Ondo State Hospital Management Board Akure 2018 Employment Exam Cut Off Mark

The Ondo State Hospitals Management Board Akure Ondo State has released the 2018 employment cut off mark for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, radiographers, midwives and other health workers. Below is the cut off mark for all health workers.

ondo state hmb recruitment 2018

How to Apply for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Canada 2018

Hurray the atlantic immigration pilot program canada 2018 which is the fastest way to migrate to Canada is now open. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is for skilled workers and international student graduates who want to permanently live in any of the four provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and it is the fastest route to land in Canada with your family. 2,000 Permanent residence card will be issued in 2017 for this pilot phase

Although the program has just been launched few hours ago, based on what i know, here is How to Apply for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Canada 2018:

1. Find out first if you are eligible to apply under this scheme, click Here to check the criteria and check if your job qualification and duties falls under required job categories check Here
2. If you are qualified, contact the province and ask for the list of designated employer in an atlantic province
3. After getting a job offer and signing the contract, get a need assessment and settlement plan check Here
4. Your employer will then apply for an endorsement certificate with the province
5. With the endorsement certificate, you are now ok to apply for Permanent Residence.

Note that designated employer in an atlantic province will be later made public by each province from what i heard. Also some provinces might decide to forward the CV collected last month in Manila and Poland to the employers to pick applicants from.

Let’s keep our fingers cross and watch keenly what the provinces would do as the ball is now in their court. If you are applying for the program share your timelime and preparations here. For more information check http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/atlantic/

Mumaris System New Account Online Registration

On this thread you will find mumaris online,how to register in mumaris,mumaris saudi council renewal,mumaris renewal,mumaris guide,mumaris data flow,mumaris update and scfhs registration status. This is going to be a complete thread for mumaris dataflow registration for nurses seeking to work in KSA

For mumaris dataflow and to get eligibility number check my previous post http://nursesarena.com/travel-nursing/mumaris-scfhs-online-guide-to-saudi-arabia-nurse-registration/



-Good standing certificate ,
-Record of transcript ,
-Your diploma or bnsc certificate ,
-certificate of employment,
-International passport ,
-4X6 Passport .

To create account click here http://sba.scfhs.org.sa/publiceservice_enu/start.swe?SWECmd=GotoView&SWEView=HS+File+Creation+General+Instruction+View+eService&SRN=eNf9XKp5hG1yg92wtgyiOuBGSRj8CRxpZVwyj6kJQoob&SWEHo=sba.scfhs.org.sa&SWETS=1454265748 .Click No and accept for the question do you have Scfhs professional registration card and then choose outside KSA to access the application form

Step 1:
After you create your account successfully, Log into your Mumaris account, by enter your email as a username and the password then click on the ” Login” button.

Step 2: Place the pointer on„Classification and Registration Services‟ from the list of „E-Services‟. Click on the “Issuing of Eligibility Numbers”

Step 3: The information page will appear, read the general instruction for „Registration Card Extension‟ carefully, then click on the “Done” button.

Step 4: You will be directed to the „Practitioner Information‟ screen and pertaining data will be displayed. Complete the (Contact Information) section, then tick the checkbox acknowledging the validity of the information you have provided. Click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Step 5: Please enter all of your certificates and qualifications based on the date obtained by pressing on “New” button for each certificate.

Step 6: Upon data entry completion, press the “Save” button.
Step 7: After completing the data entry of all of your certificates, you need to select only one certificate for classification. Then press the “Next” button.

Step8: Enter your practical experiences by pressing “New” button
Step 9: Upon data entry completion, press the “Save” button.After completing the data entry of all of your experiences click on “Next”button

Step 10:In the „Attachments‟ screen, you can upload the required attachments but please make sure to upload the attachments as per the format and size displayed on your screen. Use the “Select” button to add an attachment. To proceed, press the “Next” button.

