You Can Now Book Your Day 2 & Day 8 Covid Testing Package for £170

International arrivals to the United Kingdom who are aged 5 years and above are mandated to purchase the Day 2 and Day 8 COVID Testing package before their arrival. The reference which serves as evidence of purchase must be entered into the Passenger locator form which must be filled within 2 days before your travel. This is in addition to providing a negative COVID result for those who are aged 11years and above.

Many international travellers tend to use only CTM because the direct link to the test provider is located on the passenger locator form. However, many travelllers are not aware that there are cheaper alternatives approved by the UK government to carry out the Day 2 and Day 8 COVID test. You can save as much as £40 by ordering your test package from another service provider rather than paying £210.

Below are the list of providers where you can order Day 2 and Day 8 COVID Testing Kits at a Cheaper rate:


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Now Test, partnered with OncologicaNationwide (England) (0)20 3488 7870£170.00 
Nationwide Pathology Limited, partnered with OncologicaNationwide (England) (0)1858 571 322£175.00 
Latus Health, partnered with OncologicaNationwide (England) (0)844 351 0378£175.00 
001 Doctor UK, partnered with OncologicaNationwide (England) (0)20 8087 2469£170.00 
Expert Medicals, partnered with OncologicaNationwide (England) (0)1274 397 650£190.00 

Free NMC CBT Test For Nurses 2021

Here is a free UK NMC CBT for overseas Nurses practice questions which will come into effect from August 2021. The right answers are bolded

  1. Which of the following describes a quantitative method of research? Choose the correct answer.

Exploring a phenomenon by interviewing participants

Collating people’s views and opinions

Collection of numerical data

Reviewing published research

2. Choose the four themes of NMC’s ‘The Code’. Choose the correct answer.

Prioritise patients, practise within your limits, preserve others, promote wellbeing

Prioritise people, practise effectively, preserve safety, promote professionalism and trust

Prioritise staff, practise safely, preserve wellbeing, promote health

Prioritise yourself, practise with pride, preserve health, promote the NHS

3. When caring for a patient who is Jehovah’s Witness (JW), suffering a severe haemorrhage, what do you consider? Choose the correct answer.

They are not to receive blood or blood products

They are to be cared for by professionals who are JW

They are not to be sedated

They are not to be resuscitated

4. When caring for a patient who does not speak English, how do you obtain information from the patient? Choose the correct answer.

Ask a family member to translate

Use a face-to-face or online translator

Find the information you need from medical notes

Ask the patient to draw pictures

5. When a drug error occurs and the patient has been assessed for any harm, what is the next priority? Choose the correct answer.

Inform the patient of what has happened

Continue your drug round

Continue to administer the next dose

Call the patient’s family

6. The HPV (Human papillomavirus) vaccination prevents which disease? Choose the correct answer.

Cervical cancer

Bowel cancer

Testicular cancer

Ovarian cancer

7. Which of the following professions are specifically trained in smoking cessation? Choose the correct answer.





8. Which of the following diseases is notifiable to Public Health England? Choose the correct answer.



Human papillomavirus

Clostridium difficile

9. Which of the following is a health visitor’s responsibility? Choose the correct answer.

Administering immunisations

Giving emergency first aid and treatment in a crisis

Supporting the physical and emotional growth of a child

Assessing speech and language development

10. What are the common complications of uncontrolled blood sugar levels in diabetic patients? Choose the correct answer.

Renal failure, joint pain, urinary incontinence

Retinopathy, peripheral vascular disease, renal failure

Peripheral vascular disease, irritable bowels, liver failure

Retinopathy, memory loss, joint pain

11. A doctor requests a lactate test to be taken from a very unwell patient. What type of sample is taken? Choose the correct answer.

Blood gas

Urine sample

Stool sample

Full blood count

12. Scale 2 on the NEWS 2 chart is used for which patient group? Choose the correct answer.

Those receiving intravenous therapy

Carbon dioxide retaining patients

Those with a urinary catheter

Those who have been exposed to carbon monoxide

13. Patients with chronic pain conditions are screened for which of the following? Choose the correct answer.

Low mood and depression

Coronary heart disease

Bowel cancer


14. Which of the following groups has the highest rates of suicide? Choose the correct answer.



Elderly over 75

Children under 18

15. A patient presents with a productive cough, low saturations, high respiration rate, raised lactate with NEWS2 of 9. Which of the following does this indicate? Choose the correct answer.

Bowel obstruction

Chest sepsis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Myocardial infarction

16. Prior to surgery how long are oral fluids withheld? Choose the correct answer.

30 minutes

4 hours

2 hours

6 hours

17. What group of drugs are used in patient-controlled analgesia? Choose the correct answer.




Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

18. Patients who are put on furosemide are warned of which common side effect? Choose the correct answer.





19. You have a patient who is choking. You have administered 5 back slaps with no success. What is the next step? Choose the correct answer.

