Advantages of Josef Silny over CGFNS

Nurses who are trained outside United States and wish to work in the country need to get their certificate evaluated by a third party agent approved by their chosen Nursing Board before they can be allowed to sit for NCLEX Exam. Evaluation of involves checking your educational qualification and registration in your home country to be sure it is compatible with the expected education standard for Nurses in the US.

Evaluation from CGFNS seemed to be the gold standard not until recently when the application fees was raised to $420. An alternative to CGFNS Evaluation service is Josef Silny which is cheaper and Faster than CGFNS. Below is the advantage of Josef Silny over CGFNS.

  1. Josef Sily is accessible: from my observation on different occasion, the customer care services pick their calls within three minutes.
  2. Josef Silny responds to email faster (within 24hours) than CGFNS
  3. You don’t need to complete a lenghty and complicated application form
  4. It is cheaper than CGFNS. CGFNS currently cost $420 while Josef Silny CES report is $340.
  5. Josef Silny CES report is usually issued within Ten (10) working days from the date your last document is received whereas
  6. Josef Silny is accepted by 22 Nursing Boards in the US. Check Nursing Boards Accepting Josef Silny Credential Evaluation Report
  7. Josef Silny also issues Visa4Nurses Certificate also called Visascreen certificate by CGFNS

Conclusively, if you are an individual applicant processing your Nursing registration process all by yourself, using Josef Silny is going to save you a lot of money and stress than using CGFNS.

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