Step 11: Select your profession type and your exam general specialty , Read the clarification statement and accept it. Add any remark you may have regarding your application by pressing the “New” button and then press the “Next” button

Step 12: In the end, the screen will display your application reference number and shows your request status As ‟Submitted to SCFHS‟, click on the “Finish”button. Note: You will receive an email after reviewing your request

Kerala State Nursing Council Online Registration and Renewal

You will find all about  www.knmc.org renew registration
www.knmc.org renewal form, www.knmc.org renew registration form, www.knmc.org renewal application
kerala nursing council registration renewal online
knmc address, renewal of knmc registration certificate
knc registration renewal process here

Kerala Nursing Council recently  introduced an online application system for nursing registration and renewal. This is meant to facilitate easy registration of candidates from  Kerala and other states in line with the growing trends in nursing registration and renewal system globally.

The Registration process can be completed  online for your Basic GNM that is General Nursing and Midwifery, B.Sc Nursing, Post B.Sc Nursing, M. Sc Nursing, and for any additional qualification you might have successfully completed.

For Kerala Nurisng registration and Renewal, you should use  www.knmc.org renewal registration www.knmc.org online registration

To commence your online application,  click on  “Public access” where you will find links under the headings such as primary registration, reciprocal registration, and renewal of KNMC registration among others.

The Primary registration is meant for those who studied in Kerala and Reciprocal is for those who studied out side Kerala.

Click on the link specific to your registration need and you will taken to a new page. Select New Registration and complete the application form displayed with the needed data.

After completing the application form, cross check to ensure that the information you supplied are correct then submit the application.

On submission you will receive an application number in the e-mail address you provided.

In case you encountered  any error during the submission process, first check your e-mail address for your application number, if you didn’t receive any e-mail you have to go over the Regis process again from the first step.

How to view your application

Go to the same page and you can view you application by entering the application number and date of birth in the required field. Now you should check your application for any mistakes or missing field because you will not be able to correct it after payment.


Payments can be made online using credit/debit cards, internet banking and Challan. If you are using the option of challan then make a printout of Challan from the application page and pay the money the next day in any branch of SBT.  ( Note that same day payment might not work)

Printout  your Application form

On successful payment you can make printouts of your application, which should be sent to the Nursing Council along with the original Challan or payment slip to the following address:

The Registrar,
Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council,
Red Cross Road, Near General Hospital,
Thiruvananthapuram- 695 035

Regularly check your e-mail

Check your e-mail regularly because KNMC only way of communicating is through e-mails for any corrections and errors that happened in your application, which you can rectify.

You can check out : https://knmc.org/GeneralInstructions.pdf  to find instructions in Malayalam on how to go about registering your  degree, diploma and additional qualifications )

HAAD Exam passing score/rate HAAD Exam passing mark for nurses

HAAD exam for nurses is a three hours computer based test written by nurses who are trained outside the country and seeking registration with the health authority in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The exam is an objective questions based exam consisting of 150 questions covering different aspects of nursing practice, skills and competencies and administered by Pearson limited in various cities of the world.. You need to meet some requirements before you can be approved to write the HAAD exam

A major concern for international trained nurses who are sitting for HAAD is the passing score. It should be noted that HAAD exams passing rate/score for nurses is the same for all applicants and not based on percentile or any curve. HAAD examination results usually go through a standardized difficulty assessment and the passing score is usually pegged around 60-65%. The difficulty assessment scale is used to determine the level of difficulty of the questions in related to the entry level knowledge required from someone who is just entering the profession. It is how difficult the exam seems to be that determines the exact passing score.

For instance, if the difficulty assessment level is determined to be high, then the passing score will be lowered to 60% and if the difficulty assessment level is low, then you should expect the passing score to be pegged at 65%. The implication is that if the difficulty assessment level is low, a candidate will be required to get at least 98 questions out of the 150 right before he/she can be considered to have passed the exam. When the standard is adjudged to be high, then getting 90 questions right is necessary as the passing percentage drops to 60%.

There has been an unconfirmed report in the past that the passing grades can be set as low as 45% and as high as 95%, this is totally untrue.