Start basic life support

Give 5 abdominal thrusts

Give 5 more back slaps

Monitor the patient

20. You are caring for a patient who has a stoma formation and they are ready for discharge. What advice do you give the patient? Choose the correct answer.

Wait until the bag is full before changing it and clean with soapy water

Use perfumed soaps to aid odour control

Clean with water, trying to keep faecal fluid away from skin to minimise irritation

21. Keep the area moist when changing the bag, advocating the use of oils to help the surrounding skin

What is the responsibility of an occupational therapist? Choose the correct answer.

Supporting people whose health may prevent them from completing their normal activity

Assessing someone’s ability to see

Reviewing and adjusting prescribed medication

Assessing injury or damage in a patient

22. Whose role is it to lobby the government to support nurses and make positive change to the profession and working conditions? Choose the correct answer.

The individual teams of nurses

Nursing unions

Chief executive of the trust

The human resources department

23. What does it mean to ‘performance manage’ an employee? Choose the correct answer.

When a person is promoted

When performance is exceeding the expected level

When someone is being dismissed from their work place

Developing a person to fulfil the expectations of their role

24. When running a ward or unit, which of the following is the priority at the start of the shift? Choose the correct answer.

To give out the breakfasts

Check the staff numbers match patient acuity

Calling and updating family/carers on patients’ conditions

Make sure a doctor is on the ward

25. When supervising a student nurse, when do you deliver feedback? Choose the correct answer.

Feedback is provided by the university so you do not need to deliver this

At the end of the placement

At the midpoint and end of a placement

Continuously throughout the placement

26. What is a ‘whistle blowing policy’? Choose the correct answer.

A policy that guides staff on raising concerns about safety and practice

A government-led policy that advises trusts on care

A policy that helps employers manage staff

A major incident policy

27. When undertaking research, what is the first step? Choose the correct answer.

Applying for ethical approval

Recruiting a team of people to help you

Selecting a topic

Collecting the data

28. What is the main purpose of a root cause analysis? Choose the correct answer.

To ensure that reoccurrence is avoided

To identify who was responsible for the incident  and performance manage them

To provide data of the incident to the Department of Health

To assess if those involved require compensation

29. Who will notify an emergency department that a major external incident has occurred? Choose the correct answer.

The ambulance service lead

The nurse in charge of the department

The hospital press lead

The reception lead

30. When noticing that a colleague is suffering from low mood and depression, what actions should be taken? Choose the correct answer.

Provide support and guide them to wellbeing services

Contact their next of kin and discuss

Inform their manager, without telling the colleague

Refer them to occupational health without discussion

31. What has been implemented to ensure that nurses are fit to care holistically for patients with a variety of  conditions? Choose the correct answer.

New pre-registration education standards

Ensuring students have maths and English GSCE

Preceptorships training

Royal College of Nursing online modules

32. Who is in attendance at a child protection case conference? Choose the correct answer.

Health services only

The team supporting the parent or carer only

All those who are involved with the family from health, education and social services

Social services only

33. What document could help a nurse understand the preferences of a patient with dementia? Choose the correct answer.

A handover sheet

The patient’s drug chart

A ‘This is Me’ document

The most recent discharge summary

34. Who should be notified when attending hospital with a school child aged 8? Choose the correct answer.

School teacher


Local children’s centre

School nurse/public health community nurse team

35. There is a requirement to increase nursing staff on a ward due to an increase in patient demand, what steps are taken? Choose the correct answer.

Reduce the number of patients admitted to the ward

A business case is written to increase nursing staff numbers

Go directly to Human Resources (HR) and ask them to recruit

Ask the team to increase their working hours

36. When failing a student nurse for professional values, what steps are taken before the end of the placement? Choose the correct answer.

Inform your line manager so they can inform the student

Contact the university and get them to inform the student they have failed the placement

A midpoint interview where you are able to give feedback and allow the student to develop an action plan to achieve

No steps required as long as the fail is documented clearly in the assessment document

37. Which of the following is a framework used to identify areas for development? Choose the correct answer.

SWOT analysis

SLOT analysis

SWOL analysis

SNOT analysis

38. According to Rogers’ Theory of Nursing, which of the following are described as ‘core conditions’ to effective communication? Choose the correct answer.

Spiritual understanding, sympathy, congruence

Sympathy, respect, regard

Empathy, respect, honesty

Congruence, empathy, respect

39. Motivational interviewing is best described as… Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

a method of assisting people with health behaviour change.

a tool used in peer supervision.

a tool used in appraising staff for development.

a method used to encourage people to adhere to discharge advice.

40. What is the best method of delivering advice to patients with a new diagnosis of a long-term condition? Choose the correct answer.

Advise the patients to look up any questions about the diagnosis on the internet

Ensure there is a range of materials available and present for the patient to take home after the consultation

Information and diagnosis is given by a consultant so questions can be answered effectively

Give all the information all at once

41. ANTT refers to… Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

Aseptic Non Transmission Technique.

ANtiseptic Touch Technique.

