Nursing Care Plan of Acute and Chronic Pain

Pain can be described as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, It is a complex and subjective phenomenon that can be described as a combination of physical and emotional sensations. Pain can be acute (lasting few minutes to days) or chronic (lasting more than six months) and can range from mild, moderate to severe. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including injury, surgery, disease, or other underlying medical conditions. The experience of pain can impact an individual’s daily activities and quality of life, making effective pain management an important aspect of patient care. In this article I am going to discuss the Nursing care plan for a patient experiencing pain.

Step 1: Assessment

  • Gather a thorough history of the patient’s pain, including location, intensity, and duration
  • Assess the patient’s vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate
  • Evaluate the patient’s pain using a pain assessment tool, such as a numerical rating scale or visual analogue scale
  • Identify any underlying causes of the pain, such as an injury or illness.

Step 2: Diagnosis

  • Identify the patient’s main nursing diagnosis based on the assessment findings. Examples of common pain-related nursing diagnoses include “Acute Pain related to…as evidenced by…” and “Chronic Pain related to… as evidenced by.”

Step 3: Planning

  • Establish specific, measurable goals for the patient’s pain management. For example, “The patient will report a decrease in pain from an 8/10 to a 4/10 on a numerical rating scale within the next 24 hours of Nursing intervention.”

Step 4: Implementation

  • Develop an individualized plan of care to meet the patient’s needs. This may include:
    • Administering pain medication as prescribed
    • Encouraging the patient to participate in physical therapy or other forms of rehabilitation
    • Teaching the patient relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation
    • Providing comfort measures, such as positioning and repositioning the patient, using heat or cold therapy, or offering massage

Step 5: Evaluation

  • Continuously monitor the patient’s pain level and adjust the care plan as needed
  • Reassess the patient’s response to the pain management interventions and make any necessary modifications
  • Document the patient’s progress and communicate any changes to the healthcare team.

Pain management is a crucial aspect of patient care, and the nursing care plan plays an important role in ensuring that the patient receives effective and individualized care. By following a systematic and evidence-based approach, nurses can help alleviate the patient’s pain and improve their quality of life.

SANC 2023 Annual Renewal Fees and Bank Details

The due date for payment of annual fees is normally 31 December of the year preceding the year for which the fees are due.

Early birds can pay the fee from 1 July of the year preceding the year for which it is due – no earlier.

Please be advised that these dates may change in future.  This page will be updated as soon as possible if and when it ever happens.

Note 1:  It is the responsibility of every registered or enrolled person to make sure that his/her annual fee reaches Council by the due date.

Note 2:  If your remittance is sent by post, please allow sufficient time for it to reach Council by the due date.

WARNING:  If you wish to pay at the Council offices during December, please be WARNED that you should pay early in the month to avoid dissappointment due to any year end closing of the Council offices.  You are also WARNED that queues can sometimes be very long at that time.  Council RECOMMENDS that you consider paying your fee into the bank to avoid any problems/inconvenience.

How much are the Annual fees for 2023



The annual fees for the calendar year 2023 for different categories of practitioners are provided in the table below:

Registered Nurses and MidwivesR730.00
Enrolled Nurses and MidwivesR440.00
Enrolled Nursing AuxiliariesR310.00

The Council has resolved to introduce reduced fees for nurses 60 years of age and over as per the table below:

Registered Nurses and Midwives    R550.00
Enrolled Nurses and Midwives    R330.00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries    R230.00
Registered Nurses and Midwives    R370.00
Enrolled Nurses and Midwives    R220.00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries    R150.00

NB: To qualify for the discount amounts, practitioners may be required to submit a certified copy of their identity document in order to confirm their age.


  • The annual fees for 2023 must be received by the SANC on or before 31 December 2022.
  • The amounts in the tables above all include 15% VAT.


The restoration fees for different categories applicable from 1 January 2023 are shown in the following table.

