DOH NDP 2019 Nurses to get More Than ₱33,000 salary

Department of Health (DOH) will continue the Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) in 2019, and hired nurses will get ₱33,584 monthly salary.


NDP is one of the programs under the DOH Human Resource for Health Deployment Programs, which is an annual hiring and deployment of nurses, doctors, dentists, midwives, medical technologists, pharmacists and other allied health workers to geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDA) and other poor communities in the country.


The higher salary for DOH NDP 2019 is due to fourth and final tranche of Salary Standardization Law (SSL) which will be implemented starting January 2019. The law which was enacted in 2015 by Aquino administration started the pay hike for state workers in 2016.


It covers all workers in government, including nurses and other healthcare workers. NDP nurses is at Step 1 of Salary Grade 16, which is currently at ₱31,765.


Not just NDP nurses got the boost in their salary for next year. All cadres under the 2019 DOH Human Resource for Health Deployment Programs will higher wages next year due to SSL 4th tranche. Here are the salary rates if we follow the salary grades this year:


SSL Salary Rates for DOH HRHDP 2019

Physician Augmentation Deployment Project (PADP) – P62,678

Dentist Deployment Project (DDP) – P36,942.00

Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) – P33,584.00

Universal Healthcare Implementers Deployment Project (UHCIDP) – P30,531.00

Medical Technologist Deployment Project (MTDP) – P30,531.00

Pharmacist Deployment Project (PDP) – P30,531.00

Public Health Associates Deployment Project (PHADP) – P22,938.00

Family Health Associate Deployment Project (FHADP) – P27,755.00

Rural Health Midwives Placement Program (RHMPP) – P20,754.00

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) earlier announced that they will also regularize certain posts and provide benefits and other incentives. But with around 16% reduction in 2019 budget, we expect that the health department will hire lesser number of health workers.


DBM posted in the 2019 proposed budget the following:


“To ensure that adequately trained and skilled health workers are distributed throughout the archipelago, a total of PhP9.0 billion is provided for the Human Resources for Health Deployment Program of the DOH. This amount will provide accessible and quality medical services by hiring and deploying 243 doctors, 9,138 nurses, 3,650 midwives, and 241 dentists in far-flung areas, particularly in municipalities that do not have any health worker.”


Noteworthy also that DBM did not mention midwives, medical technologists, and pharmacists. So we don’t have any idea yet if their respective programs will continue.


Hiring and selection of cadres under the HRH Deployment Programs usually happens around November. If you are interested to apply, let’s just wait for the official announcement from DOH and regional offices.

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