AHPRA: Australia Nursing Registration Process Under the old System

Here is the overview of the Australia Nurse registration process as compiled by a facebook user Princess Cina

For AHPRA you’ll need:

1. Evidence of Identity:
Passport / Birth Certificate / Driver’s license (optional)➖photocopy then certify true copy and attach with the AGOS 40 form

2. Change of Name (if applicable):

3. Academic Qualifications:
Transcript(TOR) / Diploma / RLE/ ➖photocopy then certify true copy and attach with the AGOS 40 form

❗️Certified true copy done by SCHOOLS are not accepted by AHPRA.

❗️Course Syllabus, CHED, Pharmacology Cert, letter from school ARE NOT REQUIRED. ➖please read the link posted below. An applicant from the Philippines will not be able to meet some of the criteria in AHPRA, hence, only TOR, RLE and Diploma are required.

Kindly read https://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/…/accreditation-re…

Also the FAQs


4. Registration History in each country wherein you practiced as a registered nurse
PRC license / Board Certificate ➖photocopy then certify true copy and attach with the AGOS 40 form

Certificate of Good Standing(COGS)to be sent directly from PRC or from any country of registration to AHPRA➖should be ORIGINAL, no need to be certified
COGS has three mos validity ONLY

5. Work History – minimum of 450hours in the last 5yrs
STATEMENT OF SERVICE (COE as we call it) is required to:
be on the employer’s letterhead
provide dates of employment
describe the role in which you were employed, and whether
if was full-time/part-time hours, and
be signed by a manager (e.g. director of nursing, unit manager or HR manager or charge nurse or clinical resource nurse➖ photocopy then certify true copy and attach with the AGOS 40 form

here’s the link for the format https://www.ahpra.gov.au/…/Standard-Format-for-Curriculum-V…
➖Do not forget to sign and state that the CV is true and correct

6. Criminal History (if applicable)
Pay for International Criminal History Check from FIT2Work
Include all the countries where you’ve lived in for 6 consecutive months or more since aged 18


AIS-cheaper compared to FIT2WORK

➖print the reference page, in the AGOS 40, the printed page can be passed without being certified, but if you are in doubt, have it certified.

❗️Variation of Names should be declared as ALIAS.
one document has middle initial only- it should be declared
one document has your married name-it should be declared
Juan Mario- if Mario was not included in a document, you should declare it


Failure to declare the variation of names can cause you problems. Either you provide a statutory declaration or the Registration officer may request again for another ICHc which is expensive.

7. English Language Skills
IELTS- 7 in all bands; can be done in 2 sittings
PTE – Minimum of 65 overall score and minimum 65 in all components
OET – B in all components

English test requirements: https://www.ahpra.gov.au/documents/default.aspx…

➖photocopy then certify true copy and attach with the AGOS 40 form

8. Impairment Details (if applicable)

9. Current Suspension or Cancellation Details (if applicable)

10. Previous Cancellation, Refusal or Suspension Details (if applicable)
11. Conditions, Undertakings or Limitations Details (if applicable)

12. Disqualification Details (if applicable)

13. Conduct, Performance or Health Proceedings Details (if applicable)

15. AGOS-40 Form (LATEST) It should be updated AGOS 40


❗️Please read the AGOS 40, the checklist of needed documents are already SPECIFIED. Take time to READ

All supporting documentation must be:
~Certified copies of documents
~Certified in accordance with AHPRA’s guidelines
~In English. If original documents are not in English, you MUST provide a certified copy of the original document and translation consistent with AHPRA’s guidelines.

❗️Make sure that when you certify your documents, the stamp should be on the front page. Resize your documents when you print or photocopy so that the stamp can fit in. Bawal takpan ng stamp ang details ng docs mo, possible na ipaulit ng registration officer yung ctc. Black and colored print or photocopy are both accepted.

Send your docs to AHPRA office (any branch) using STREET address

Any concerns or clarifications, you may send a web inquiry to AHPRA


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