American Ban List: Nigerian Nurses Not Banned From USA

President Donald trump on friday added Nigeria to the travel ban lists, a list of nations who have to contend with stringent travel restrictions. This action virtually blocks immigration to the United States for Nigerians. Other countries recently added to the list include Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan etc  

As a result, immigrant visas issued to Nigerians who want to live in the U.S is now banned. The trump administration has argued that the ban to restrict travel from countries that are muslim populated is necessary to force these countries to meet security requirements for travel into the united states or face restrictions until they do.  

Immigrant visas, issued to those seeking to live in the United States, will be banned. The proclamation will take effect on February 22 2020. Immigrants who obtain visas before then will still be able to travel to the United States, officials said.   

However, Nonimmigrant visas, including those for students and certain temporary workers, as well as visas reserved for potential employees with specialized skills like doctors, nurses etc, will not be affected by the ban.

It is advisable that those who are preparing for NCLEX-RN Exam should continue as we will bring you update as events unfold

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