Do you find this post useful? Please share your thought about this in the comment box.

List of Accredited Dental Nursing & Technician School in Nigeria

The Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria regulates the education and practice of dental nurses and technicians. Below are the List of accredited training Schools for 2015

1. Federal School of Dental Techology & Therapy Trans-Ekulu, Enugu.

2. Nigerian Army School of Medical Sciences Ojo Cantonment, Ojo Lagos.

3. Shehu Idris College of Health Science & Technology, Makarfi, Kaduna.

4. School of Health Technology, Daura , Katshina State.

5. School of Health Technology, Club Road, Kano.

6. School of Health Technology, Tsafe, Zamfara State.

7. North-South College of Health Technology, Igbonla Road, Ajase-Ipo, Kwara State.

8. College of Health Sciences Zuwan, Jos, Plateau State.

9. Lagos University Teaching Hospital School of Basic Studies, Idi-Araba.

10. School of Health Technology, Ogbai-Otuogidi, Bayelsa.

11. Rivers State College of Health Sciences & Technology, Port Harcourt.

12. Pogil College of Health Sciences & Technology Oke-Eri, Via Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

13. Miliennium College of Health Technology, AAYE Community Layout, Oda Road, Akure, Ondo State.

14. Ondo State College of Health Technology Akure, Ondo State.

15. Fabotas College of Health Technology Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.

16. Osun State School of Health Technology, Ilesha, osun State.

17. Kwara State School of Health Technology, Ojuku Toad, Offa, kwara State.

18. School of Health Technology, Jahun, Jigawa State.

19. D.F School of Health Technology, Kaduna, Kaduna State.

20. Womenhood School of Health Sciences, Kaduna, Kaduna State.

21. Ogun State College of Health Sciences, Ilese Ijebu, Ogun State.


1. Any School not on this list is not under the supervision of the Board.

2. No other Training School is permitted to train Dental Nursing Cadre presently except Lagos University Teaching Hospital Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba.

3. Any school not on this list that is involved in training Dental Therapists, Dental Surgery Assistants are training illegally and producing quacks.

4. College of Health Technology, Ille-Ife (Foreign Link Campus) is not accredited to run Dental Nursing Programme.

5. The HND Certificate in Dental Nursing issued from College of Health Technology, ile-ife (Foreign Link Campus) is fake

Signed A.A.Keshinro (Mrs.)

How to make payment into Nursing and midwifery new Treasury Single Account

To make payment for renewal of license, change of name, indexing etc to the Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria, you can either walk into some of the participating banks and make the payment into the single Treasury Account (TSA) through REMITA or initiate the transaction from the comfort of your home.


STEP 1: Click  here

STEP 2:In Name of MDA type Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria; in Name Of Service/Purpose pick your purpose (e.g Renewal of license fee); Payer’s full name enter your name as it appears on your license ( Note: If you are paying for change of name please use your NEW NAME); enter the amount (if it is not already generated), your email and phone number and the captcha and click on PROCEED TO MAKE PAYMENT

STEP 3: You will be taken to your invoice page showing your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR),the beneficiary name (NMCN), the total amount payable and the payment options available.  You have four payment options which are:
-Internet banking through: Access bank,  GTB,Sterling bank,Wema bank, Diamond,Keystone, FCMB,Zenith and Skye bank among others
-Remita (for registered users)
-Cards/Wallets: Verve, Mastercard, Visa card and Pocketmoni
-Cash payments in bank:The participating banks are; Mainstreet ,Sterling,Enterprise,Access,KBL,First Bank,Wema,Unity Bank,Heritage,Standard Chartered,Union bank,Citibank,Ecobank,Zenith bank,FCMB,Stanbic,UBA,GTB,Diamond,Fidelity and Skye bank

If you choose the bank payment option, simplycopy your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) ( This is the code banks required from you) and move to any of the participating banks to proceed with the payment. You are required to collect a Teller and a computer printout of your payment.

