Adanoritsewo Lilian Jiringho School Of post Basic Nursing Lagos University Teaching Hospital Lagos State   REFERENCES Help Age International. United Nations Graphic Design Unit/DPI (2017). 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Madrid International Plan of Action of Aging 2012. Eileen Burns (2001). Older People in Accident and emergency Department. British Geriatric Society. Age and aging, 30(3). Parke B. & McCusker J. (2008). Consensus-based Policy Recommendations for Geriatric Emmergency Crae. International Journal of Health Crae Quality Assurance, 21, 385-395. Mark Rosenberg (2011). “Urgent Matters”. E-Newsletter. Vol. 8(2). Marie Baltz (2013). Care of the Older Adult. Jose Crozco (2009). Community Health Based EDs are Championing. University of Califonia Riverside School of Medicine. Lola Butcher (2013). Vulnerable Population. United Nations (2002). Political Declaration and Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging. Second World Assembly on Aging, Madrid, Spain, 8–12April. Mulhausan P. (2014). E-learning Virtual Patient of Geriatric Education

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