Aseptic Non Touch Technique.

ANtiseptic Treatment Technique.

42. Which of the following is considered an aerosol generating procedure? Choose the correct answer.

Assisting with oral medication

Blood Transfusions

Performing oral hygiene, teeth brushing

Mechanical ventilation

43. A wheeze is commonly heard on auscultation in which of the following conditions? Choose the correct answer.

Pleural effusion

Pulmonary oedema


Acute asthma

44. Haematemesis refers to what condition? Choose the correct answer.

Blood in the stool

Blood in the sputum

Blood in the urine

Blood in the vomit

45. When caring for patients at the end of life, a family reports that they are concerned that the patient is suffering from dehydration. What action is taken? Choose the correct answer.

Ask the family to encourage oral fluids more regularly

Start measuring the urine output to diagnose dehydration

Ensure subcutaneous fluids are commenced

Advise the family this is a common symptom that is unable to be resolved

46. A person over the age of 70 with a respiratory disease is encouraged to obtain which of the following immunisations? Choose the correct answer.


Meningitis B

Human papillomavirus


47. What medication is given to someone to prevent the long term disabling effects of an acute ischaemic stroke? Choose the correct answer.





48. When discharging an adult with an acute wound, who is the patient referred to for wound care in the community? Choose the correct answer.

The local emergency department

The General Practitioner

Local community hospital

District nursing team

49. Research suggested that the majority of in hospital cardiac arrests were avoidable. This led to the introduction of what? Choose the correct answer.

Sliding scales

Datix reporting

Liverpool Care Pathway

National Early Warning Score

50. A ‘This is Me’ document is implemented to aid in care for which patient group? Choose the correct answer.

Patients undergoing routine surgery

Patients with dementia


Patients with diabetes

Credit: NMC/Pearson

How To Apply for UK Provisional and Permanent Driving Licence for Foreigners

Foreigners who come into the country from overseas might find the process of getting driving licence confusing. In this post I will simplify the process of applying for UK provisional and permanent driving licence for foreigners.

To qualify for a driving licence in the UK, you must be above the legal age of 15years and 9 months and must be a resident in the UK. You must also have a good eyesight and be able to read number plate from 20 meters away.

Method of Application

Step 1: Apply for Provisional Licence

The first step to getting a UK driving licence is to apply for provisional licence through the DVLA website

You will need your address for the last three years, some information on your international passport/British passport so it is important you get that handy, your National Insurance which is on your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) for identity verification purpose and your credit/debit card for the payment of the application fees of £34.

Complete the application and make the payment online. You should receive an acknowledgment after this in your email. In approximately 1-2 weeks, you will receive a letter from DVLA containing a form with instruction on how to complete and submit it. If you are a foreigner, just apply your passport photograph with your name and signature at the back then proceed to the post office to send it to the address on the form. Also sign in the designated space.

You are also required to send your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) together with the application. Your application will not be treated if you don’t send your BRP with the form. It is advisable to get a first-class self-addressed envelope at the post office and include it in the package. This will guarantee the safe return of your BRP. Summarily you will be sending the following to DVLA:

  1. The form sent to you from DVLA with your affixed passport photograph
  2. Your BRP
  3. A self-addressed first-class envelope bought from post office

Next is to patiently wait for the arrival of your temporary license. This should arrive within 2 to 4 weeks; it may take a longer time due to COVID. Your BRP may arrive first or last depending on the type of postage you use on the self-addressed envelope. During the peak of the COVID pandemic Nurses and other keyworkers are sending their forms FAO Lee Jones and getting their provisional license within 1 week. Her address is:

FAO Lee Jones

Head of Vehicle Input Services


Longview Rd



While waiting for your driving license, you can track your application

Frequently asked questions

Is driving license from my home country valid in UK?

Yes, your driving license from your home country is valid for 12 months from the time you entered UK. It must however still be valid throughout the 12 months period. If at any point it becomes inactive/expired then it is no longer accepted in the UK.

I am travelling to UK compulsory to have international is it drivers’ licence?

If you have a drivers’ license duly issued by your country, you don’t need to get international drivers’ licence as your home country license is valid for 12 months in the UK.

Can I drive with my home country’s driving license without any penalty?

Yes, you can drive with your home country’s driving license within 12 months of being in the UK.

What is the list of designated countries that can change their driving license to UK license without writing any exams?

The list of designated countries is: Andorra, Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland and Zimbabwe. To change your license to UK license if you are from any of these countries follow this step:

  1. Order form D1 from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).
  2. Send the form, £43 fee and any documents you need (including your driving licence) to the address on the form.
  3. You should get your new licence within 3 weeks.

If you are from South Africa only the newly introduced credit-card style licence is accepted, the old booklet style can no longer be exchanged

You can exchange it up to 5 years after becoming resident, if it has not expired.

