Tips for Passing HAAD Exam at First Attempt

Tips for Passing HAAD

Passing HAAD Exam can open whole lots of opportunities for you as nurses are in high demand in hospitals in UAE. Failing an HAAD exam can be devastating as all hope and aspiration appears to be blurred. Here are few things I think might help you to pass your HAAD exam at first attempt (Tips for Passing HAAD):

Before your exam

– Conduct a rapid review of the anatomy and physiology of the human system.
– It is equally important to review diseases affecting those systems and the treatment options.
– Review nursing responsibilities, delegation and collaborative care. Know the independent functions of a nurse, the interdependent and collaborative roles. Questions usually come up on this so you just have to be sure and know how to different between those 3 functions.
– Read your fundamentals of nursing and nursing responsibilities as it relates to patient care
– Reviewing practice guidelines and policies as it affects healthcare and nursing care services isn’t a bad idea.
– Review nursing independent, interdependent and collaborative roles
– Read about infection control principles
– Practice questions in Saunders NCLEX-RN Questions and Answers, 5th and 6th editions are fine but if you can lay your hand on the 7th edition then it’s ok
– If you can lay your hand on Gapuz ABC’s of passing foreign exams that would be ok. Note that there are not specific exam preparatory books for HAAD.

Tips for Passing HAAD Exam at first attempt

– Don’t take the exam for granted, prepare ahead of time. A one month intensive preparation is ok if you already work in acute care unit, you will just be fine. Others whose practice setting isn’t acute care or might be slow learner can practice for 2 months
– Free your mind from unnecessary worry and apprehension. Its fine to be nervous at first but do not panic. Remember larger percent of people sitting for HAAD the first time usually passed so don’t fidget.
– Remember there is no negative marking so it is better to make sure you answer all questions
– Although the time allotted for the exam is enough but you should also be time conscious and not waaste too much time on a particular question.

On the exam day
– Get to the centre early with your identification card
– After verification your picture and signature will be captured electronically
– You will have to go through the examination rules and regulations
– You will be allotted a locker to place all your items in
– You will be taken to the computer testing room where you will be allotted a computer for your exam
– Invigilator will log you in and a short tutorial about the exam will be presented to you before the exam begins.
– Upon successful completion of the exam you will be taken to reception to be checked out, collect your result and belongings. A copy of your result will be forwarded to HAAD which will reflect in your account
– Nurses who recently sat for HAAD prometric exam have said the result can now take up to 72 hours as it is no longer available immediately. We hope this will be rectify later.

Have you sat for HAAD Prometric exam recently? Please share your experience with others using the comment box below.

HAAD Exam Schedule: How To Apply For HAAD Exam For Nurses

HAAD Exam Schedule: How To Apply For HAAD Exam For Nurses
This is part of series of posts on UAE nurse registration. In this post I will be talking on HAAD Exam schedule i.e How to Apply for HAAD EXam for Nurses after approval.

HAAD exam Schedule is in two stages or steps:

Step 1: HAAD Exam Schedule on HAAD website

Here you will need to first book your exam ticket on HAAD website from your homepage.

– Click on
– Login with your application form number and password
– Click on E-licensing and select Examination
– Click on Exam Scheduling
– Read the exam instruction and tick the box to agree with the agreement and click next
– In category choose Nursing and Midwifery,
– under major choose registered nurse
– Under profession choose registered nurse your application number is already in the box and click search
– A result will be displayed
– Select your desired date and click the book button
– Book the HAAD exam ticket
– Pay the pre-examination fees of AED 50 and print your exam ticket

Need requirements for nurse registration in UAE? Check out HAAD REquirements for Nurses
Second Step: Booking with PearsonVUE

After successfully booking the HAAD exam ticket, PearsonVUE will send you an email containing your username and password within 3 days i.e 72 hours. Once you receive the email, you can now login and make the final exam scheduling on PearsonVUE website for $94.59. You can then print your booking confirmation and bring it with you to the examination center

It should be noted that HAAD only allow three attempts for it exam. After an unsuccessful third attempt, a candidate will have to wait for 12 full months from the date of last attempt before he or she can apply again. It is important to prepare and scale through once and for all

PearsonVUE contact details are:
Telephone: +97144535380

Do you have any question? You can drop your questions or share your experience with us using the comment box below