Qatar Prometric Exam Passing Score for Doctors, Nurses and Others

Qualifying Examination
  • ​​​​The qualifying exam is considered to be one of the requirements for registration / licensing of healthcare practitioners to ensure the efficiency and the eligibility of applicants to work safely in the State of Qatar.
  • All categories listed below must pass the electronic qualifying exam to get a license to practice after fulfilling all other requirements of registration and licensing.
  • The Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners provides computer based examination (Prometric) for 15 categories of healthcare practitioners as follows:
    No. Exam Title No. of items/ Exam Duration Cut score Practitioners required to take the Qualifying Exam
    1. General Practitioner 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    60% General Practitioner
    2. General Dentist 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    60% General Dentist
    3. Pharmacist 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    60% Pharmacist
    4. Registered General Nurse 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    50% Registered General Nurse
    5. Registered Midwife 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    50% Registered Midwife
    6. Lab Technologist (New) 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    50% Lab Technologist,

    Lab Technologist (specific)

    7. Lab  Technician 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    50% Lab Technician
    8. Radiology Technologist (New) 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    50% Radiology Technologist,


    9. Radiology Technician 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    50% Radiology Technician
    10. Physiotherapist 70 MCQs,

    2 hours

    50% Physiotherapist


    11. Basic Paramedic 70 MCQs,

    2 hours

    50% Basic Paramedic
    12. Paramedic (New) 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    50% Paramedic,

    Critical Care Paramedic

    13. Dental Assistant 100 MCQs,

    2 ½ hours

    50% Dental Assistant
    14. Dental Hygienist 70 MCQs,

    2 hours

    50% Dental Hygienist
    15. Dental Lab Technician 70 MCQs,

    2 hours

    50% Dental Technician
  • More Examinations can be added as needed
  • The scopes not required to sit for the qualifying exam will be reviewed and evaluated as per the registration Department approved qualification or through panel assessment.
  • To register and schedule your exams please visit the online booking page online booking page .
  • • For certificates that exempt their holder from the qualifying exam of General practitioner and General dentist, please visit Physicians and Dentists guidelines.
  • For registration/ licensing requirements click here .
  • For any query regarding the electronic qualifying exam, and to get more information about registering for the exam, please visit the company organizing the exams (Prometric) .
Contact Info for Qualifying Examination Enquiries
  • Phone Numbers:
  • Sunday to Thursday (with Arabic language option):
    • +31 320239530​
  • Friday to Monday :
    • +31 320239800​
References of the Qualifying Electronic Exam


Qatar Prometric Exam for Nurses Requirements

​In order to get practicing license in the healthcare sector in the State of Qatar, you need to apply for an online application for registration / evaluation through the Electronic Registration & Licensing System and complete all the requirements using the following QCHP website​

Kindly notice that:
  1.  Your online application should be through an Employer/potential employer in the State of Qatar (you will not be able to apply for registration request without an employer in Qatar).
  2. For more information on how to use the electronic registration/licensing system, please check the following link on the QCHP website
  3. To find all about the Registration / Evaluation requirements, please check the guidelines at the following link on the QCHP website
  4. To find all about the qualifying examination (Prometric), please check the following link on the QCHP website
  5. To find all about the primary source verification, please check the following link on the QCHP website


  • ​No practitioner is allowed to practice before receiving their medical license from QCHP; otherwise the licensing application will be rejected, and the institution and practitioner will face disciplinary actions.
  • Please follow up with your employer or potential employer’s focal point concerning the registration / evaluation process and in case you need to check your delayed application status (if any).


​Kindly find below the types of request that can be applied though the registration & Licensing Electronic System:

​Time Frame

(Starting from the request submission date after payment)
​Type of Request​
​25 working days ​Evaluation
​20 working days ​Licensing
​15 working days ​License Renewal
​15 working days ​Change Place of Work
​15 working days ​Change Scope of Practice
​25 working days ​Certificate of Good Standing covering the work experience spent in the State of Qatar


  • ​Please use the following link on the QCHP website in order to find the requirements and the process of each of the above mentioned requests by checking the guideline of your profession.​​
  • For any technical issue in using the Electronic Registration & Licensing System please contact our System Help Desk Officer on the following contact details: Telephone number: 44070279.​