Registered Nurses and MidwivesR2 200.00R150.00
Enrolled Nurses and MidwivesR1 320.00R150.00
Enrolled Nursing AuxiliariesR920.00R150.00
Retired NursesR150.00R150.00


The reduced restoration fee only applies to a practitioner:

  • Who must have been removed from the register at his/her own request; or
  • Who must be 60 years of age or older on 1 January 2023. However, this must be confirmed with the Council before paying the reduced amount.


A Nurse Practitioner who no longer wishes to practise in South Africa or who is unemployed, may request, in writing, for a voluntary removal of his/her name from the register, by completing the form available from the SANC. If a voluntary removal is granted by the SANC, the nurse practitioner’s name will be removed accordingly on the 31st of December of the year in which the application is received. Once removed, the nurse practitioner will no longer be required to pay annual fees while he/she is removed from the register.

If the nurse practitioner requires reinstatement onto the register, he/she will, in addition to paying the reduced restoration fee, be required to complete a Restoration Form which can be accessed from the SANC website, It must be noted that practising while not being registered is illegal.


Please note that for the calendar year 2023, the closing date for the payment of annual fees is 31 December 2022. Payments must reach the SANC bank account on or before the closing date. You are, therefore, urged not to leave payment for the last minute to avoid problems associated with making payments at year end.

Remember: Bank transfers from non-FNB banks may take up to 3 working days and you are therefore advised to pay well in advance to meet the 31 December 2022 deadline.


Please note that other fees and fees payable by institutions will be applicable with effect from 01 January 2023.


The signing of Resolution 3 of 2019 in September 2019 by the National Department of Health together with major trade unions in Public Health and Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Council (PHSDSBC), brought into effect the implementation of PERSAL deductions from the 2020 APC season for all employees falling under the scope of the PHSDSBC.

As a result of this agreement, affected Nurse Practitioners are urged not to pay the annual fees on their own as the employers are required to pay on their behalf in terms of Resolution 3 of 2019.  


The SANC has made an eRegister facility available on the SANC website which can be utilised by employers to verify the registration status of all Nurse Practitioners in their employment. Employers are urged to utilise this facility in the absence of a physical Annual Practising Certificate (APC).

Visit: for more details.


Community Service Practitioners are not eligible to be issued with an APC, and therefore, should NOT pay annual fees. They MUST pay a conversion fee on completion of their Community Service in order to be registered as Nurse Practitioners using the REGFPRA registration fee code instead of ANLFEES (e.g. 12345678REGFPRA).

College of Nursing Sciences Gombe State PostBasic Nursing 2022/2023 Admission Form

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the following Post Basic Nursing Programmes:

Tick as Appropriate;

i)                   Critical Care Nursing Programme

ii)                  Perioperative Nursing Programme


Candidate for admission into the above chosen programme must:

i)                   Be a Registered Nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and possess a current practicing license.

ii)                  Possess the Senior Secondary School Certificate(s) (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB) with a minimum of Five subjects at Credit Levels which must include English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, obtained at not more than two (2) sittings.

iii)                One (1) year post qualification experience will be an added advantage.


Forms are obtainable from 7th November 2022, at the Office of the Programme Coordinator, Federal Teaching Hospital (FTH) Gombe OR the Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe Website ( , via the College platform, after the payment of a non-refundable fee of Ten Thousand Naira Only (N10,000) into the Internally Generated Revenue Account through Remita.

·        Closing Date for submission of completed forms: Monday, 21st November, 2022

·        Aptitude test: Thursday, 24th November, 2022

·        Selection Interview: Friday, 25th November, 2022

For further inquiries, please contact: 08020500235, (Perioperative Programme)

08020500769, (Critical Care Programme)


College Management 

December 2022 MCPDP Schedule in Katsina

Another edition of the MCPDP,* organized by Katsina state MCPDP committee

NMCN Certified with 3 Continuous Education Unit (CEU)

The upcoming module is detailed hereunder .


