General Nursing Council of Zambia 2018 Register Announcement

In readness to publish the registers for the 2018 licenced nurse and midwifery practitioners as required by the Nurses and Midwives Act No. 31 of 1997, the General Nursing Council of Zambia (GNCZ) is pleased to inform all nurses and midwives registered with GNCZ that soft copy DRAFT registers (i.e. Full, Specialists, Temporal and Provisinal Registers) were sent to all provinces through Provisional Health Offices (PHOs) for onward transmission to all districts as well as private, parastal and government health facilities and training institutions under their jurisdiction.

Therefore, all nurses and midwives are advised to check for their inclusion and correctness of their particulars in the GNCZ registers with their local management.

In an event of any omission of one’s name or incorrect entries of data, kindly submit your corrected entries to your local management who will in turn remit the same to GNCZ not after 10th August 2018.

Thereafter, the corrected version of the GNCZ FINAL registers will be published in the national News Papers as earlier on announced on this same GNCZ official facebook page.

Except defaulting nurses and midwives who have upto now not renewed their 2018 professional practing licences (for whatever reason), the rest should not panic or travel to GNCZ in Lusaka to make corrections to their particulars in the register.

In the same vein, those erronously omitted from the register, but paid for 2018 licences and have acquired the required 20 CPD points, are also advised not to panic, but instead just to scan and email their bank deposite slips and CPD record page to and copy to not after 10th August 2018.

Thank you.

Issued by

Thom D. Yung’ana







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