Douglas Adu-Fokuo Declares To Contest for GRNMA National PRO position

Dear All,
Tell the world I am coming home to put smiles on the faces of Nurses Midwives
Douglas Adu-Fokuo (Kofi Ghana) is a Registered Nurse with BA in Communication Studies (with specialization in journalism). He is currently pursuing MPH. He has been an active advocate for nurses and midwives since 2012, until he was sent to the GRNMA Disciplinary Committee on 20th October 2017.
Among the alleged misconduct for the appearance before GRNMA DC included :
▪Advocating for nurses and midwives to have a fair representation on the National Health Insurance Authority board
▪Reacting to an officer for removing my name from the 2017 GRNMA Conference Delegates’ album
▪Mobilizing members of the association to attend the 2017 GRNMA conference in their numbers
▪A publication dubbed “Mahama’s scrap of allowance the most senseless decision
▪Visiting schools to sensitize the students on GRNMA
▪Granting interviews on radio and TV to advocate for nurses and midwives
▪I did not work for 3 years before contesting for that Greater Accra Regional PRO
These allegations have been responded respectively. However, a copy of the GRNMA Disciplinary Committee’s report has not been given to me for over a year now. The GRNMA DC advised me not to talk on behalf of nurses and midwives, especially on TV and Radio.
Douglas has been doing much for the GRNMA Association and the entire nurses and midwives in Ghana.
▪From 2017 to date, as a member of the GHS PR Unit, he has ensured officers who extort unapproved monies from nurses and midwives, especially interview fees and few others, are sanctioned. This has deter most officers from charging promotion interview fees from nurses and midwives.
▪Advocating for some nurses and midwives to attend international short courses
▪Lobbied and advocated for some nurses and midwives to go on secondment at Food and Drugs Authority.
▪Collaborated with Mathias and Rebecca Kumah to ensure a colleague wrongfully arrested over 10 billion old currency, was granted bail. By God’s grace the issue has been addressed.
▪With a team, advocated for possible fair representation on boards of health agencies and other appointments for nurses and midwives
▪Assisted some nurses and midwives, especially those in undeserved areas to get study leave approval
▪Serving as an errand officer for some nurses and midwives by following up on their letters (transfer, promotion, study leave)
▪Ensuring refund of money extorted from nurses midwife interns
▪Protecting my integrity and ensuring ati-corrupt crusade by rejecting or refusing money meant to appreciate my services and meant to influence my works

▪Played an active role in the implementation of the online recruitment portal system which has ensured fairness in distribution of staff and also removed human influence on distribution of staff. In future this online system will be used for study leave application to reduce reported unfairness in selection.
▪In february 2017, he investigated into a strange death of a nurse in Axim Nzima, Central region. The nurse was found dead in a galamsey pit (pond). The investigation was done in collaboration with the Western regional Chairperson, Philimon Agyapong.
▪Douglas is the reason why GRNMA active social media platforms.
▪The first active GRNMA Whatsapp platform he created was the GAR GRNMA Youth Wing platform on *11th November, 2015*
▪In consultation with David Tenkorang, he created GRNMA Youth Wing Whatsapp platform on *24th July 2016*
▪Created GAR GRNMA Instagram page with almost 1000 followers, GAR GRNMA twitter account, GAR GRNMA facebook account (Nurses Midwives) with about 5,000 member, and GAR GRNMA facebook page with about 6,000 followers
▪Reach more than 10,000 nurses and midwives via Whatsapp broadcast
▪Piloting of broadcast messages for Greater Accra Regional Council Members
▪In 2017, Advocated for the last batch of certificate nurse trainees to be included in the restoration of trainees allowances
▪As GAR GRNMA PRO from 2016 to date, *83 percent of my campaign messages has been fulfilled*. (effective communication, advocating for financial support for districts, youth involvement, district tour by regional executives, collaborating with the regional executives to ensure regional financial reports are made available and minutes are sent via a common mail for all to access)
▪With the assistance of GAR GRNMA Assistant PRO, Solomon Ajao, the GAR GRNMA Communication Team, we have increased the turn out at regional meetings and improved communication in the region.
▪Sensitization of students on GRNMA
▪In collaboration with few others set the media agenda for formation of the new Midwives group
▪Part of the team addressing the stoppage of GRNMA deductions are the initial stage, but I was no more involved for reasons best known to the National Officers
▪Part of the validation team to ensure all unpaid salary arrears and promotional arrears are duly paid, but I was no more engaged for an allegation by the auditor, without the National Officers giving me a fair hearing. As a result, to date some nurses and midwives have their salary arrears and promotional arrears unpaid.
▪Advocated for over 7,000 nurses and midwives for their salary arrears and promotional arrears to be paid. As at 2016, 30 percent had been paid, though there were some anomalies.
▪n 2015, Douglas ensured effective communication and helped to revive Osu-Klottey district GRNMA.
He produced a letter head at no cost, for the district, and some local branches of GRNMA.
▪He went to the aid of then Unposted Nurses and Midwives who were arrested for picketing till they were granted bail, in collaboration with the then GNMTA President, Akadzie Godwin
▪With a team, he formed the GAR GRNMA youth wing and organized a get together party for them to ensure Youth involvement in the association
▪In 2012/2013, he caused the arrest of one fraudster, Collins Appiah /Michael Asante, who extorted huge amount from over 200 nurse midwife trainees, especially from Mampong Midwifery Training College, in the name of helping them pass their resit exams.
▪In 2014, he advocated against the mistreatment of the midwives at KATH by some community members, over the missing babies saga. He advocated for their protection for physical threats, of which he was threatened by a National GRNMA Executive, that he life will be made miserable in Ashanti Region and he will not get employment.
▪In 2012, as a GRNMA National Projects Manager, he and his co-GNMTA executives toured almost all nursing and midwifery training colleges in all the 10 regions to sensitive nurse midwife trainees in Ghana on GNMTA and GRNMA. This tour was financed by the individual National GNMTA Executives. This tour was proposed to GRNMA for adoption.
Plans for 2020 to 2023 GRNMA PR office will be outlined soon
I hereby declare my intention to file for nomination in May to contest for the GRNMA National PRO position
I will need your massive support.
Thank you.
Douglas Adu-Fokuo

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