*Medical/Surgical Nursing

👉. Module : Medical/ Surgical Nursing Module III DATE : 5th-9th December 2022
TIME* : 8 am to 4 pm daily
VENUE* : School of Nursing Katsina,
REGISTRATION: 20,000 naira payable into
Acct no: Acc no 0005489934, Katsina state MCPDP committee
Bank : access bank PLC Limited slots available.*
For payment, registration and expression of interest for slot reservation, contact this *number( calls, sms, whatsapp)

NursingSKL Launched to Help Canadian Nurses Build Skills

With the lingering effects of COVID-19 continuing to cause significant burnout and disrupting clinical learning, a new e-learning platform, created by award-winning health-care practitioners, is now launching with the support of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) to help nurses build their skills.

NursingSKL, created by a group of Canadian physicians and nurses, launches today to help nurses improve their clinical skills in seven clinical specialties. And with nearly 66% of nurses suffering from burnout and nearly 1 in 3 contemplating leaving the profession, services to help with professional development could not have come at a better time.

“During the pandemic, the usual practicums and clerkships that nursing students and nurses rely on to learn shut down. So I started working with nurses in my own clinics to teach them between patients. They really enjoyed it. Their confidence improved and the quality and efficiency of their work was noticeably better. When thinking about the project, we envisioned a collaboration whereby physicians and nurses worked together as a cohesive group to improve patient related outcomes to ensure the highest quality of care for patients,” said Dr. Sanjay Sharma, NursingSKL’s editor-in-chief and a professor of ophthalmology at Queen’s University.

NursingSKL launched its e-platform in seven different specialty areas, including mental health, oncology, and women’s health. Currently, the e-platform is offered in English only. With NursingSKL, nurses will also be able to learn important clinical skills from leading practitioners, earning continuing professional development (CPD) certificates to maintain their licences, and participating in fun games to connect to colleagues around the country.

“We know that the pandemic has been unrelenting for nurses, and that the disruption of nursing education will have long-lasting impacts on the profession. That is why we are so excited to support the launch of NursingSKL, as it is fully aligned with CNAs mission of strengthening nursing leadership and promoting nursing excellence. This innovative e-learning platform will help to support nurses with the training and education they need to be successful in their jobs,” said Tim Guest, chief executive officer of CNA. “At a time where much of the profession is experiencing symptoms of burnout, it is important that we do everything we can to retain and recruit nurses.”

Go to to find out more, meet the faculty, and try its free practicum on diabetes mellitus.

Watch a short video to learn more about NursingSKL:

– 30 –

About NursingSKL
NursingSKL is a novel e-learning platform that helps nurses build their clinical skills and earn CPD certificates through highly engaging animations, gamification and clinical tips delivered by leading health-care practitioners.

About the Canadian Nurses Association
CNA is the national and global professional voice of Canadian nursing. Our mission is to advance the nursing profession to improve health outcomes in Canada’s publicly funded, not-for-profit health system. CNA is the only national association that speaks for all types of nurses across all 13 provinces and territories. We represent nurses that are unionized and non-unionized, retired nurses, nursing students, and all categories of nurses (registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed and registered practical nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses).

For more information, please contact:
Tricia Johnson
NursingSKL, Public Affairs Lead
Phone number: 931-614-5126

Lucas Veiga
CNA, Public Affairs Lead
Phone number: 613-697-7497

Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarship Application for Nurses 2023

UK-based nonprofit Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) has announced plans to develop one million nursing and midwifery leaders around the world over the next five years through its scholarship programmes.

Early career nurses and midwives in Nigeria can take advantage of these scholarship programmes to acquire the necessary skills that will help them advance their careers.

Below are some of the academic programmes offered under the nonprofit’s scholarship programmes.

Sandra Charitable Trust Early Career Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme

The programme aims to:

Develop your leadership identity, capacity and capability, and use it to influence organizational and patient outcomes at the local, system, national, and international levels of healthcare delivery.