​The Evaluation, Licensing and License Renewal fees change depending on the profession and scope of practice as shown in the below noted table, knowing that the license validity is 2 years starting from the issuing date and that it is prohibited for any practitioner to practice without license or with an expired license:

​​Profession ​Request Type ​Request Fees (QR)
​Physician (specialist) ​​ ​

​Evaluation ​100
​Licensing ​1200
​Renewal ​1200
​General Scope Physician ​ ​​​ ​

​Evaluation ​100
​Licensing ​1000
​Renewal ​1000
​Dentist (specialist) ​ ​ ​​​ ​

​Evaluation ​100
​Licensing ​1200
​Renewal ​1200
​General Scope Dentist ​ ​​​ ​

​Evaluation ​100
​Licensing ​1000
​Renewal ​1000

​Evaluation ​100
​Licensing ​600
​Renewal ​600

​Allied Health Practitioner ​ ​

​Evaluation ​100
​Licensing ​600
​Renewal ​600
​Nurse ​ ​

​Evaluation ​100
​Licensing ​600
​Renewal ​600


Can the evaluation and the primary source verification processes be done without the candidate physically present in Doha?​

​Yes, a large part of the registration and licensing process can be done while the applicant remains in their home country. For example, the primary source verification application can be completed and submitted by using the electronic verification system, Qualifying examination (if required) can be taken in one of 10,000 test centers located in over 100 countries around the world, and the evaluation application can be completed and submitted by the employer locally while the applicant is still outside Qatar. However, some evaluation requirements (for example an assessment interview) will require the presence of the applicant in the State of Qatar. In addition, the licensing process will also require the presence of the applicant in the State of Qatar.


HAAD/MOH Exam Exemption for NCLEX Passers/US Registered Nurses

Nclex passers are exempted from writing HAAD or MOH exams in UAE.


Per the HAAD Standard for Exemption from HAAD Examination for Licensure for Specified categories of Healthcare Professions effective April 2013 – US RNs are exempted from the taking examination, you only need to comply with the other requirements for licensure


Just make sure that data flow add your US license to it. License 1-PRC, submit then Add more para sa License 2 n USRN. You will need to pay extra 300 plus dirhams para sa verification ng US License mo sa dataflow

Urgent Vacancies for Nurses in UAE

PRESTIGE HOME HEALTH CARE SERVICES – Abu Dhabi urgently needs FEMALE HAAD RN Nurses for HOMECARE, currently located within UAE.

Initial salary offer: 7,000 AED

For interested applicants kindly send your CV to:

HAAD Dataflow Guide: How to Apply for HAAD Dataflow 2018

HAAD Dataflow Guide

Dataflow is an agency who will help verify your documents. HAAD uses Dataflow services for faster and accurate verification for every applicant’s documents. First thing first is to check if you are qualified or not.

If you have met all the qualifications, you may now proceed to Dataflow. Here is the step-by-step guidelines on how to apply for HAAD dataflow without sponsor

Step 1.

Gather all the required documents for your desired position and scan them.

NOTE: In uploading your document/s, JPEG format (Passport Picture) is allowed for single page document but if you want to make things easier you need to convert your files to PDF format to create a single document (for documents with multiple files).

Check the size of files to be uploaded, resize as needed. Documents must be translated to English,as necessary.​All documents must not be expired.

​*Mandatory Documents:


*High School Diploma
*College Diploma – with CAV (Certificate of Authentication & Verification)
*Official Transcript of Records – With CAV (Certificate of Authentication & Verification)

Note: If CAV is not available, you can still proceed with Dataflow Processing and can submit these documents in the prelicensing. We know some members that did not include CAV credentials but were approved for exam.

B. PRC (With or without CAV)

*Board Certificate
*Certificate of Good Standing –(3 months validity, but as per the new PQR COGS is still valid up to 6 months)

Note: UPDATE- a separate TAB for COGS is now included in Dataflow.


*Certificate of Employment – preferably signed by the head of HR, make sure that details are accurate and updated.

D. Other Documents

*Passport Copy – Data page only
*Passport size photo – white background
*BLS Certificate – (Needed in PRE LICENSING, there have been reports that other applications were disapproved because of BLS training not conducted by an”authorized” training center (i.e. AHA certified)

E. FORMS: Sponsoring Facility Declaration form
(applicable if you have sponsor, if none then leave this part blank and just upload) Letter of Authorization CID – (English Pages only)

Applicant Declaration form – only for licensing procedure not in dataflow

Step 2.