Nigeria Considers Bill To Address Exodus of Doctors, Nurses

A bill that would aid the reduction in numbers of Nigerians traveling for medical care and working in overseas hospitals passed second reading in the Senate

Sponsor of the “Federal Medical Centres (Establishment) Bill, 2021”, Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed (APC Adamawa Central), said “an average of 20,000 Nigerians travel to India each year for medical assistance due to the absence of a solid healthcare system at home.”

Senator Ahmed noted that the piece of legislation would also sufficiently address remuneration of the employees of the Medical Centers which in turn would check the exodus of doctors and nurses to other countries.

“Seventy-seven percent of black doctors in the US are Nigerians and there is rarely any top medical institution in the US or Europe where you don’t find Nigerians managing at the top level.

“Hardly a year passes without a major national strike by nurses, doctors, or health consultants. The major reasons for these strikes are poor salaries and lack of government investment in the health sector,” she said.

The lawmaker, however, noted that the absence of a legal framework for the regulation, development and management of Federal Medical Centers to set standards for rendering health services was responsible for hindering the provision of intensive, effective and efficient health care services to the people of Nigeria.

According to her, “this has led to a number of challenges in the health sector including but not limited to under-funding, weak facilities and infrastructure, poor motivation of health workers, low budget, weak accountability, conflicts with the political structure of the states and industrial strikes which has led to inadequacies, shortcomings and weaknesses which hinder effective health care delivery services.”

Contributing to the debate, Senator Yahaya Oloriegbe (APC Kwara Central) said Federal Medical Centres were incapacitated as a result of the absence of legal backing establishing them and insufficient funding.

“We have about twenty-three Federal Medical Centres that were established across the country, but without legal backing.

“The consequence of such is that there are, what I will call policy somersault as regards the operations of these centres.

“You see some of the centres that have enough facilities and manpower to even be termed a Teaching Hospital, but because the legal framework did not state the standard, in terms of infrastructures, manpower and services, they remain like that, and it becomes at the whims and caprices of the policy makers in the Federal Ministry of Health.

“The consequences in terms of funding allocation, Federal Medical Centres receive less fund compared to Teaching Hospitals, the lawmaker said.

On his part, Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah (APC Kebbi South) said the bill was timely as it seeks “to ensure that all institutions of government are governed by law.”

The bill after scaling Second Reading was referred by the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, to the Committee on Health chaired by Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe or further legislative work and to report back in four weeks.


NMC CBT and OSCE Changes 2021: New Test of Competence To Start August 2021

Last year we shared our revised plans to implement the new ToC in April 2021 instead of summer 2020 due to the pressures on the health and social care sector from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The current wave of the pandemic continues to cause increasing pressure across the sector and in particular those working on the front line. We understand that asking candidates and employers to prepare for a new test at this time would add to that pressure.

We will therefore introduce the new test on 2 August 2021. Candidates will continue to sit the current ToC until this point.

We want to give you as much time as possible to become familiar with the new content, so we will publish updated resources in March. This will include the revised programme of engagement to prepare candidates, employers and recruiters for the ToC 2021.

You can find the latest information for overseas candidates in our Covid-19 hub and if you have any questions please do contact us at

With best wishes,

Linda Everet

Deputy Director, Professional Regulation

How the test will be changing

The computer-based test (CBT) will be split into two parts – Part A will cover numeracy and Part B will cover nursing or midwifery theory.

The objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) will have 10 stations:

  • Four stations will continue to be linked together around a scenario: the APIE (one station for assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation)
  • Four stations will test skills – two pairs of two skills
  • Two new stations will be introduced – one will assess the candidate’s values and behaviours and the other will assess evidence-based practice.

New OSCE marking criteria – each station will be assessed against assessed against an updated list of relevant criteria.

Updated test content – we’ve worked with clinical partners to review the existing bank of examination materials and develop new material.

Improved candidate support – we’re improving the range and quality of preparation materials for candidates and those who support them.

Trialling new CBT questions

We’re trialling some of the new CBT questions to help us decide the pass mark for the new tests.

Candidates taking the current adult nursing CBT will complete 10 extra questions. These questions will be unscored and will not count towards their CBT result, but this will help us set the pass mark for the new CBT.

We’re grateful for candidates who will be completing the 10 extra questions; we appreciate that it means more questions, however we’re confident that candidates will have enough time.

MCPDP for Nurses 2021: Katsina State MCPDP for Nurses

Another edition of the MCPDP,* organized by Katsina state MCPDP committee

NMCN Certified with 3 Continuous Education Unit (CEU)

The upcoming module is detailed hereunder .



👉. Module : Maternal Nutrition DATE :1st-5th March 2021
TIME* : 8 am to 4 pm daily
VENUE* : School of Nursing Katsina,
REGISTRATION: 20,000 naira payable into
Acct no: Acc no 0005489934, Katsina state MCPDP committee
Bank : access bank PLC Limited slots available.*
For payment, registration and expression of interest for slot reservation, contact this *number( calls, sms, whatsapp)
07061098321 (Note all participants most come with facemask also most observe all covid 19 protocol in line with NCDC and State Covid 19 committee, No cash payment is allowed at any point and time so if you do so it’s at your own risk, thank you.)

