Doctor Slaps Pregnant Nurse in Duty in Uganda Government Hospital

According to the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union on Twitter a midwife in Kamuli District was slapped below is the message posted on her Twitter page

Assaulted Nurse

Heated day in Kamuli District as one of our Midwives Nangobi Sarah, who happens to be pregnant was slapped on duty by the Medical Superintendent in Kamuli General Hospital.

Who is A Nurse? Differentiating Nurses from Auxiliary or Quacks

According to International Council of Nurses (ICN),
“A nurse is a person who has undergone the basic training in the profession called nursing,in an authorized/accredited school licensed and authorised by NMC to practice the profession nursing”
So regardless of who trained you, or where you are trained,
what you are trained for,
your level of education or acceptance, who authorized you or licensed you,
if your training fall short of the above, you are definitely a QUACK,
an endangered species,
practicing what you know not.
It is great illegality and deceitfulness to dabble into what you are not proficient in.

Nursing is not what you think!
It is an art, you must learn it.
It is a science, its application is evidence based.
It is spiritual, nurses are called to act as angels to helpless humans
It is demanding, you need agility
It is interesting, you have to derive joy practicing it
It is incriminating, you have to be licensed.
It is thought provoking, hence, you need intelligence.
It is not so rewarding in Nigeria, hence, you need passion.
It requires your entire life, so you need to be dedicated
Do not dabble into nursing if you have not gone through the training in an accredited training school,
you will only be rendering unaccredited services to humanity, which can even land you in jail because you are not licensed to practice the profession.
Do not make yourself a stooge to those looking for cheap labour, you can still learn the art of nursing. Just with determination, you’ll get there!!!
Stay within your limits. Stay away completely!!!
To the general public, PLS note:

Nurses, Leadership and Seniority Examined by Olufemi Iseyemi Folakemi

Leadership and seniority are not same. A leader is a product of nature and environment, seniority can also be as a result of both,but a good leader lives by example to reproduce herself in her work place. She leads by example and should never be overwhelmed by the attitude of his subordinate because he is there to mentor them, mould them and reproduce himself in his/ her subordinate. Therefore, he must be up and about at all time. He is supposed to be the mirror through which her subordinate sees the work and the world. On the other hand a senior is concerned about getting respect from junior, being served right and how best to maintain her authority. They most often forget that respect is reciprocal. And they are sometimes drunk with thought for self and authority.

A leader is a senior in most cases, and she must be able to marry the two together in other to be a transformational leader and a leader that leaves her foots steps behind making the journey easy for those coming behind.

A leader that does not throw the ladder away after climbing to the top.
A leader that motivates and inspires others.

Let nurses try and marry these two elements together( leadership&seniority), so as to be able to have a lasting legacy of transformed leadership. Your colleagues should be able to trust and believe in you. They must be able to see you as their role model, their guiding angel and a disciplinarian that will not allow them to falter. We need these type of seniors leader to take nursing to the next level. We need nurses who will not carry seniority on their head but in their hands , using it to inspire others.

There is a level we get get to in any profession that seniority becomes less relevant but intellectual brainstorming at a horizontal level becomes the order of the day. The directorate level is ment for brainstorming , transformational activities, not seniority among colleagues of same cadre.. There should free flow of ideas without been biased. Nurses must use this opportunity to mentor their colleagues, institute and sustain change in their domain.

The leader must be creative in other to make themselves relevant.
We really need leaders who will use their seniority positively to the benefit of their colleagues, NURSINGNOW NIGERIA ADVOCATES TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP. (A MUST FOR ALL NURSE LEADERS).

