Meet The New Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Board Members 2020-2023


The Board members are as follows;
1.  Chairman must be a nurse

2. The Head, Nursing Services FMOH – Member

3. Four (4) Heads of Nursing Services in a State Ministry of Health:

4. Two (2) Heads of Nursing Services of the University Teaching Hospitals in the country:

5. Two (2) Nurses from the Faculty of Nursing :

6. Four (4) Tutors from Schools of Nursing, Midwifery, Psychiatric and Public Health:

7. Two (2) persons to represent Nursing and Midwifery Association:

(NANNM President)

(NANNM Secretary)

8. One (1) person who is an adviser on Secondary Education from Federal Ministry of Education Member:

9. Two (2) persons to rep. public interest:

10. Two (2) persons to rep. universities offering degree programmes in nursing:

11. One (1) registered Obstetric & Gynecologist

Names of members of the Governing Board of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria for 2020 to 2023.

1. Dr, (Mrs) Bola Ofi (Chairman)
2. Mrs Veronica Okolo
3. Comrade Abdrafiu A. Adeniji,
4. Comrade T. A. Shettima,
5. Mr. Aminu Bello Abdullahi
6. Mrs. Ajayi Olubukunola
7. Mrs. Agbo Stella Onyeamaka
8. Safiya Yusuf Idris
9. Mrs. Maymunat A. Abubakar,
10. Dr. Obute Pauline Binang.
11. Mr. Idris Zubairu,
12. Mrs. Enunwaonye Chimdi H.
13. Mr.Danladi Adamu,
14. Prof. Ajibade Bayo Lawal,
15. Dr. Abdurrahman
16. Muhammad Sani,
17. Mr. Maigari Babaji
18. Mrs. Akpoyovwere Obataze J.
19. Dr. Joy O. Agbara,
20. Mrs. Florence Okafor,
21. Mr. Umar Fodio
22. Mr. Sunday Idubor.

How To Complete Health and Care Tier 2 Visa For Nurses And Their Dependents

Today I will be walking you through how to complete the Health and Care Tier 2 Visa application for Nurses and their dependents, other professional can use the same application to complete their application.

  1. Go to
  2. Select on Tier 2 General Visa and click on next
  3. pick the country you wish to have your biometrics and click next
  4. Select I have checked available biometric enrolment locations and can travel to a location in my selected country.
  5. Scroll to the end and click on APPLY NOW
  6. Enter your email and new password which you will use to access your application
  7. An email will be automatically sent into your inbox, it is important you check your inbox before you continue so as to be sure you can receive messages on that email
  8. On the screen you will be asked to recheck and be sure the email is correct. If your email is correct you can then proceed
  9. To the question ‘who does this email belong to’ pick YOU and continue
  10. Do you have another email, NO

How To Be A Registered Nurse in UK in Six Months

Hi, welcome to this comprehensive guide on how to become a Registered Nurse in UK.

In this article I am going to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

To become a registered nurse in UK, there are series of steps you must take. The first step begins with you getting a copy of your international passport, if yours has expired try to renew it as this will be needed before you can sit for IELTS/OET.

NMC Registration Requirements 2020

Also below are the requirements:

  1. You must have completed Nursing education in your country
  2. Registered as a Nurse in your country (This is no longer a requirement as those who are not registered with the Nursing Board in their countries will need to supply additional evidence. For instance, if you are a from Ghana or Nigeria and went to India or Philippines to study Nursing and you were not allowed to register in India or Philippines, you can still register as a Nurse in UK without going to Ghana or Nigeria to register with the Nursing Boards in those countries)
  3. English language requirement: You need to sit for standard IELTS Academic version and have a minimum score of Listening-7 Speaking 7 Reading 7 and Writing 6.5 or its OET Equivalence. However, if you didn’t make the IELTS/OET in a single sitting, you can combine your result. For more information check IELTS Clubbing for UK NMC Nurse Registration or OET Clubbing For UK: NMC OET Clubbing Requirement for Nurses

To get started, go to and create an account. You will be required to upload your Nursing Certificate, Nursing registration Certificate and your International passport with marriage certificate if applicable. Then you will be required to make the application fees payment of £140. You can pay this online using your regular ATM card. If you are having difficulty paying this as a result of restriction in your country, look for friends and families in any other country to help you make the payment online.

After making the payment, you should receive an email from NMC confirming your payment. You should then proceed to the Nursing and Midwifery Council of your country to have your verification sent to the UK NMC.