Earlier version of this post appeared thus but was deleted during a routine maintenance exercise

To make the payment, simply walk into any bank preferably First Bank and tell the teller that you want to make payment into the NURSING AND MIDWIFERY COUNCIL OF NIGERIA ACCOUNT VIA REMITA. You will be asked to fill a teller and the transaction will be completed within few minutes. You will be given a COMPUTER PRINTOUT and a TELLER.

You can however start the process at home. To do this simply go to http://www.remita.net/ and click on PAY A FEDERAL AGENCY. On the page type NURSING AND MIDWIFERY COUNCIL in the “Name of MDA” and wait for it to load.

In “Name Of Service/Purpose” box choose your desired service payment e.g license renewal, accreditation payment, Indexing, change of name etc.

Enter the amount, your name as it appears on your license and your email and phone numbers (optional). Then type the captcha in the box and click on PROCEED TO PAYMENT

On the payment page, you have the option of either paying online through your ATM card/Internet banking and through the bank.

If you choose the banking route, you need to copy the transaction reference number and write it on your teller.

Free Textbooks for Nurses, Nursing Students and Tutors

here you will find free nursing books free download pdf, nursing ebooks, nursing books for students, pediatric nursing textbook, nursing textbook pdf, nursing textbook publishers, veterinary nursing textbook, medical surgical nursing books pdf free download, fundamental of nursing book free download
pediatric nursing books free download, fundamental of nursing book pdf

Below are direct links to Nursing textbooks for Nursing students in colleges and universities. We hope to be able to make them available on our server in the future.

1. Basic Nursing Arts http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/basic_nsg_arts_final.pdf (File Size 500KB)

2. Basic Clinical Nursing Skills http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/ln_clin_nursing_final.pdf (File Size 1.81MB)

3. Communicable Disease Control http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/ln_comm_disease_final.pdf (File Size 550KB)

4.Community Health Nursing http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/comm_hlth_nsg_final.pdf (File Size 452KB)

5. Human Anatomy and Physiology http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/LN_human_anat_final.pdf (File Size 11.30MB)

6. Introduction to Professional Nursing and Ethics http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/LN_Intro_Prof_Nsg_final.pdf
(File Size 804.30)

7. Nursing Leadership and Management http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/LN_nsg_ldrshp_final.pdf (File Size 540KB)

8.Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/ob_gyn_body.pdf (File Size 2.0MB)

9.Operating Room Technique http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/LN_OperatingRoomTechnique.pdf (File Size 15.5MB)

10. Pathophysiology http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/LN_Pathophysiology.pdf (File Size 2.46MB)

11. Pediatric Nursing and Health Care http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/LN_Pediatrics_final.pdf (File Size 444KB)

12. Psychiatric Nursing http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/LN_Psych_Nsg_final.pdf (File Size 498KB)

13. Public Health Nursing http://www.cartercenter.org/resources/pdfs/health/ephti/library/lecture_notes/nursing_students/LN_Pub_Hlth_Nsg_final.pdf (File Size 328KB)

HAAD Dataflow Guide: How To Apply For HAAD Dataflow Without Sponsor

Here is everything you need to know about HAAD. You can ask questions about haad dataflow, haad license requirements, haad login haad requirements, haad exam for nurses sample questions, haad exam fee, haad exam for nurses, haad exam result etc

Dataflow is an agency who will help verify your documents. HAAD uses Dataflow services for faster and accurate verification for every applicant’s documents. First thing first is to check if you are qualified or not.

If you have met all the qualifications, you may now proceed to Dataflow. Here is the step-by-step guidelines on how to apply for HAAD dataflow without sponsor

Step 1.

Gather all the required documents for your desired position and scan them.

NOTE: In uploading your document/s, JPEG format (Passport Picture) is allowed for single page document but if you want to make things easier you need to convert your files to PDF format to create a single document (for documents with multiple files).

Check the size of files to be uploaded, resize as needed. Documents must be translated to English,as necessary.​All documents must not be expired.