JOHESU Response To NMA ‘Time To Caution Press Statetment

The attention of JOHESU has been drawn to vituperations directed against it by the loose canons who are in representative capacity at the hitherto vibrant and responsible platform called the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA).

Typical of the contemporary leadership of the NMA that we have encountered in recent years, the intellectual dwarfs who authenticated the unfortunate NMA position dwelt extensively on propaganda, threats, blackmail and other acts of skulduggery.

After our usual critical appraisal of all issues, JOHESU/AHPA wishes to posit thus on the various issues canvassed by the NMA:

  1. JOHESU as a matter of fact is a legitimate conglomerate of 5 REGISTERED Trade Unions in the Health Sector. It is a metamorphosis from our old Joint Action Committees (JAC) with a more refined and structured depth to be truly impactful.

JOHESU has made Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) more convenient in terms of logistics for the Federal Government (FG) and State Governments (SG) because those Governments contend with one entity instead of 5.

If the NMA spokespersons were discerning wisely, they would have known that even the courts from the NICN, High Courts, Appeal Courts and the Supreme Court which have powers to interpret the laws have always recognized JOHESU as a juristic template.

This is why it can sue and be sued. It is this stupendous ignoramus that the NMA continues to exhibit that does not allow it to know that as a mere professional body, it should not be allowed to exercise the privilege of negotiating CBAs on behalf of its membership.

The tragedy of this aberration is catalysed by their members who hold sway today at both the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity (FML&P).

  1. The accusation of blackmailing the Senate and in particular Dr. Ibrahim Oloriegbe, the Chairman of Senate Committee on Health remains a figment of the imagination of the NMA hierarchy.

For the records and umpteenth time, we assert boldly and responsibly that Dr. Oloriegbe, who has complained of the tyrannical propensities of a perceived political dynasty until fate and good fortune smiled on him in the 2019 Senatorial Elections when he defeated then incumbent Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki has been more tyrannical than any other Medical Doctor Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health.

In the last 22 years of our democracy, at least the following, which include late Senator Martins Yellowne from Rivers West Senatorial District, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa now Governor of Delta State, Dr. Lanre Tejuosho from Ogun Central Senatorial District have been Chairmen of the Senate Committee on Health. JOHESU/AHPA or any of the other Health professional bodies never accused these Medics of bias at hearings.

Dr. Oloriegbe stretched his misnomer at the Public Hearings he has presided on vis the NHIS Amendment Bill and the February 1, 2021 hearing by recognising his Medical Constituents above and over other stakeholders.

At the Public Hearing of February 1, 2021, JOHESU vividly declares again that Oloriegbe gave MDCN, NMA and a representative of Pathologists the floor three times spanning over fifteen minutes while professions like Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Radiography and JOHESU representative got two minutes each to canvass their positions.

We challenge Oloriegbe and the NMA brigade to produce video and audio evidence contrary to this! The point here is Oloriegbe does not understand the philosophy and basics of running Public Hearings because he pointedly dominates discussions and debates himself while outrightly disenfranchising the stakeholders.

We must make the point that a third hearing (Public Hearing) at the National Assembly (NASS) even recognise Personal Contributions and not only group representation. Attempts to draw Oloriegbe’s attention to these facts have always been met by threats of eviction by the Sergent-at-Arms.

JOHESU therefore insists that the Senate must probe the February 1, 2021 Hearing and reorganize the Senate Committee on Health subsequently to prevent vindictive purposelessness associated with the tendencies of the NMA hierarchy as epitomized by Dr. Oloriegbe.

  1. The reference to giving birth to other Health professions by Medicine is very ridiculous. All the health professions evolved from traditional and herbal medicine.

Even if by default we accept the NMA’s claim, it is a matter of fact that the birth process by nature is sequential. One entity therefore must evolve before the other without taking away its rights and privileges like the NMA is noted for in Nigeria.

The grab-grab syndrome and know it all attitude of Nigerian Doctors is what has wrecked our Health System to become the hallmark of negative health indices as well as a wretched 187 out of 191 Health Systems globally.

We therefore have a responsibility as loyal and dynamic citizens to reverse through constructive action especially by embracing global best practices in the Health options in ultimate public interest. JOHESU will continue to uphold this without caring about who’s ox is gored.

  1. The NMA leadership in the last few years has continually excelled in clever use of untruth. It attempts to reduce very serious matters through diversionary tactics to the realm of childish harlinquinade when it brands autonomous professions as allied to Medicine. This amounts to grandeur of delusion and outright tomfoolery.