Some of the programme’s learning objectives include:

    Demonstrating increased awareness of how personality preferences influence personal effectiveness and team performance.
    Recognize and evaluate opportunities for influence through personal and collective authority.
    Create strategies for expressing oneself in a way that communicates presence, allows influence, and has to impact.

The programme will be delivered over 6 months.

Applications opened on September 30, 2022, and will close on November 4, 2022. Click Here to apply.

Online Learning

The Florence Nightingale Foundation is committed to developing innovative and engaging online learning using modern e-learning methods to translate the FNF leadership development principles onto an online platform. High levels of interactivity, clinical narrative, and a wide range of multimedia presentations are included.

There are also bespoke stand-alone online programmes or blended learning programmes. Find out more Here

Internationally Educated Nurses and Midwives Online Programme

The goal is to enhance the leadership identity, capacity, and capability of nursing, midwifery, and allied health professionals to influence organizational and patient outcomes at local, systemic, national, and international levels of healthcare delivery.

Programme Outcomes

    Improved speaking confidence
    Ability to identify the personal leadership style
    Ability to understand and lead quality improvement
    Ability to lead with greater presence and personal impact; Confidence and understanding of how to advance your career.

Apply Here

Digital Leadership Scholarships for Nurses and Midwives

This program is for nurses and midwives who want to move up to senior digital nurse/midwifery leadership roles at the provider level or are looking for opportunities to do so.

While some nurses and midwives choose more technical roles, others choose roles that focus more on data, and still, others may move into leadership or entrepreneurial education research positions. This program lays the groundwork for that and creates a pipeline of nurses and midwives with the knowledge and abilities to drive the agenda for social care and digital health.

This digital program was created by the Chief Nursing Information Officers of NHS England and Digital Health and Care Wales, and supported by the Welsh Government and Health Education England’s NHS Digital Academy.

Apply Here

Nightingale Frontline

The Nightingale Frontline® Leadership Support Service offers a psychologically safe space for employees to discuss professional and personal issues. The facilitators create a safe and confidential environment for employees of all levels to gather, decompress, and reflect on leadership challenges.

Since the service’s inception in April 2020, they have assisted over 3000 staff members working across the UK in all areas of health, social, and voluntary care.

Find out more Here

About the Foundation

Florence Nightingale, the world’s most famous nurse, died in 1910 at the age of 90. In her honour, the FNF was established in 1929 to develop inspirational and innovative leaders to ensure that nursing and midwifery talent remain in the profession they love.

The FNF creates customized leadership opportunities for individuals to explore their leadership styles and develop skills to become confident and impactful leaders.

The Foundation is well-known throughout the UK for its tailored leadership scholarship programs and its primary goal is to improve health, clinical outcomes, and patient experience by increasing nursing and midwifery leadership capacity and capability

NANNM Scholarship for PhD Nursing Studies 2022

I write to inform all our members as directed that the PhD in Nursing Sponsorship by the Association is now open for new applicants from September 2022 academic session.

The sponsorship is part of the Association’s support to financially upto date members of NANNM who have secured admission for PhD in any University offering the Course in Nigeria.

To qualify for this financial assistance, intending applicants must meet the following conditions:

1.      He/ She must be a member of NANNM.

2.      He/ She must have paid his/ her monthly check off due up to the month of applying for the sponsorship.

3.      He/ She must show evidence of having paid the School fees for the course.

4.      He /She must show letter of good standing from Unit/ State Chairmen/ Secretaries.

5.      Kindly ensure that this information gets to our members as quickly as possible.


Yours Sincerely,

Barr. Ikenna Eze,

Deputy General Secretary

For General Secretary 

ABSUTH School of Anaesthesia Nursing 2022/2023 Admission Form


This is to inform the ABUTH Staff and the general Public that application are invited from suitable and qualified candidates for admission into School of Post Basic Anaesthesia Nursing program for 2022/2023 academic session

