Free NMC CBT Test For Nurses 2021

Here is a free UK NMC CBT for overseas Nurses practice questions which will come into effect from August 2021. The right answers are bolded

  1. Which of the following describes a quantitative method of research? Choose the correct answer.

Exploring a phenomenon by interviewing participants

Collating people’s views and opinions

Collection of numerical data

Reviewing published research

2. Choose the four themes of NMC’s ‘The Code’. Choose the correct answer.

Prioritise patients, practise within your limits, preserve others, promote wellbeing

Prioritise people, practise effectively, preserve safety, promote professionalism and trust

Prioritise staff, practise safely, preserve wellbeing, promote health

Prioritise yourself, practise with pride, preserve health, promote the NHS

3. When caring for a patient who is Jehovah’s Witness (JW), suffering a severe haemorrhage, what do you consider? Choose the correct answer.

They are not to receive blood or blood products

They are to be cared for by professionals who are JW

They are not to be sedated

They are not to be resuscitated

4. When caring for a patient who does not speak English, how do you obtain information from the patient? Choose the correct answer.

Ask a family member to translate

Use a face-to-face or online translator

Find the information you need from medical notes

Ask the patient to draw pictures

5. When a drug error occurs and the patient has been assessed for any harm, what is the next priority? Choose the correct answer.

Inform the patient of what has happened

Continue your drug round

Continue to administer the next dose

Call the patient’s family

6. The HPV (Human papillomavirus) vaccination prevents which disease? Choose the correct answer.

Cervical cancer

Bowel cancer

Testicular cancer

Ovarian cancer

7. Which of the following professions are specifically trained in smoking cessation? Choose the correct answer.





8. Which of the following diseases is notifiable to Public Health England? Choose the correct answer.



Human papillomavirus

Clostridium difficile

9. Which of the following is a health visitor’s responsibility? Choose the correct answer.

Administering immunisations

Giving emergency first aid and treatment in a crisis

Supporting the physical and emotional growth of a child

Assessing speech and language development

10. What are the common complications of uncontrolled blood sugar levels in diabetic patients? Choose the correct answer.

Renal failure, joint pain, urinary incontinence

Retinopathy, peripheral vascular disease, renal failure

Peripheral vascular disease, irritable bowels, liver failure

Retinopathy, memory loss, joint pain

11. A doctor requests a lactate test to be taken from a very unwell patient. What type of sample is taken? Choose the correct answer.

Blood gas

Urine sample

Stool sample

Full blood count

12. Scale 2 on the NEWS 2 chart is used for which patient group? Choose the correct answer.

Those receiving intravenous therapy

Carbon dioxide retaining patients

Those with a urinary catheter

Those who have been exposed to carbon monoxide

13. Patients with chronic pain conditions are screened for which of the following? Choose the correct answer.

Low mood and depression

Coronary heart disease

Bowel cancer


14. Which of the following groups has the highest rates of suicide? Choose the correct answer.



Elderly over 75

Children under 18

15. A patient presents with a productive cough, low saturations, high respiration rate, raised lactate with NEWS2 of 9. Which of the following does this indicate? Choose the correct answer.

Bowel obstruction

Chest sepsis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Myocardial infarction

16. Prior to surgery how long are oral fluids withheld? Choose the correct answer.

30 minutes

4 hours

2 hours

6 hours

17. What group of drugs are used in patient-controlled analgesia? Choose the correct answer.




Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

18. Patients who are put on furosemide are warned of which common side effect? Choose the correct answer.





19. You have a patient who is choking. You have administered 5 back slaps with no success. What is the next step? Choose the correct answer.

Start basic life support

Give 5 abdominal thrusts

Give 5 more back slaps

Monitor the patient

20. You are caring for a patient who has a stoma formation and they are ready for discharge. What advice do you give the patient? Choose the correct answer.

Wait until the bag is full before changing it and clean with soapy water

Use perfumed soaps to aid odour control

Clean with water, trying to keep faecal fluid away from skin to minimise irritation

21. Keep the area moist when changing the bag, advocating the use of oils to help the surrounding skin

What is the responsibility of an occupational therapist? Choose the correct answer.

Supporting people whose health may prevent them from completing their normal activity

Assessing someone’s ability to see

Reviewing and adjusting prescribed medication

Assessing injury or damage in a patient

22. Whose role is it to lobby the government to support nurses and make positive change to the profession and working conditions? Choose the correct answer.

The individual teams of nurses

Nursing unions

Chief executive of the trust

The human resources department

23. What does it mean to ‘performance manage’ an employee? Choose the correct answer.

When a person is promoted

When performance is exceeding the expected level

When someone is being dismissed from their work place

Developing a person to fulfil the expectations of their role

24. When running a ward or unit, which of the following is the priority at the start of the shift? Choose the correct answer.

