Friend rapes nursing student in India after giving her food laced with sedatives

A 26-year-old nursing student was allegedly raped by her college friend after she was given food laced with sedatives.

The woman has alleged that the accused also shot videos of the crime and was blackmailing her with the same. He threatened to release the videos on social media.

The incident happened in the Nishatpura area of Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal.

On August 14, the accused, identified as Govind Ahirwar, offered to drop the woman to college. On the way, he picked up some food and laced it with sedatives. After consuming the food, the woman — in a semi-conscious state, was taken to the accused’s rented accommodation, where she was allegedly raped. The accused also filmed the act to blackmail the woman.

“The accused while dropping the woman to college stopped his car near an eatery and bought some food. He laced the food with sedatives, without the woman getting a whiff of it, and took her to his rented accommodation in Nishatpura when the woman was almost semiconscious. He then raped her and also allegedly filmed the act,” police said.

Following the incident, the accused started blackmailing the woman with the videos. After continuous harassment, the woman went to the house of her parents in the Alirajpur district and told them about the incident. Her parents then took her to a police station and a case was registered with the Alirajpur police.

The case has been transferred to the Nishatpura police station in Bhopal and an investigation is underway.

Police said the rented house of the accused was raided, but he could not be found.

“We have raided few possible hideouts, but he managed to escape. He will be arrested soon,” the police said.

Source: MSN

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