​*Mandatory Documents:


*High School Diploma
*College Diploma – with CAV (Certificate of Authentication & Verification)
*Official Transcript of Records – With CAV (Certificate of Authentication & Verification)

Note: If CAV is not available, you can still proceed with Dataflow Processing and can submit these documents in the prelicensing. We know some members that did not include CAV credentials but were approved for exam.

B. PRC (With or without CAV)

*Board Certificate
*Certificate of Good Standing –(3 months validity, but as per the new PQR COGS is still valid up to 6 months)

Note: UPDATE- a separate TAB for COGS is now included in Dataflow.


*Certificate of Employment – preferably signed by the head of HR, make sure that details are accurate and updated.

D. Other Documents

*Passport Copy – Data page only
*Passport size photo – white background
*BLS Certificate – (Needed in PRE LICENSING, there have been reports that other applications were disapproved because of BLS training not conducted by an”authorized” training center (i.e. AHA certified)

E. FORMS: Sponsoring Facility Declaration form
(applicable if you have sponsor, if none then leave this part blank and just upload) Letter of Authorization CID – (English Pages only)

Applicant Declaration form – only for licensing procedure not in dataflow

Step 2.

Sign-up to Dataflow website – HAAD Dataflow. Choose the“Applicant”option. The “Facility” option is for companies who process the dataflow.https://www.dataflowgroup.net/haad/login.aspx


The Email will contain your USERNAME AND unique PASSWORD. You can change your password if you opt to.



Read then click next.


3.1 Select none if you don’t have sponsor or employer

3.1.0 Select none if you don’t have sponsor or employer

3.2 Download and re-upload a blank document if you don’t have a sponsor yet.

3.3 Select Nursing and Midwifery from the drop down-button and wait.

3.4 Click “Registered Nurse”.

3.5 Click “Registered Nurse” whatever your specialty is because they’ll ask for more documents if you choose your specialty now. (It won’t affect future application so don’t worry)

3.6 If none then proceed to the next. If you already took the exam before the system change, you can enter your PV Registration Number.


Self explanatory, just leave blank the one that does not apply to you.

4.7 Select the month, year and date (in order) to be able to put  the correct date of birth. (if you are having  any problem with this,perhaps you are using different browser,use IE version7,8,9 ONLY)

4.18 If you have any relatives in UAE, put their contact number. If none, put 00000.

4.22 Upload your passport – front page (picture and data only)

4.23 Upload passport size picture


5.1 Upload your high school diploma


5.4 Fill-out the form – follow the correct format and don’t use abbreviation.

5.4.13 for second courser include the date of your first course up to the end of your nursing,all dates can be seen in your diploma/, do not input date/data that cannot be seen in your diploma

5.4.14 Graduation date

5.4.16 Upload your diploma/rle/tor in pdf format – don’t put the red ribbon copy yet​

5.5 Leave blank

5.6 Put your Master’s Degree if available or leave it blank

5.7 upload BLS/ACLS if available


UPDATE: Please check updates in the next post (New tab for Certificate of Good Standing)

6.2.8. License Type: Others

6.2.9. License Status:Permanent

6.3.2 Upload PRC ID (front and back), PRC board certificate and board rating (all must be valid and not expired, others did not include BOARD RATING)ADD more License Details as needed.


You should enter 2 years of most recent employment details. Package includes verification of 3 employers for the last two years. If the number of employers exceeds 3, an additional amount will be added.Combined working experience from different hospitals are accepted.As per HAAD, Employment Certificate is a MUST for registered nurses.
It should contain: clear designation of Staff Nurse in any area joining and end date of employment signatures

Note: Volunteer experiences are not valid.

7.1 Start from the most recent employment

7.1.12 Upload your certificate of employment (COE)​

7.2-7.4 Continue if you have other nursing employment.


Fill-out the form and print it. Sign beside your name and upload it. (Electronic is allowed as per the experience of other members)


Download and re-upload the document or upload a blank pdf


Upload your credentials (diploma/tor/rle) with CAV if available, if you dont have it yet, just reupload original copies of the documents mentioned,Mark check.