To give out the breakfasts

Check the staff numbers match patient acuity

Calling and updating family/carers on patients’ conditions

Make sure a doctor is on the ward

25. When supervising a student nurse, when do you deliver feedback? Choose the correct answer.

Feedback is provided by the university so you do not need to deliver this

At the end of the placement

At the midpoint and end of a placement

Continuously throughout the placement

26. What is a ‘whistle blowing policy’? Choose the correct answer.

A policy that guides staff on raising concerns about safety and practice

A government-led policy that advises trusts on care

A policy that helps employers manage staff

A major incident policy

27. When undertaking research, what is the first step? Choose the correct answer.

Applying for ethical approval

Recruiting a team of people to help you

Selecting a topic

Collecting the data

28. What is the main purpose of a root cause analysis? Choose the correct answer.

To ensure that reoccurrence is avoided

To identify who was responsible for the incident  and performance manage them

To provide data of the incident to the Department of Health

To assess if those involved require compensation

29. Who will notify an emergency department that a major external incident has occurred? Choose the correct answer.

The ambulance service lead

The nurse in charge of the department

The hospital press lead

The reception lead

30. When noticing that a colleague is suffering from low mood and depression, what actions should be taken? Choose the correct answer.

Provide support and guide them to wellbeing services

Contact their next of kin and discuss

Inform their manager, without telling the colleague

Refer them to occupational health without discussion

31. What has been implemented to ensure that nurses are fit to care holistically for patients with a variety of  conditions? Choose the correct answer.

New pre-registration education standards

Ensuring students have maths and English GSCE

Preceptorships training

Royal College of Nursing online modules

32. Who is in attendance at a child protection case conference? Choose the correct answer.

Health services only

The team supporting the parent or carer only

All those who are involved with the family from health, education and social services

Social services only

33. What document could help a nurse understand the preferences of a patient with dementia? Choose the correct answer.

A handover sheet

The patient’s drug chart

A ‘This is Me’ document

The most recent discharge summary

34. Who should be notified when attending hospital with a school child aged 8? Choose the correct answer.

School teacher


Local children’s centre

School nurse/public health community nurse team

35. There is a requirement to increase nursing staff on a ward due to an increase in patient demand, what steps are taken? Choose the correct answer.

Reduce the number of patients admitted to the ward

A business case is written to increase nursing staff numbers

Go directly to Human Resources (HR) and ask them to recruit

Ask the team to increase their working hours

36. When failing a student nurse for professional values, what steps are taken before the end of the placement? Choose the correct answer.

Inform your line manager so they can inform the student

Contact the university and get them to inform the student they have failed the placement

A midpoint interview where you are able to give feedback and allow the student to develop an action plan to achieve

No steps required as long as the fail is documented clearly in the assessment document

37. Which of the following is a framework used to identify areas for development? Choose the correct answer.

SWOT analysis

SLOT analysis

SWOL analysis

SNOT analysis

38. According to Rogers’ Theory of Nursing, which of the following are described as ‘core conditions’ to effective communication? Choose the correct answer.

Spiritual understanding, sympathy, congruence

Sympathy, respect, regard

Empathy, respect, honesty

Congruence, empathy, respect

39. Motivational interviewing is best described as… Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

a method of assisting people with health behaviour change.

a tool used in peer supervision.

a tool used in appraising staff for development.

a method used to encourage people to adhere to discharge advice.

40. What is the best method of delivering advice to patients with a new diagnosis of a long-term condition? Choose the correct answer.

Advise the patients to look up any questions about the diagnosis on the internet

Ensure there is a range of materials available and present for the patient to take home after the consultation

Information and diagnosis is given by a consultant so questions can be answered effectively

Give all the information all at once

41. ANTT refers to… Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

Aseptic Non Transmission Technique.

ANtiseptic Touch Technique.

Aseptic Non Touch Technique.

ANtiseptic Treatment Technique.

42. Which of the following is considered an aerosol generating procedure? Choose the correct answer.

Assisting with oral medication

Blood Transfusions

Performing oral hygiene, teeth brushing

Mechanical ventilation

43. A wheeze is commonly heard on auscultation in which of the following conditions? Choose the correct answer.

Pleural effusion

Pulmonary oedema


Acute asthma

44. Haematemesis refers to what condition? Choose the correct answer.

Blood in the stool

Blood in the sputum

Blood in the urine

Blood in the vomit

45. When caring for patients at the end of life, a family reports that they are concerned that the patient is suffering from dehydration. What action is taken? Choose the correct answer.

Ask the family to encourage oral fluids more regularly

Start measuring the urine output to diagnose dehydration

Ensure subcutaneous fluids are commenced

Advise the family this is a common symptom that is unable to be resolved

46. A person over the age of 70 with a respiratory disease is encouraged to obtain which of the following immunisations? Choose the correct answer.


Meningitis B

Human papillomavirus


47. What medication is given to someone to prevent the long term disabling effects of an acute ischaemic stroke? Choose the correct answer.





48. When discharging an adult with an acute wound, who is the patient referred to for wound care in the community? Choose the correct answer.

The local emergency department

The General Practitioner

Local community hospital

District nursing team

49. Research suggested that the majority of in hospital cardiac arrests were avoidable. This led to the introduction of what? Choose the correct answer.

Sliding scales

Datix reporting

Liverpool Care Pathway

National Early Warning Score

50. A ‘This is Me’ document is implemented to aid in care for which patient group? Choose the correct answer.

Patients undergoing routine surgery

Patients with dementia


Patients with diabetes

Credit: NMC/Pearson

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