Delali Amede: A Fabulous Ghanaian Nurse with a Difference


“I know this nurse(Delali Amede). She was assigned to me when I was in labour. 14 hours of hell and she stayed with me, made sure I was okay and checked on me even after my caesarean. Taught my husband which body parts to massage. I remember when another nurse asked me to stop screaming she said, “this woman has suffered allow her to scream”. I never went for antenatal classes, the day I went for that class was the day before I delivered. She didn’t blast me but took her time to take me through all I had missed for 9months. Same nurse who checked out my son’s circumcision sore that was getting infected because I was too scared to treat it well. Still no blastings just education. It’s these and many more that lead me to conclude that she’s an awesome nurse”

She deserves some accolades lol

Image: Delali Amede

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