For those in Nigeria, you will need to pay the verification fees of #17500 through Remita. Go to to generate the invoice and make payment.

After making payment take following to Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria:

  1. Payment receipt
  2. Copy of birth certificate
  3. Copy of license (front and back)
  4. Copy of your Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria registration certificate
  5. Copy of other registration certificates you have with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria
  6. A letter requesting NMCN to do your verification and Good Standing Certificate to UK NMC

Submit all this at NMCN office in Abuja or Lagos and wait for your verification to be sent to UK NMC. You can follow it up if you know people that can be of help.

After your verification is sent to UK NMC, Pearson Vue will send you an email containing your Authorizations to Test called ATT and another one containing your Username and temporary password.  Then change your temporary password by clicking here

After changing your password, you can then schedule your exam by logging in and picking your desired exam centre and date. You will be able to make payment online with your card and if you have finding it difficult to make the payment, go to an purchase  the NMC voucher which is £83 and use the voucher to make payment. Vouchers purchased on Mindhub are usually sent 3 to 6 hours after payment.

After passing your CBT the next step is paying £153. Before you can make this payment, you will need to upload police certificate from all the countries you have lived more than six months since you turned eighteen years. You will equally need to provide the name and email of a medical doctor who will certify that you are in good health. You will need to provide your IELTS/OET results at this stage

Immediately after payment, an email will be sent to your doctor to confirm your health Status while another would be sent to your Nursing Board to upload your Good Standing Certificate.

Job Hunting

When should you start searching for jobs? You should start searching for job immediately you pass your IELTS/OET and your CBT. There are varieties of places you can work in UK, you can work in Care Home, Publicly funded NHS, Private NHS, Special Clinics,etc.

You can apply to work directly with the Hospitals or Care Homes or apply through agencies. Some of the agencies recruiting for UK hospitals and Care Homes include Nurses2Britain, HCL Permanent, IANS, IMHR, Medacs, Insignia Global, MMA to name a few. You can get their website and contact details through a quick Google Search. Note that these agencies won’t collect any money from you as they are paid handsomely by your employer. If any agency ask you to pay, they are trying to cheat you just dump them and go to another agency.

If you can’t get any agency to sign you up go to any of the following site, register and start applying for jobs free of charge:

  1. Trac Jobs
  2. NHS Job Portal
  3. Care Home Jobs
  4. Elysium Job Vacancies
  5. Indeed
  6. Monster

After getting a job offer, your employer will ask you to send some pre-employment checklist and after that your Certificate of Sponsorship will be issued. You can then proceed to apply for visa after this.

OET Clubbing For UK: NMC OET Clubbing Requirement for Nurses

IS OET clubbing accepted in UK? The answer is absolutely Yes! The regulatory board for the Nursing and Midwifery profession in the UK now accept combining OET results in two sittings. Below is the details of the OET requirement and combination.

Occupational English Test (OET)

We’ll accept an OET examination certificate that confirms you achieved:

  • at least a grade C+ in the writing section 
  • at least a grade B in the reading, listening and speaking sections.

We updated this requirement on Tuesday 28 January 2020.

Combining OET test scores

You can achieve the required mark across two test sittings if:

  • you sit the tests within six months of each other
  • you’re tested in all four sections at the same time
  • all grades in both sittings are above grade C+, and
  • you achieve at least a grade C+ in the writing section and at least a grade B in the reading, listening and speaking sections in either of the two test sittings.

Examples of Acceptable OET clubbing:

Combined OET scores: Accepted

Test 1BBC+B
Test 2BC+BB

The applicant has scored at least grade B in the listening, speaking and reading sections and at least grade C+ in the writing section in either of the two test sittings, and no score is lower than grade C+.

Combined OET scores: Not accepted

Test 1BBC+B
Test 2CC+BB

This application would not be accepted. The applicant has scored lower than grade C+.

Submitting your evidence

If you’re submitting an OET certificate as part of your application, you’ll need to give us permission to verify your results through your myOET account. 

IELTS Clubbing for UK NMC Nurse Registration

The UK NMC permits overseas Nurses to combine IELTS results at two sittings. Below are the conditions that must be satisfied before you can combine

You can achieve the required mark across two test sittings if:

  • you sit the tests within six months of each other
  • you’re tested in all four sections at the same time
  • all scores in both sittings are above 6.5, and
  • you achieve at least 6.5 in the writing section and at least 7 in the reading, listening and speaking sections in either of the two test sittings.

