Doctor Land in Court for Spraying Patient’s Contaminated fluids on Nurse in USA

A lawsuit charges that a doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital sprayed a nurse with a patient’s contaminated fluids as part of accepted hazing by attending physicians.


The Daily Record of Baltimore reports that Benjamin Waldbaum filed the lawsuit Thursday in Baltimore against Martin Slodzinksi. Waldbaum’s lawsuit says Slodzinksi felt comfortable spraying him because “the hospital tolerates an environment of hazing and abuse by attending physicians.”


The lawsuit says Waldbaum was assisting Slodzinski during an operation in June when Slodzinski unscrewed a syringe from a patient’s IV and sprayed him with the fluid. It accuses Hopkins and Slodzinski of assault, among other charges.


Waldbaum’s attorney, Ari Casper, says Hopkins isn’t taking the incident seriously. The newspaper reports the hospital says it’s taking the allegations seriously but declined to comment on the lawsuit.




Information from: The Daily Record of Baltimore,

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