Lying to oneself is much more destructive than lying to others and we therefore encourage those who are still at such debased levels to wake and grow up to new realities in the global environment. In one template NMA says the MDCN Bill is to regulate and control ONLY Medical practitioners and Dentists. In desperation, the true intendment is to violate the domain of Medical Laboratory Sciences and Radiography. This clearly manifests in Section 4(a) which states to wit “the MDCN shall make regulations for the operation and management of Clinical Diagnostic Centres”…

In healthcare practice, who are the health professions who work and manage Clinical Diagnostic Centres which are domiciled in Clinical/Medical Laboratories or X-ray Centres as well as related facilities?

You do not have to be rich in common-sense to appreciate that this is a direct violation of the professional privileges of Medical Laboratory Scientists and Radiographers who hold sway ordinarily in these diagnostic facilities.

The NICN and several High Courts have validated the rights and powers of Medical Laboratory Scientists to take charge of the Medical Laboratory facilities through the instrumentality of the MLSCN Act, but even the FMOH aids its Medical Doctors to violate valid court orders and judgement in this regards.

Presently, the litigations have shifted to the Appellate Court at the instance of Medical Groups who are not satisfied with the plethora of court judgements against them.

We observed with dismay at the February 1, 2021 Public Hearing that when Oloriegbe was reeling out his “decree” on the rules at that hearing, he insisted references must not be made to court processes or judgements.

This is contrary to Order 41 of the Rules of Proceeding of the Senate which empowers the Senate to step down any matter that is pending in a law court when considering any Bill.

In the light of the foregoing, Section 4(9) must be expunged from the MDCN bill in its entirety in conformity with Order 41 of the Senate rules.

  1. Medical Doctors are not known to display humility even when they err in Nigeria.

After it was challenged that Doctors cannot carry the title of Apothecary because it is Pharmacists and Pharmacies that are globally Apothecaries, the NMA now says “while we may agree that the title “Apothecary” is not a title used by Doctors….. A sense of integrity should have compelled a more honourable group to accept it erred in simple terms.

As usual in the workings of propagandists, the NMA says JOHESU took a position that Medical Doctors in Nigeria should cease to use the title of Doctors which of course is fallacy.

The position of JOHESU was that any healthcare worker could assume the use of the title of “Doctor” based on a NUC approved curricula. Already, the NUC has approved a Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Optometry for Pharmacists and Optometrists. Others will follow suit and so MDCN cannot and will not be allowed to legislate on a NUC jurisdiction like we shall resist in other regulatory realms where exclusivity is required for sanity.

  1. If anybody doubted the insincerity of the NMA about its intention to extend regulation and control beyond the frontiers of Medical Doctors and Dentists, then the proviso in Section 45(3)(d) and 45(3)(e) is the perfect symbol of how Medical Doctors look for trouble by standing on age-long hypocritical platitudes.

S.45(3)(d) reads Only a Registered Pharmacist shall dispense medicines prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner or Dental Surgeon. while Section 45(3)(e) reads Nothing in the foregoing shall preclude a Registered Medical Practitioner or Dental Surgeon or a Registered Nurse under the supervision of a Doctor or Dentist from providing medicines in the absence of a Registered Pharmacist.

Pray what is the jurisdiction of the MDCN to create rules for Pharmacists like it seeks in Section 45(3)(d) when it says the MDCN Bill is limited to Medical Doctors and Dentists?

Why did the MDCN and NMA decide to bother themselves about what should happen in the absence of a Pharmacist where they have no jurisdictional competence even in their admission that the scope of their law is for Medical Doctors and Dentists when they have not told us what should happen in the absence of Medical Doctors and Dentists which is the scope within their boundary and limitations?

The two well established Pharmacy statutes vis the Poison and Pharmacy Act and PCN Cap P.17 LFN 2004 are unambiguous about rights and privileges in sales, dispensing, procurement, importation, exportation, manufacturing, distribution and related responsibilities about drugs in Nigeria.

The PPA Cap 535 LFN in Part 3 Sections 7 and 8 makes it clear that only Registered/Licensed Pharmacists can dispense medicines. It also defines the framework for the handling of medicines in emergencies confronting Medical Doctors in Nigeria.

Section 1(1)(d) of the PCN Act which gives the PCN powers to regulate and control Pharmacy practice in all aspects and ramifications in Nigeria forbids any other regulatory agency from dabbling into Pharmacy practice in Nigeria.
More than 15 FHCs in various parts of Nigeria have affirmed that the PCN has a specific approbation in law to regulate and control Pharmacy practise in all its aspects and ramifications. In a landmark ruling of October 2007 at the FHC, Lagos in a suit by the Guild of Medical Directors vs PCN, the court declared that the PCN had a specific approbation in law to regulate and control Pharmacy practice in all its aspects and ramifications in both the public and private sectors in Nigeria. This suit is also pending at the Court of Appeal, Lagos which necessitates the need to invoke Order 41 of the Senate rules to immediately step down Sections 45(3)(d) and (e) from further consideration in the MDCN Bill.

The other reasons why Section 45(3)(d) and (e) must be expunged are:

A. The spirit of the relevant Pharmacy Acts vis the Poison & Pharmacy Act in Part III Sections 7 & 8 and the PCN Act CAP P.17 LFN 2004 in Section 1(1)(d) which gives the PCN a specific approbation in law to regulate and control Pharmacy practice in all its aspects and ramifications in Nigeria.