Sign-up to Dataflow website – HAAD Dataflow. Choose the“Applicant”option. The “Facility” option is for companies who process the dataflow.


The Email will contain your USERNAME AND unique PASSWORD. You can change your password if you opt to.



Read then click next.


3.1 Select none if you don’t have sponsor or employer

3.1.0 Select none if you don’t have sponsor or employer

3.2 Download and re-upload a blank document if you don’t have a sponsor yet.

3.3 Select Nursing and Midwifery from the drop down-button and wait.

3.4 Click “Registered Nurse”.

3.5 Click “Registered Nurse” whatever your specialty is because they’ll ask for more documents if you choose your specialty now. (It won’t affect future application so don’t worry)

3.6 If none then proceed to the next. If you already took the exam before the system change, you can enter your PV Registration Number.


Self explanatory, just leave blank the one that does not apply to you.

4.7 Select the month, year and date (in order) to be able to put the correct date of birth. (if you are having any problem with this,perhaps you are using different browser,use IE version7,8,9 ONLY)

4.18 If you have any relatives in UAE, put their contact number. If none, put 00000.

4.22 Upload your passport – front page (picture and data only)

4.23 Upload passport size picture


5.1 Upload your high school diploma


5.4 Fill-out the form – follow the correct format and don’t use abbreviation.

5.4.13 for second courser include the date of your first course up to the end of your nursing,all dates can be seen in your diploma/, do not input date/data that cannot be seen in your diploma

5.4.14 Graduation date

5.4.16 Upload your diploma/rle/tor in pdf format – don’t put the red ribbon copy yet​

5.5 Leave blank

5.6 Put your Master’s Degree if available or leave it blank

5.7 upload BLS/ACLS if available


UPDATE: Please check updates in the next post (New tab for Certificate of Good Standing)

6.2.8. License Type: Others

6.2.9. License Status:Permanent

6.3.2 Upload PRC ID (front and back), PRC board certificate and board rating (all must be valid and not expired, others did not include BOARD RATING)ADD more License Details as needed.


You should enter 2 years of most recent employment details. Package includes verification of 3 employers for the last two years. If the number of employers exceeds 3, an additional amount will be added.Combined working experience from different hospitals are accepted.As per HAAD, Employment Certificate is a MUST for registered nurses.
It should contain: clear designation of Staff Nurse in any area joining and end date of employment signatures

Note: Volunteer experiences are not valid.

7.1 Start from the most recent employment

7.1.12 Upload your certificate of employment (COE)​

7.2-7.4 Continue if you have other nursing employment.


Fill-out the form and print it. Sign beside your name and upload it. (Electronic is allowed as per the experience of other members)


Download and re-upload the document or upload a blank pdf


Upload your credentials (diploma/tor/rle) with CAV if available, if you dont have it yet, just reupload original copies of the documents mentioned,Mark check.



Now it’s time to submit your application. Again be sure everything is correct as you cannot change them once the verification has started

Double Check your MODE OF PAYMENT.Credit Card- Paying Outside UAE

Cash- Paying inside UAE (if there is someone who can pay in your behalf, you can also pay cash at DF coutner in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain)

Step 3.You’ll receive a confirmation email from Dataflow which includes “Dataflow Number” your HAAD Number and payment made.

Step 4. Wait for 30-60 days verification of your documents (some took 90 days). You can follow-up your application by sending e-mail or calling Dataflow Offices or visiting Dataflow desk.

Step 5.

After all your documents have been verified, dataflow will send you an e-mail again for your HAAD web login (pre-licensing) with your Username and Password.

DATAFLOW RE-APPLICATION: If you have problems when it comes to verification of your documents/credentials (unable to verify COE, lacking COE/Experience uploaded) you can email them immediately, and attached documents as needed.

If disapproved or with negative verification,you just need to make another DF account using new email address, then choose CASH as mode of payment but you do not need to pay again. Email DF regarding your case and include your old AGN and state what happened.