Candidates must have at least 2 years Post Qualifications experience preferably in the theater unit

Interested candidates should visit ABUTH website at to apply

The application is online at the cost of N6,200 and will be closed on 2nd September, 2022

All payment are made through REMITA ABUTH, ABUTH is not liable for any payment made to personal account forms are to be filled online at

For further information if you might require contact the following
Haruna Ibrahim 07053532396
Yusuf Abdurrahman 08071455223

Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee

College of Nursing and Midwifery Katsina 2022/2023 Post UTME Form


Announcement of Minimum Cutoff Marks and Application for Post-UTME Screening/Interview

The general public are hereby informed that the minimum cutoff marks for admission into ND Nursing programme at Kasimu Kofar Bai School of Nursing, Katsina is 160 for 2022/2023 session.

The College hereby invites candidates who chose the College as FIRST CHOICE in the 2022 JAMB UTME, obtained a minimum score of 160, and UPLOADED SSCE Result on JAMB Portal to apply for Post-UTME Screening/Interview Exercise for admission into the College.

Method of Application

  1. Visit the College’s website
  2. Click on “Post-UTME Screening/Interview”
  3. Put your UTME Number to verify
  4. Make payment
  5. Fill the form, submit and print the Interview Slip. The date of the interview will be indicated on the Slip


  1. The Portal will be opened for application on Wednesday, 3rd August, 2022.
  2. Closing Date for the application is Wednesday 31st August, 2022


Accredited Nursing Schools in Jamaica 2022/2023

The Nursing Council of Jamaica has released the list of accredited/approved Nursing Schools in the country for the 2022/2023 Academic session. Below is the message of Jamaica Nursing Council and it position on Part time Nursing course.

Choosing a General Nursing Programme

It is always important to investigate the credentials/ legal status of a nursing or midwifery school or programme of study before investing time and money in the pursuit of your professional education. All potential nursing and or midwifery students should be aware that any nursing or midwifery programme of study they are considering should be approved by the Nursing Council of Jamaica (NCJ) before they enroll. A current list of the Council’s approved general nursing and educational programmes is as follows

Approved Educational Programmes for Registered General Nurses.
  • Excelsior Community College, School of Nursing
  • Northern Caribbean University
  • Caribbean School of Nursing :University of Technology, Papine Campus
  • Caribbean School of Nursing: University of Technology, Montego Bay Campus
  • University of the West Indies School of Nursing, Mona Campus
  • University of the West Indies School of Nursing, Western Campus
  • Brown’s Town Community College School of Nursing
  • Knox Community College School of Nursing
  • Sigma College of Nursing & Applied Sciences

NB:     The Council has not approved any School of Nursing or Midwifery to offer part- time programmes in nursing and or midwifery.

Recognition of Prior Learning For Nursing and Midwifery Education

Applicants normally require a minimum academic qualification to enter nursing and midwifery programmes. The Nursing Council recognises that learning can and does occur outside of traditional routes and so is committed to the principles of equity and accessibility, and facilitates entry to programmes through non-traditional routes.

On that basis, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as an assessment process that determines the extent to which an applicant has achieved the required competencies and standards for entry into to these programmes, is being rigorously defined by educators on the Nursing Council.  Being the regulatory body for nursing and midwifery education, the Council is developing the RPL Programme that will be communicated to institutions that offer those programmes for implementation. Assessors of applications will be required to give due regard to professional and statutory accredited study that when the RPL system is implemented, it will not compromise the specifics of academic and clinical standards for nursing and midwifery education and practice.

Credit recognition for prior academic achievements will only be approved by the Council when prior learning is comparable in terms of content, quality, award and duration to the units of study within the relevant programmes. The guidelines determined by the Council must be followed.

PLAR is therefore not yet accepted as entry requirement for Nursing and Midwifery education.