The Federal High Court, Lagos in a landmark ruling in October, 2007 affirmed the powers of the PCN as the ONLY body that can regulate Pharmacy Practice at both the private and public sector levels in Nigeria. The MDCN logically cannot therefore exercise the powers of the PCN to regulate Pharmacy practice through the back door.

The fall-out of this suit is also pending at the Court of Appeal.

B. Healthcare remains a global and internationally driven practice. One of the golden rules and norms in the prescribing and dispensing of drugs is that both the prescriber and the dispenser of medicines are forbidden to have pecuniary interest or gain so that the patient enjoys the best clinical decision that must be made by the prescriber.

It is interesting that in the MDCN draft bill, no consideration or thought was put in print for a next line of action in the absence of the Medical Doctor or Dentist.

Specifically, there was no clause to allow Nurses or any other practitioner to step in the shoes of the Doctor/Dentist which would have been within the jurisdiction of the MDCN. Rather strangely, the MDCN bill seeks to give Doctors/Dentists a loophole in the private sector especially to continue the many years of wreckless use of drugs through untrained hands.

This draft cannot legitimize the unlawful act of sales and dispensing of drugs by Doctors under whatever guise.

C. The scenario in (2) above is what has entrenched and formalized quackery in the Health system in Nigeria because private hospitals promote quackery through a periodic discharge of untrained elements. Such undesirable characters evolve as Auxiliary Nurses, Dispensing Assistants/Clerk etc.

D. Section 45(3)(e) in its totality will encourage the continued exploitation of the Nigerian people because WHO studies confirm pecuniary indulgences of private hospital facilities in the sales and dispensing of drugs. The study declares that prices of drugs in private hospitals is 184% above baseline prices in public hospital pharmacy and 192% above what is obtainable in private pharmacies. It is this huge profit that has always incentivized private hospital facilities to unlawfully stock drugs when they also fail to engage Pharmacists.

Moving forward, the way out remains that Doctors and private hospitals that cannot afford to engage Pharmacists should send their prescriptions to Community Pharmacies that are registered by PCN.

E. Even at Public Sector level, the greed and avarice of Medical Doctors to dabble into areas outside their core competences which led to the decapitating of the DRF scheme in public hospital pharmacies when they spend DRF funds for purposes besides drug procurement.

More daring CEOs in some FHIs actually use some naive Procurement Officers to buy drugs through proxies in our FHIs. In one of the most notorious cases, a CEO in a particular Specialist Hospital in the South East buys drugs for the Pharmacy Department, while a counterpart of his in another Specialist Hospital in the South West gave directives that drugs be moved from a Public Sector window free of charge to a Private-Public-Partnership Pharmacy window in the hospital. The South West CEO has severely disrupted the hitherto smooth flow of the drug supply chain in that FHI which was hitherto a benchmark in the proper execution of the DRF scheme today.

  1. The NMA accuses JOHESU of envy and jealousy in pedestrian and juvenile pedigree.

What is there to envy about a Nigerian Doctor? It is probably only at public sector level where Doctors have been over-indulged by the bureaucracy that they appear to earn a semblance of a living wage. Asking for equity in this regard is a legitimate and constitutional right particularly because the constitution prohibits discrimination to citizens of Nigeria.

In the private sector in Healthcare, our members excel in management of their resources than many Doctors who continue to wretched away in the Private Sector. Some of the most prominent Pharma manufacturers and importers are distinguished Pharmacists of repute. A Lady Pharmacist manufacturer in Nigeria is rated one of the 5 most prosperous female Nigerians currently. In absolute terms, no Nigerian Doctor has ever attained such heights.

One of the most successful Board room gurus in Nigeria is a Pharmacist-nonagenarian who is also a Past President of PSN.

In Medical Laboratory, some of the biggest and most notable diagnostic facilities are owned by Lab. Scientists.

It is only people who revel antiquity who imagine Doctors are benchmarks in success stories when we see what goes on in banking, oil & gas and telecoms sectors in our country.

Again we admonish NMA to get beyond these self inflicted paranoia as it will continue to inflict severe psychological atrophy on the evolution of medical practice in our land.

The attempts to portray other health-workers as dullards who want to get what they failed to get in school is lamentable.

We challenge NMA again using some of the three best Universities in Nigeria. The JAMB results at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife was such that for the first time in recent years, Pharmacy and Medicine had the same cut-off mark. Pharmacy traditionally is higher than Medicine in that particular citadel of learning.

Surprisingly, at least to many, Nursing had a higher cut-off mark than Medicine at OAU, Ile-Ife in the current academic year. At University of Lagos (UNILAG), the cut-off mark for Pharmacy and Dentistry was same, while at University of Ibadan (UI), Pharmacy was higher than Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine.