From: Pefcommunity

For step by step guide on Dubai nurse registration check this link

Tips for haad exam takers:

– PRAY before and after the exam
– remember the basics (meds and iv computation esp. Pediatric doses)
– be careful to observe the metric units in computation
– use the process of elimination
– do not overthink or overanalyze
– do not question the situation/question itself
– principles of tractions
– DM, DVT and CVA faves nila
– alzheimers and dimentia
– colostomy and stoma care
– stick to ur first answer if u are confused btween 2 choices


– befriend with Saunders Q&A (spare time read pyramid to success also)
– Carl balita’s ultimate learning guide
– MS bY UDAN (Mas simple kc explanation and key concepts niya)
– ( my mga topics po na ina.upload dito ang mga colleagues natin like psych nursing, maternal and child, funda, etc.)


– (examination tab, computer based din po ito)

– saunders q&a 4th to 6th ed. (Downloadable po sa kickass torrent ung 5th ed as book and 4th ed. As application kung hirap po kau mgdownload sa ibang sources)

then read about DM, anemia, stroke, emphysema, COPD, MI, infant reflexes, BLS-ACLS, computation basic, remember to check the unit and convert as necessary, heart failure, RHD, Parkinson’s, shock, DVT, tonsillectomy, tracheostomy, ECG tracing, NGT feeding, ABG, suctioning, IV therapy, sa meds mga common lang naman like heparin, warfarin, insulin, mga antidote ganun, gastric lavage, thoracentesis, cataract, HIV,

Qatar Prometric Exam for Nurses Requirements

Qatar Prometric Exam for Nurses Requirements

1. Applicaiton form duly filled in its entirety
2. Signed letter of Authorization
3. Valid Passport Copies
4. Name Change certificate, if applicable (Marriage cert, affidavit, any legal doc)
5. Degree certificate copies (copy of orig cert & translated copy)
6. Mark sheet for the final year (all year mark sheets for applicants who have studied in india)
7. Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV) for applicants who have studied in Philippines
8. Copy of the backside on the degree certificate (for applicants having Afhan, Egyp, Pakistani cert)
9. Experience letters from previous employers for the last five years
10. Medical / Nursing license copy (front and back)
11. Renewal document (if applicable)
12. Payment receipt copy

Tips for Passing HAAD Exam at First Attempt

Tips for Passing HAAD

Passing HAAD Exam can open whole lots of opportunities for you as nurses are in high demand in hospitals in UAE. Failing an HAAD exam can be devastating as all hope and aspiration appears to be blurred. Here are few things I think might help you to pass your HAAD exam at first attempt (Tips for Passing HAAD):

Before your exam

– Conduct a rapid review of the anatomy and physiology of the human system.
– It is equally important to review diseases affecting those systems and the treatment options.
– Review nursing responsibilities, delegation and collaborative care. Know the independent functions of a nurse, the interdependent and collaborative roles. Questions usually come up on this so you just have to be sure and know how to different between those 3 functions.
– Read your fundamentals of nursing and nursing responsibilities as it relates to patient care
– Reviewing practice guidelines and policies as it affects healthcare and nursing care services isn’t a bad idea.
– Review nursing independent, interdependent and collaborative roles
– Read about infection control principles
– Practice questions in Saunders NCLEX-RN Questions and Answers, 5th and 6th editions are fine but if you can lay your hand on the 7th edition then it’s ok
– If you can lay your hand on Gapuz ABC’s of passing foreign exams that would be ok. Note that there are not specific exam preparatory books for HAAD.

Tips for Passing HAAD Exam at first attempt

– Don’t take the exam for granted, prepare ahead of time. A one month intensive preparation is ok if you already work in acute care unit, you will just be fine. Others whose practice setting isn’t acute care or might be slow learner can practice for 2 months
– Free your mind from unnecessary worry and apprehension. Its fine to be nervous at first but do not panic. Remember larger percent of people sitting for HAAD the first time usually passed so don’t fidget.
– Remember there is no negative marking so it is better to make sure you answer all questions
– Although the time allotted for the exam is enough but you should also be time conscious and not waaste too much time on a particular question.

