Dear Patients, Please Read The Paperwork By Yusuf Halimah BNsc, RN, RM.

As a nurse, I give discharge instructions to patients, and I take that very seriously because it’s critical to their safety as they transition to being back at home.


Unfortunately, some patients don’t bother to read the information at all; others simply don’t feel well enough to pay attention to the details.


Either way, it’s risky


I know a patient who suffered a second stroke after leaving the hospital because he didn’t take his medication correctly. He’s stable now, fortunately, but that’s why it’s so important that you read those instructions carefully.


If you’re too tired to do it yourself, ask a family member for help. Once you’re home, use a care coordinator or an ask-a-nurse phone service.


Call if you have questions—doing so can save your life.”

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