Where is the superiority complex therefore coming from? It is just a manifestation of delusional tendencies of people who have refused to face new realities.

  1. Finally, we urge the FG to be wary of the antecedents and pedigree of persons who emerge Vice-Chancellors of our Universities.

Prof. Innocent Ujah is the pioneer VC of the Federal University of Health Sciences, Oturkpo in Benue State and President of NMA who will train persons in all the Health Sciences including Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, Pharmacy, Medicine, Radiography, Physiotherapy and others. In good conscience, how can products of such a University studying any other course apart from Medicine evolve as confident and world class professionals under the tutelage of the man Prof. Innocent Ujah with his type of disposition?

As DG NIMR, his legacies are worth reviewing especially in terms of relationship management with other professions in that capacity.

A lot is wrong with a system that allows persons who do not have PhDs to emerge as CEOs in a purely academic world. It is probably only in Nigeria that people bag professional appointments without PhDs are appointed as VCs of Universities a phenomenon that boosts the high-handedness of medics in the public space.

For the NMA, we send word with a deep sense of conviction that we shall no longer let you get away with the foolish mentality that in the world of power there is no equality, the strong must have their way, while the weak suffer what they must like Albert Camus says.

JOHESU will champion a true agenda of health reforms which will restore order, sanity, decorum and respect for all concerned in our health system.

Comrade Joy Bio Josiah
Chairman, JOHESU

EPI-WIN webinar: Immune response to SARS-CoV-2

Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2
Wednesday 10th February, 2021
14.00-15.00 CET (Geneva), 18.30 Delhi, 08.00 New York

Dr Martin Friede will take us through the immune response to viral infections, such as SARS-COV-2. From the basics, what are the innate and adaptive immune response phases, to what we currently know about the immune response to SARS-CoV-2, re-infection, variants and immunity through vaccination.

Speaker: Dr. Martin Friede
Coordinator, Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR)
Immunization, Vaccines and Biologics (IVB)
World Health Organization

Participants will be able to submit questions during the webinar by using Zoom’s “Q&A” feature.  You may also submit them in advance by sending them to Sarah Hess:
Register for the webinar here
Our mailing address is:

60,000 Nurses infected with coronavirus in Iran

Iran said on Thursday that around 60,000 nurses have contracted the coronavirus across the country, including 100 of them losing their lives, Anadolu Agency reports.

According to the Iranian ISNA news agency, head of the Nurses Association Mohammad Mirzabeigi said that out of 145,000 nurses across the country, around 60,000 of them have so far contracted the novel coronavirus.

“Currently, there are 6,000 nurses in quarantine centers, while the number of deaths [among the nurses] has reached 100.” Mirzabeigi added.

Since the first case was reported on Feb. 19, the number of coronavirus infections in Iran has reached 1,138,550 with 53,093 fatalities.

UAE Announces Citizenship for Doctors, Nurses, Other Professionals

In an unprecedented move the UAE has approved amendments to her citizenship law allowing doctors, investors, professionals, special talents and their families to acquire the Emirati nationality and passport after meeting stipulated certain.

Who is qualified and what are the conditions?

The following are the list of qualified professionals and the conditions they are expected to meet


Foreign nationals who are interested in obtaining an Emirati citizenship must own a property in the UAE.

Doctors and Specialists

Foreign doctors who want need to be specialised in a unique scientific discipline or in any other specialties that are highly required in the UAE. The applicant must have acknowledged scientific contributions, studies and research of scientific value and a practical experience of not less than 10 years, in addition to obtaining membership in a reputable organisation in his field of specialisation according to Newspapers publications


Those who are in the academic field are required to be active researchers in a university or research centre or in the private sector, with a practical experience of not less than 10 years in the same field. According to the set conditions, they are also expected to have contributions in the scientific field such as winning a prestigious scientific award, or securing substantial funding for their research during the past 10 years. It is also mandatory to obtain a recommendation letter from recognised scientific institutions in the UAE according to Newspapers.


Inventors are required to obtain one or more patents that are approved by the UAE Ministry of Economy or any other reputable international body, in addition to a recommendation letter from the Economy Ministry.

Creative talents

Intellectuals and artists should be pioneers in the culture and art fields and winners of one or more international award(s). A recommendation letter from related government entities is mandatory as well.

Other requirements

In case one qualifies, other requirements include swearing the oath of allegiance; committing to abide by the Emirati laws; and officially informing the respective government agency in case of acquiring or losing any other citizenship.

Can the citizenship be withdrawn?

As per the amendments, the citizenship can be withdrawn upon breach of the conditions.

Can one retain his/her original citizenship?

Yes, you are allowed to hold your home country passport

Can a resident apply for citizenship?

Acquiring the Emirati citizenship will be done through nominations from Rulers’ and Crown Princes’ Courts, Executive Councils, and the Cabinet based on federal entities nominations.

What are the benefits?

The UAE citizenship offers a wide range of benefits, including the right to establish or own commercial entities and properties.

Credit: Khaleej Times