Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Management Denies Reinstated Staff Resumption Of Duties

Management of the the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Uselu in Egor local government area on Wednesday refused 10 reinstated staff of the hospital to resume duties.

The 10 staff who stormed the hospital at about 9:20am and armed with the letter reinstating them from the presidency were prevented access to their offices. They had been on suspension and later dismissed in 2014. They were informed by the hospital management that it was not aware of any letter asking them to be reinstated.

There was not exchange of words between some management staff and the affected workers even as a camera hired by the embattled workers was seized.

Public Relations Officer of the hospital, Mr. Efe Stewart said the hospital was not aware of any such letter. He warned them not to enter the hospital again to cause trouble but to go back to the authorities that reinstated them.

“Their claims are unfounded. People that have criminal cases in court. One of them was very recently arraigned for a case of fraud of money belonging to Psychiatric Hospital Cooperative. A child that has been put to birth, can you abort it? As I speak with you, I am not aware of any letter. If the ministry directed that they should be reinstated, then who is Psychiatric hospital to say no. They should go back and complain to the same ministry and not coming to enter the hospital to foment trouble.”

A letter dated November 24th 2017 with reference number LA/80/15/T1/62 and signed by Director, Human Resource Management, Alhaji Halad Keana, urged the hospital management to reinstate them.

The letter titled Re: Plea for our immediate reinstatement reads; “I am directed to refer to the letter from the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice President, Ref No SH/OVP/DCOS/LGR&C/FMOH/208 dated 28th August, 2017 on the above subject and to convey the Ministry’s approval to the immediate reinstatement of Dr A.O.Lawan and 10 others, who were suspended/dismissed from the services of the hospital on 11th November 2014.

“You are also directed to restore the following benecita: the prompt payment of their outstanding 2013 promotion arrears, arrears of relativity and their withheld salaries up to date by virtue of Public Service Rules (PSR) 030404 (iv) which states that if confirmed than an officer is not guilty of the charge made against him/her, the rule officer shall immediately be reinstated and shall receive the full amount of his/her emoluments denied him/her while he/she was interdicted or suspended. The seniority of the officers”.

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