Biden Honors Filipino Nurses for Helping To Fight COVID-19

United States President Joe Biden on Friday honored Filipino-American nurses, including those who died during the COVID-19 pandemic, for their contribution in responding to the global health crisis.

“Filipino-Americans have continued to serve and sacrifice in one of the darkest years in our history, selflessly working on the widespread frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Biden said in his statement on the first day of Filipino American History Month this October.

“According to one study from last fall, while Filipino-Americans comprised just four percent of nurses in the United States in 2020, they accounted for nearly a third of all nurses who tragically lost their lives due to COVID-19,” he added.

The US President mourned the losses and paid tribute to contributions of Filipino Americans in their response to the pandemic and throughout their history.

Biden noted how Filipino Americans served their country, defended its democracy and fought for the promise of a just and inclusive America.

“Their contributions are reflected in some of our nation’s greatest triumphs and struggles. When the United States and our allies overcame enemy forces to bring World War II to an end, Filipino Americans were fighting on the frontlines to make our victory possible,” he said.

“When Filipino farm workers organized across the nation, including the Delano Grape Strike in California, they catalyzed permanent changes that improved the farm labor in the United States,” he added.

Biden said Filipino Americans are an essential part of their nation’s strength and diversity, a living reminder of the courage of immigrants and a growing force in their civic movements and engagements.

“This month, we come together as one nation to honor the history of service and sacrifice of our Filipino American community and to welcome the future achievements of their youth,” he said.

“May we celebrate their stories, culture and contributions, today and every day, and may their resilience continue to inspire us all,” he added.

Source: MSN

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