Below is an example of acceptable IELTS clubbing on NMC website:

Combined IELTS scores: Accepted

Test 176.56.57
Test 26.577.58

This combination would be accepted. The applicant has scored at least 7 in the listening, speaking and reading sections and at least 6.5 in the writing section in either of the two test sittings, and no score is lower than 6.5.

Combined IELTS scores: Not accepted

Test 167.56.57
Test 26.577.57.5

This application would not be accepted. The applicant has a score lower than 6.5.

Nurses To UK Without IELTS: NMC List of English Exempted Countries

You can now register and come over to UK to practice as a Nurse if you are either from the following countries or you have practiced as a Nurse in any of the following countries for at least one year (1year). UK NMC exempt any Nurse that has worked in any of these countries for at least a year from providing either OET or IELTS score

·Antigua and Barbuda



·The Bahamas




·British Indian Ocean Territory


·Cayman Islands


·Falkland Islands






·Isle of Man





·Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

·St Kitts and Nevis

·St Lucia

·St Vincent and the Grenadines

·Trinidad and Tobago

·United Kingdom

·United States of America

·US Virgin Islands

So if you have struggled so long with IELTS/OET, you may want to consider any of the above countries. Once you have practiced for a year, then you can apply to UK and be exempted from writing IELTS/OET

Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Online License Renewal Guide

To begin your application click here

Step 1: In the first box pick one of the registrations: Nurse, Midwife or Mental Health Nurse
Step 2:  Input your registration number. Your registration number is found on your certificate/notification
Step 3: Input your surname: Note this is usually the name on your Nursing Certificate unless you have successfully done change of name on Council register
Step 4: Click send me code

A code will be sent to your registered mobile number and email address. After receiving the code, head back to and repeat the process from Step 1 to Step 3, then click the I have already received my code

You will be ushered into a new page asking for username and password.

Pick a username and password

After logging in you will see a page with the message

Complete Your Profile Information

You cannot proceed with change of name or licence renewal until you have completed your profile. Click on Click to proceed

Then complete all the sections under personal details, address, next of kin and employment

Then go back to the main page and complete your qualification details while uploading your Nursing and Midwifery Council issued registration Certificates as appropriate

It is after completing this that you can now proceed to apply for license renewal.

After completing the above process click on Renew your license, complete the form, upload your certificates and upload your CPD, make payment online and wait for your license.

If at any point additional information is needed, you will be notified so keep checking your online portal from time to time

Note that this process is only for those who have done their professional updates, if you haven’t please go to to complete your professional update form and wait for approval which will be sent via text messages or email before you can proceed

Do not Receive a code?
It is possible you might have activated the Do-not-Disturb feature on your sim. You can remove this on your sim by sending “Allow” to 2442. After you received a notification that this has been successful, you can then proceed to NMCN license renewal portal again to request for another code using the steps highlighted above.

What if I cannot still receive the code after removing the DND feature?

Send an email to the NMCN support team, you will likely get a response within 24 hours. To send a message to NMCN support team click

I can I create free online WCEA CPD Account
Goto complete the application and wait for your username and password

How many credit hours do I need?

You need 30 credit hours, some courses are 0.5hours while some are 1hr so you need to check out the number of credit hours attached to the course before you take them.

Do I have to upload certificates of all the courses I took on WCEA during application for renewal?

No, you just need to upload the course summary.

How long will the process take?

If there isn’t any issue with your application, your license application will be approved within 1 week and the newly renwed license should be available at your chosen collection point within 1 month based on personal experience

I have paid my renewal fees through bank, Can I use my remita receipt to renew online?

No, you have to paper application. Only online payment through the online license renewal portal is allowed for online license renewal

Do I have to renew my Nigeria license considering that I have no plan to go back to Nigeria to practice as a Nurse?

Personally, I advise people to keep renewing their home countries’ license/license from their country of initial licensure even if they no longer have plans to work in the country. You may need to move from one country to another to practice Nursing and verification from your home country might be required, you may also get teaching job in online universities from your home country , volunteering positions, medical outreach, open up a clinic etc and your active license will be needed.

My Hospital only have online CPDs and I have completed them, are the certificates accepted by NMCN for License renewal?

According to an NMCN official I spoke with, Yes, the certificates are acceptable.

How many CPD points do I need to renew my Nigeria license?
For those in diaspora, NMCN has not come up with a specific CPD hour or it point equivalence.

How many courses do I have to take/certificates do I have to upload?

I recommend a minimum of 2 courses/seminars

My hospital does not organise seminars for us, but I have taken some courses online/offline related to my area of practice, can I use these certificates to renew my Nigeria license?
Yes, you can if they are recently taken

Can I use my foreign debit or credit card to make payment on Remita platform for my license renewal?