Now it’s time to submit your application. Again be sure everything is correct as you cannot change them once the verification has started

Double Check your MODE OF PAYMENT.Credit Card- Paying Outside UAE

Cash- Paying inside UAE (if there is someone who can pay in your behalf, you can also pay cash at DF coutner in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain)

Step 3.You’ll receive a confirmation email from Dataflow which includes “Dataflow Number” your HAAD Number and payment made.

Step 4. Wait for 30-60 days verification of your documents (some took 90 days). You can follow-up your application by sending e-mail or calling Dataflow Offices or visiting Dataflow desk.

Step 5.

After all your documents have been verified, dataflow will send you an e-mail again for your HAAD web login (pre-licensing) with your Username and Password.

DATAFLOW RE-APPLICATION: If you have problems when it comes to verification of your documents/credentials (unable to verify COE, lacking COE/Experience uploaded) you can email them immediately, and attached documents as needed.

If disapproved or with negative verification,you just need to make another DF account using new email address, then choose CASH as mode of payment but you do not need to pay again. Email DF regarding your case and include your old AGN and state what happened.

From: Pefcommunity

For step by step guide on Dubai nurse registration check this link

Tips for haad exam takers:

– PRAY before and after the exam
– remember the basics (meds and iv computation esp. Pediatric doses)
– be careful to observe the metric units in computation
– use the process of elimination
– do not overthink or overanalyze
– do not question the situation/question itself
– principles of tractions
– DM, DVT and CVA faves nila
– alzheimers and dimentia
– colostomy and stoma care
– stick to ur first answer if u are confused btween 2 choices


– befriend with Saunders Q&A (spare time read pyramid to success also)
– Carl balita’s ultimate learning guide
– MS bY UDAN (Mas simple kc explanation and key concepts niya)
– Nurselabs.com ( my mga topics po na ina.upload dito ang mga colleagues natin like psych nursing, maternal and child, funda, etc.)


– nurselabs.com (examination tab, computer based din po ito)

– saunders q&a 4th to 6th ed. (Downloadable po sa kickass torrent ung 5th ed as book and 4th ed. As application kung hirap po kau mgdownload sa ibang sources)

then read   about DM, anemia, stroke, emphysema, COPD, MI, infant reflexes, BLS-ACLS, computation basic, remember to check the unit and convert as necessary, heart failure, RHD, Parkinson’s, shock, DVT, tonsillectomy, tracheostomy, ECG tracing, NGT feeding, ABG, suctioning, IV therapy, sa meds mga common lang naman like heparin, warfarin, insulin, mga antidote ganun, gastric lavage, thoracentesis, cataract, HIV,

University of Benin Teaching Hospital School of Nursing 2018/2019 Admission Forms on Sale

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the entrance examination for admission into the above School of Nursing in October 2018 for a three (3) year General Nursing Programme leading to the award of Registered Nurse Certificate (RN).
1. Candidates must not be less than 18 years of age at point of entry into the school..
2.Qualification: Five Credit passes obtained in not more than two sittings in (WASCC/GCE/NECO) in the following subject, English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
3. Candidate with awaiting result of their WASCCE/GCE/NECO results can apply.
Application forms are obtainable from the office of the Principal with a non-refundable fee of N10,000.00 (ten thousand Naira) only. This should be made payable to UBTH TREASURY SINGLE ACCOUNT (TSA) VIA THE REMITA PLATFORM IN ANY COMMERCIAL BANK or THE HOSPITAL REVENUE POINT
Pay N200 into the EDO STATE NURSING AND MIDWIFERY COUNCIL COMMITTEE first bank account 2004854377
Candidates are to submit the completed forms with four (4) recent coloured passport photographs (taken in proceeding two weeks) while returning the completed application forms,
Friday 3rd August, 2018
Sales of forms runs from 9:00am to 3:00pm from Monday to Friday