2018 HRH Deployment Region 9 Vacancy, Application Salary

HRH Deployment Region 9

A duly-signed application letter and/or accomplished application form can be sent to the DOH-RO IX or through the PDOHOs for the provinces, addressed to:
Emilia P. Monicimpo, MD, MPH, CSEE
Director IV
Department of Health
Regional Office IX
Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City

Physician Augmentation Deployment Project (PADP) – P56,610
Dentist Deployment Project (DDP) – P34,781
Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) – P31,765
Universal Healthcare Implementers Deployment Project (UHCIDP) – P29,010
Medical Technologist Deployment Project (MTDP) – P29,010
Pharmacist Deployment Project (PDP) – P29,010
Public Health Associates Deployment Project (PHADP) – P22,149
Family Health Associate Deployment Project (FHADP) – P26, 494
Rural Health Midwives Placement Program (RHMPP) – P20,179

Attention: Human Resource Development Unit
Attach to the application letter a copy of CV or accomplished Form 212 or Bio-data sheet with clear recent photo of applicant, photocopies of updated PRC card/license, board rating, diploma and TOR only, and none other nor any extra unnecessary documents.

For those who are currently deployed, the above requirements on the specified deadline plus PES and PEF by November 30, 2017 submitted together with the November DTRs. Note only those who were deployed in July and August will be required to submit both PES and PEF, the rest of the currently deployed after August will submit PEF only without the PES.

Application letters that were submitted as of August and onwards, as long as the requirements are complete and correct, they will be considered for evaluation.

Deadline for submission of all applications will be November 15, 2017 and no extension.

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