On the exam day
– Get to the centre early with your identification card
– After verification your picture and signature will be captured electronically
– You will have to go through the examination rules and regulations
– You will be allotted a locker to place all your items in
– You will be taken to the computer testing room where you will be allotted a computer for your exam
– Invigilator will log you in and a short tutorial about the exam will be presented to you before the exam begins.
– Upon successful completion of the exam you will be taken to reception to be checked out, collect your result and belongings. A copy of your result will be forwarded to HAAD which will reflect in your account
– Nurses who recently sat for HAAD prometric exam have said the result can now take up to 72 hours as it is no longer available immediately. We hope this will be rectify later.

Have you sat for HAAD Prometric exam recently? Please share your experience with others using the comment box below.

HAAD Exam Schedule: How To Apply For HAAD Exam For Nurses

HAAD Exam Schedule: How To Apply For HAAD Exam For Nurses
This is part of series of posts on UAE nurse registration. In this post I will be talking on HAAD Exam schedule i.e How to Apply for HAAD EXam for Nurses after approval.

HAAD exam Schedule is in two stages or steps:

Step 1: HAAD Exam Schedule on HAAD website

Here you will need to first book your exam ticket on HAAD website from your homepage.

– Click on
– Login with your application form number and password
– Click on E-licensing and select Examination
– Click on Exam Scheduling
– Read the exam instruction and tick the box to agree with the agreement and click next
– In category choose Nursing and Midwifery,
– under major choose registered nurse
– Under profession choose registered nurse your application number is already in the box and click search
– A result will be displayed
– Select your desired date and click the book button
– Book the HAAD exam ticket
– Pay the pre-examination fees of AED 50 and print your exam ticket

Need requirements for nurse registration in UAE? Check out HAAD REquirements for Nurses
Second Step: Booking with PearsonVUE

After successfully booking the HAAD exam ticket, PearsonVUE will send you an email containing your username and password within 3 days i.e 72 hours. Once you receive the email, you can now login and make the final exam scheduling on PearsonVUE website for $94.59. You can then print your booking confirmation and bring it with you to the examination center

It should be noted that HAAD only allow three attempts for it exam. After an unsuccessful third attempt, a candidate will have to wait for 12 full months from the date of last attempt before he or she can apply again. It is important to prepare and scale through once and for all

PearsonVUE contact details are:
Telephone: +97144535380

Do you have any question? You can drop your questions or share your experience with us using the comment box below

HAAD Requirements,Dataflow Requirements for Nurses 2017/2018

HAAD Requirements for Nurses 2017/2018

Good day great Nurses and welcome to my blog. This is the first post in a series of a complete guide to nurse registration with the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. I hope you will stick around and check other posts to be able to grasp full understanding of the procedure for nurse registration before you embark on the journey.

Back to the topic, HAAD recently changed it HAAD requirements for registration for overseas trained nurses but it hasn’t been communicated yet. However this post is based on the new HAAD requirements based on those who processed their registration with HAAD in November/December 2016.

HAAD REQUIREMENTS for Nurses 2016/2017

Below are the HAAD requirements for Nurse Registration:
– Bachelor degree in Nursing from an accredited university (Note that 3years diploma in Nursing program now qualifies you as Practical Nurse and not registered nurse)
– A valid nursing practicing license from your country
– 3 years post registration experience ( Note that if you have a 3 year diploma in Nursing before and you now proceed to have your Bachelor degree in Nursing, the 2 years start counting after your degree)
– A valid Basic Life support certificate/License. You may also need ACLS or PALS based on your specialty


If you are qualified to apply for registration, you will need to do so through a verification company called dataflow. Below are the additional HAAD requirements and documents you must provide before you can start the dataflow verification:

– Your secondary or high school diploma
– Your degree certificate with certificate of authentication and verification (CAV)
– Transcripts from the school you graduated from with certificate of authentication and verification (CAV)
– Your nursing board/council certificate
– A copy of your license or board rating and PRC ID ( for Filipino Nurses)
– Certificate of Good Standing from your nursing board which must be 6 months valid.
– Certificate of employment from your employer
– Passport copy/international passport
– Passport photograph (Recent)
– If you have a sponsor then Sponsoring facility declaration form (Available for download when you start your application)
– Letter of authorization (Available for download when you start your application)
– Security form (Available for download when you start your application)

Those are the HAAD requirements for nurses in 2017/2018 and haad dataflow requirements for nurses. If you have any question you can drop it in the comment box below