Canadian Nursing Registration Through Student Pathway for Foreign Nurses

Hey future student visa holders! Here’s my journey towards my Canadian RN dream.
I know I’ve been really quiet regarding my application but there was no secret that i came here in a student visa. A lot of you here discourage our kababayans to take the student visa pathway. And i understand why. The risk is big. So let me share my story and how being a student helped me.
Approval of student visa – 2 weeks after i lodged my documents
▪️Enrolled in POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN NURSING PRACTICE at LANGARA COLLEGE (2015-16 with 4 terms and 5 mos break in between)
▪️2 years and 3 mos student visa with coop permit
▪️eligibile for 3 yrs PGWP
▪️Can work 20 hrs per week full time during break
▪️actual school mos is just 12mos +-2 weeks. The 5 mos break in between is the reason why its almost 2 yrs- i think this has something to do with immigration requirements too. [refer to the 2nd and 3rd bullet-thats the reason]
▪️a lot of money to risk but faster (as long as the document is COMPLETE i dont see why you will be denied)
Tip: since i know that Langara will be providing us with the syllabus i waited for a year to process my NNAS. Its all about the timing guys. Plan ahead so you will not be paying extra amounts.
▪️Applied NNAS Decemeber 2015 but process my papers February 2016 – im not good with paperworks and honestly i got busy with school. Langara still provide the whole course description which is 400 pages for 2 years compare to my 100+ BSN course syllabus. See the difference?
▪️all the documents were complete as of March 2016
▪️scheduled CELBAN July 2016 -passed
-our teachers keep on telling us to review for NCLEX right away because our program is accredited and that we are not gonna take the SEC/NCAS
-i keep my hopes high but i’m reading a lot of posts here that CRNBC will take 2 mos. so i thought it was great-so i could have time to review- thought wrong 😂
▪️September 2016 NNAS- report Comparable with only 2 sub category that is partially comparable. I know you guys said that it doesn’t matter because it will be the RB who has the final say. But come to think of this – would you think that the NNAS REPORT IS BEING ISSUED FOR NOTHING? there has to be something. Your EDUCATION BACKGROUND IS BEING ASSESSED THOROUGHLY! – my LANGARA curriculum helped me to build that comparability. Even then when i was doing my clinical duty- the Practice here is different. i was just so blessed to be oriented in that process while in school and doing my duty.
▪️October 2nd week Applied to CRNBC
▪️2 days after CRNBC was asking the LETTER OF COMPLETION from school.
▪️2 days after Langara email the LOC
▪️the next day CRNBC email my eligibility to take the NCLEX – I was not prepared. Did not do reviews. Nothing. Because i thought that it will take 2 mos with CRNBC but took only a week for them to send my eligibility.
▪️scheduled NCLEX RN jan 10 -Passed.
▪️the curriculum itself- canadian curriculum
▪️2 yrs visa=3 yrs working permit (open)
▪️Canadian educ
▪️Langara is a pretty established school and has a good reputation with CRNBC and the immigration
▪️took me less than a year to receive my Eligibility to take the license exam
If you’re opting to try the student visa pathway
▪️research the school (preferably government/publicly funded schools)
▪️research the program (DO NOT ENROL IN A PROGRAM THAT IS NOT RELATED TO NURSING AT ALL! e.g health care assistant, medical office assistant etc – these programs will not help your accreditation. You have to build up your curriculum inorder for you to have that equivalency in education.
▪️ask if they will provide a curriculum for your NNAS
▪️research the immigration process- benefits risks and pathways after
Thank you for reading! Have faith! Your license is on the way!

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