Vacancies for Nurses in Philippines

-atleast 1year experience with coe
-board passer
-23 to 35years old
-with ready passport
Prepare your sealed/redribbon:
Prc license
Board rating
Free accommodation free transportation; salary is 3000sar plus 300sar food allowance a total of 3300sar times 14(rate ng riyal sa peso) equals to 46200 in pesos…
Will be deployed by MESO MEDICAL CENTER in sabya,jizan and abha branches KSA under philco human resourve services co.
Pm me for inquiries or call and text at 09384259717
Agency name: philco human resource services co.
Poea license: 037-LB-100715-PLe
Address: L&S building 1414 sta.monica st. Corner roxas blvd.ermita manila.
Look for ms.grace
Call or text me @ 09676707267/09484667577

School of Post Basic Nursing Ear Nose and Throat Kaduna HOD is One year in Office

A year back, on the same date 14th Sept, 2017, I stepped into my present post as mentioned above.

I feel proud to complete one successful year with great satisfaction.

Yes, this is my 366th day as Coordinator and Head of the Institution.

First of all, I thank God for all the good things he gave in my first year and my fantastic team members whom I work with. They are of great support and fun to be with.

Initially it was full of challenges here and there trying to settle and position the system according to the global standard so that set goals of the organisation are to be confronted with focus.

My first quarter was slow but steady. I later improved very speedily during the subsequent quarters. This happened because my management believed in me and motivated me to an extent that all my institutional need(s) received prompt attention.

As a part of this journey, there was lot of achievements recorded by my administration to mentioned but a few apart from graduating good two sets of students all with 100% success in their respective N&MCN professional Examinations, the School secured approval for the extension of it’s probational Accreditation Status, the Nomenclature of the school is changed from the traditional ENT name to the most globally recognized name Otorhinolaryngology ‘ORL’ Nursing, all in this year and I hope, there is much more in store for me.

I, being a very optimistic person, hope that the coming years will be full of learning, challenges, more achievements and fun.

Since, the institution is a training institution that specializes in developing skills and knowledge of middle level manpower I am glad that I am a part of this wonderful Organization and I hope to complete many more years in it.

Thanks to all who made this start a happy and successful one.
Murtala Aliyu Sakwa
(Tafidan Sakwa)

Mukinge Nursing School EN-RN Conversion Program January 2019 intake

Good morning dear fellow nurses and midwives, Mukinge College of Nursing and Public Health wishes to inform you all not to panic over the EN-RN ABRIDGED CONVERSION PROGRAM. Mukinge will be conducting interviews within the shortest period. We have observed with sadness the levels of desperation from some of you hence taking this move to assure you that the program will be started in January 2019. The date for interviews will be communicated to you soonest. Please, don’t panic. Take this information as an official position of Mukinge College of Nursing and Public Health. For those interested, you can contact the school on the official phone numbers

Luapula Hub of Knowledge University January 2019 Admission Forms

Luapula Hub of Knowledge University will be Conducting #OPEN_INTERVIEWS from 1st – 5th of #OCTOBER 2018 for #JANUARY 2019 intake in the following PROGRAMMES:
#Clinical_Medicine- COG (HPCZ)
#Environmental_Health_Sciences- EHT (HPCZ)
#EN_RN #Abridged_Conversion Programme-(GNC)
#APPLICATION_AND_INTERVIEW FEE of K250 non Refundable should be DEPOSITED into any #ZANACO branch #Account_Number 5388059500255.
#Lhukno_Educating for Distinction

POMSON School of Nursing Lusaka January 2019 Admission Forms

Pomson School of Nursing and Midwifery Lusaka is a government approved School of Nursing is presently accepting applications for interview admission January 2019 intake into it nursing program.

For more information, go to the school and obtain the Form

Luapula University College of Nursing January 2019 Admission Forms

Luapula College of Nursing and Midwifery is a government approved School of Nursing is presently accepting applications for interview admission January 2019 intake into it nursing program.

For more information, go to the school and obtain the Form

Kalulushi College of Nursing and Midwifery January 2019 Admission Intake

Kalulushi College of Nursing and Midwifery is a government approved School of Nursing is presently accepting applications for interview admission January 2019 intake into it nursing program.

For more information, go to the school and obtain the Form