Yes, I have personally used credit and debit cards of two different financial institutions to make payments on the remita platform for license renewal without any issue

I am not in Nigeria; can my license be sent to me through courier service?

No the Nursing and Midwifery Council hasn’t started sending licenses to nurses who live outside the country.

Does Nursing Council and Midwifery Council of Nigeria plan to do that later in the future?

According to one of the council top official in charge of handling council digital presence, yes, this option will be considered in the future

What collection options are available for me if I am not based in Nigeria?
Pick one of the collection centres/locations where you have families and friends and ask them to help you pick it up when it is available for collection, they can then send it to you through any means you desire

MCPDP For Nurses 2020 in Imo State Nigeria



Account Name: Imo Mandatory Continuity Professional Development (MCPDP0

Account No:. 0024834413

Bank: Access Bank

Workshop Fee: N20,000 only

Meet us at: -,

2020/2021 Postbasic Pyschiatric Nursing Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Kaduna

Applications are hereby invited from qualified Nurses for admission into the 18 months Post Basic Psychiatric Nursing Programme 2020/2021 academic session.


  1. Candidate must be Registered Nurse.
  2. Evidence of registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN).
  3. Current practicing license issued by the NMCN
  4. Possession of five (5) credits at not more than two sittings in O’level results (WAEC, NECO) these must include English Language, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics. A combination o WAEC and NECO is accepted. NABTEB is also accepted.
  5. Any other qualification in Nursing will be an added advantage.


Application forms can be obtained from the school of Post Basic Psychiatric Nursing, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Kaduna.


A non -refundable fee of N10,000 for application form payable through remita in favour of Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Kaduna.


Completed application forms should be submitted with photocopies of relevant credentials and two (2) passport photographs (coloured on white background) to the above address on or before Friday 13th March, 2020. Pre-test and interview will be on 17th and 18th March, 2020 respectively.

Please note that successful candidates would be expected to resume training first week of May, 2020

For further enquiry contact the programme coordinator on 08134456427, 08028434918, 07034693344.


Programme Coordinator

For: Medical Director

Pope Acknowledges 2020 As The International Year of the Nurse and Midwife

“Nurses are the most numerous healthcare workers, and those closest to the sick, and midwives carry out perhaps the noblest of the professions.” Pope Francis

The leader of the Catholic Church has recognised 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife and praised the “precious” work carried out by those in the nursing profession.

In an official address at St Peter’s Square in Vatican City, Pope Francis said he was “pleased” that this year had been dedicated to nursing and midwifery.

Speaking after the Angelus prayer on Sunday, he said: “I am pleased to recall that 2020 has been internationally designated Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

“Nurses are the most numerous healthcare workers, and those closest to the sick, and midwives carry out perhaps the noblest of the professions.

“Let us pray for all of them, that they may do their precious work in the best possible way.”

The leaders of Nursing Now – a campaign designed to raise the profile of nurses and midwives around the world – welcomed the support of Pope Francis.

Lord Nigel Crisp, co-chair of Nursing Now, said: “It is crucial that leaders around the world recognise the importance of this year, and that we use the global momentum to spark real change for nurses and midwives around the world.”

The decision to designate 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife was made by the World Health Organization to mark the bicentenary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.

The designation by the World Health Organization (WHO) of 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife is intended to alert governments to the need to recruit and retain staff to prevent potentially disruptive nursing shortages world-wide. WHO figures suggest there will be a shortfall of up to nine million nurses and midwives by 2030 if drastic action is not taken immediately.

ICN President Annette Kennedy said:

“It is wonderful that Pope Francis has spoken out about the essential work that nurses and midwives do. His comments will give a boost to all nurses of different faiths and none.

‘This year, governments will have to make crucial decisions about the future of the nursing and midwifery workforce.

‘The Pope’s leadership should galvanise politicians around the world and encourage them to make the right choices, which must include starting massive recruitment drives to avert the predicted shortages over the next decade.”

Echoing Ms Kennedy’s words, President of the Italian Nurses Association (CNAI) Walter De Caro said:

“It is gratifying to hear Pope Francis’s appreciation of the precious work of nurses and midwives, and the importance of 2020 to our profession.

‘I strongly believe that his message, beginning in Italy, will influence governments and other organisations to invest in the nursing and midwifery workforce so that we can realise their full potential to improve health around the globe.”
Source: ICN News and Nursing Times Magazine.