Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarship Application for Nurses 2023

UK-based nonprofit Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) has announced plans to develop one million nursing and midwifery leaders around the world over the next five years through its scholarship programmes.

Early career nurses and midwives in Nigeria can take advantage of these scholarship programmes to acquire the necessary skills that will help them advance their careers.

Below are some of the academic programmes offered under the nonprofit’s scholarship programmes.

Sandra Charitable Trust Early Career Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme

The programme aims to:

Develop your leadership identity, capacity and capability, and use it to influence organizational and patient outcomes at the local, system, national, and international levels of healthcare delivery.

Some of the programme’s learning objectives include:

    Demonstrating increased awareness of how personality preferences influence personal effectiveness and team performance.
    Recognize and evaluate opportunities for influence through personal and collective authority.
    Create strategies for expressing oneself in a way that communicates presence, allows influence, and has to impact.

The programme will be delivered over 6 months.

Applications opened on September 30, 2022, and will close on November 4, 2022. Click Here to apply.

Online Learning

The Florence Nightingale Foundation is committed to developing innovative and engaging online learning using modern e-learning methods to translate the FNF leadership development principles onto an online platform. High levels of interactivity, clinical narrative, and a wide range of multimedia presentations are included.

There are also bespoke stand-alone online programmes or blended learning programmes. Find out more Here

Internationally Educated Nurses and Midwives Online Programme

The goal is to enhance the leadership identity, capacity, and capability of nursing, midwifery, and allied health professionals to influence organizational and patient outcomes at local, systemic, national, and international levels of healthcare delivery.

Programme Outcomes

    Improved speaking confidence
    Ability to identify the personal leadership style
    Ability to understand and lead quality improvement
    Ability to lead with greater presence and personal impact; Confidence and understanding of how to advance your career.

Apply Here

Digital Leadership Scholarships for Nurses and Midwives

This program is for nurses and midwives who want to move up to senior digital nurse/midwifery leadership roles at the provider level or are looking for opportunities to do so.

While some nurses and midwives choose more technical roles, others choose roles that focus more on data, and still, others may move into leadership or entrepreneurial education research positions. This program lays the groundwork for that and creates a pipeline of nurses and midwives with the knowledge and abilities to drive the agenda for social care and digital health.

This digital program was created by the Chief Nursing Information Officers of NHS England and Digital Health and Care Wales, and supported by the Welsh Government and Health Education England’s NHS Digital Academy.

Apply Here

Nightingale Frontline

The Nightingale Frontline® Leadership Support Service offers a psychologically safe space for employees to discuss professional and personal issues. The facilitators create a safe and confidential environment for employees of all levels to gather, decompress, and reflect on leadership challenges.

Since the service’s inception in April 2020, they have assisted over 3000 staff members working across the UK in all areas of health, social, and voluntary care.

Find out more Here

About the Foundation

Florence Nightingale, the world’s most famous nurse, died in 1910 at the age of 90. In her honour, the FNF was established in 1929 to develop inspirational and innovative leaders to ensure that nursing and midwifery talent remain in the profession they love.

The FNF creates customized leadership opportunities for individuals to explore their leadership styles and develop skills to become confident and impactful leaders.

The Foundation is well-known throughout the UK for its tailored leadership scholarship programs and its primary goal is to improve health, clinical outcomes, and patient experience by increasing nursing and midwifery leadership capacity and capability

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