HAAD Requirements,Dataflow Requirements for Nurses 2016/2017

HAAD Requirements for Nurses 2016/2017

Good day great Nurses and welcome to my blog. This is the first post in a series of a complete guide to nurse registration with the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. I hope you will stick around and check other posts to be able to grasp full understanding of the procedure for nurse registration before you embark on the journey.

Back to the topic, HAAD recently changed it HAAD requirements for registration for overseas trained nurses but it hasn’t been communicated yet. However this post is based on the new HAAD requirements based on those who processed their registration with HAAD in November/December 2016.

HAAD REQUIREMENTS for Nurses 2016/2017

Below are the HAAD requirements for Nurse Registration:
– Bachelor degree in Nursing from an accredited university (Note that 3years diploma in Nursing program now qualifies you as Practical Nurse and not registered nurse)
– A valid nursing practicing license from your country
– 2 years post registration experience ( Note that if you have a 3 year diploma in Nursing before and you now proceed to have your Bachelor degree in Nursing, the 2 years start counting after your degree)
– A valid Basic Life support certificate/License. You may also need ACLS or PALS based on your specialty


If you are qualified to apply for registration, you will need to do so through a verification company called dataflow. Below are the additional HAAD requirements and documents you must provide before you can start the dataflow verification:

– Your secondary or high school diploma
– Your degree certificate with certificate of authentication and verification (CAV)
– Transcripts from the school you graduated from with certificate of authentication and verification (CAV)
– Your nursing board/council certificate
– A copy of your license or board rating and PRC ID ( for Filipino Nurses)
– Certificate of Good Standing from your nursing board which must be 6 months valid.
– Certificate of employment from your employer
– Passport copy/international passport
– Passport photograph (Recent)
– If you have a sponsor then Sponsoring facility declaration form (Available for download when you start your application)
– Letter of authorization (Available for download when you start your application)
– Security form (Available for download when you start your application)

Those are the HAAD requirements for nurses in 2016/2017 and haad dataflow requirements for nurses. If you have any question you can drop it in the comment box below

10 thoughts on “HAAD Requirements,Dataflow Requirements for Nurses 2016/2017”

  1. Hello
    I completed M.Sc nursing in Pediatrics from Mumbai..I have 1.7 yrs of bedside experience after B.Sc and 2.4 yrs experience as Nursing tutor/ ward incharge after M.Sc…wht is the procedure for applying MOH licence..Do i need to write exams..I read somewhere that M.Sc nurses r exempted from MOH exams…they can directly appear..

  2. I would like to do haad dataflow. But I have one and half years of recent gap after 4years of experience..whether to apply for haad

  3. i Have a question what will i do during re-dataflow? how will my employment history since my dataflow of 2 yrs exp is already verified last year 2016 before they implement the 3 yrs experience today. and can’t move in next details if it is not 3 yrs exp. do i need to attached my present COE with 1 year? and how about when i am still in currently employed. anD my employer give me a temporary COE stated that “date started–present?

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